Super Spinner Swing Review

Super Spinner Swing

Review of the Super Spinner Swing

As of this writing, there are 1,153 customer comments and 165 answered questions for the Super Spinner Swing.  I’ve read the customer feedback, and then condensed the results into this review. I hope that this helps you when shopping for a swing set.

Best Features

  • check Comfortable
  • check Holds up to 200 pounds
  • check Water drainage
  • check Children can sit in different positions
  • check Easy to install

Item Specifics

The Super Spinner Swing can swing, spin, and do both at once.  It is a great place to play and have fun, as well as relax.  The curved design adds safety and comfort to the swing.  Unlike a spinning tire swing, this product is considered the ultimate swing because it is very comfortable to sit in.  There are 6 different colors to choose from, which gives you lots of color options.  The center hole has water drainage, so that this can be used even after rain.  This product includes a strong, UV resistant rope that easily connects to a swing set or tree.  It has locking safety clips that connect it to the tree/swing set, but keep in mind that you may need additional equipment.  This spinning swing will hold up to 200 pounds.  It works best with children aged 3 or older.  Children can sit in different positions when swinging on this swing.  One way to swing on this product is to lie on your stomach.  Another way is to have two children sitting straight up, with their backs facing each other.  And of course, you can always sit in a regular seated position, just as you would with other swings.

About the Company

The company, Super Spinner, has started their business in 2009 when they desired to make outdoor toys that were safe and fun for kids.  This company always puts safety first, and strives to make all of their outdoor toys fun and safe for kids.  To ensure that their products are safe, Super Spinner always uses the highest quality materials that can be used outdoors for years.  As of now, they mainly sell only three products: the Super Spinner Swing, the Super Duper Spinner Swing, and the Tree Kit.  To learn more about their products, as well as find out how to attach the Super Spinner Swing, visit their website at

Easy to Install

According to customers, this product is very easy to install.  You should not need any extra tools or parts when installing the Super Spinner Swing.  Everything is included, unless you will be hanging it from a tree.  If so, you will need to purchase some rope.

To install to a tree, first make sure that you have your rope ready.  Common places to purchase rope is Home Depot or Lowe’s.  Once you have your rope, throw one end of it over a tree.  Hold both ends of the rope in your hands.  On one side of the rope, make a loop with a bowline knot. Bowline knots are easy to tie.  You can find out how to tie a bowline knot by searching the internet for images.  Once you have tied your bowline knot, bring the other end of the rope through the loop.  Pull the knot up to the branch above.  This knot will not come loose, nor will it damage your tree.  Next, tie another bowline knot at 6 to 7 feet off the ground.  Clip the Super Spinner Swing onto it.  This product comes with instructions.  You can also read about how to hang it properly on their website by clicking here.

Lends Itself Well to Group Creative Play

This swing had a lot of comments about how much fun kids had playing on it together.  The nature of how it swings, the shape of it and the fact that more than one child can swing at at time, lends itself well to creative play.  Here is one of the comments about group creative play, “So far after a month, my daughter has spent hours swinging on it. It is the newest hit in our neighborhood – my daughter and her friends have declared it a ‘boy-free zone’.  It is big/strong enough for three of them – I am pretty sure it can handle even more weight because I tested it with me and my wife on it at the same time. I have overheard them pretending it is a sailing ship, an air place, a car and a rollercoaster.  Ah, to have so much imagination!”

Big Enough to Relax and Read On

This is not your typical swing that you swing on and then get off when you are finished.  There were a lot of comments about kids hanging out and spending time on this swing relaxing and doing things other than swinging.  Here, a parent talks about how this is a good reading place, “Bought this swing for my youngest son who loves spinning and swinging as a means to help with sensory overload. Was a little worried because he is 10 years old that it would be to small but its big enough for him and our oldest who is in high school to sit on together. He absolutely adores this swing!!! It’s become a favorite place for him to sit and read.”

Option to Hang from One or Two Points

The nice thing about this swing is that you have options.  You can hang it from either one or two points.  When hanging it from one point, the swing will have a tendency to allow the child to spin. If you hang it from two points, the swing will operate in more of a typical swing on a swing set, back and forth motion.

Cavity Under Swing Is a Good Habitat for Bugs

Underneath the swing if a cavity that some people thought was an inviting place for spiders and bugs.  I’ll share here what one parent explained about this issue, “One negative is that I’ve found lots of spiders and spider eggs in the cavities underneath the swing. Yuck! The spiders seem to think the underside is a great nesting ground.  For this reason I’ve reduced my rating to four stars, but otherwise it’s a great swing!”

Good Price for What You Get

This disk swing costs a bit more than some of the other disk swings on the market.  But the majority of comments about the price, were very positive.  Most of the customers who left comments were happy to pay more for what they got.  Here is one of those comments, “Great return for the price. Prior to this, I ordered a little tykes disc swing. It had a single rope in the middle of a small disk.  Was very unstable for my kids and they didn’t enjoy it very much.  This replacement was a huge improvement.  Highly recommended.”

Super Spinner Swing


  • plus Easy to install
  • plus Good quality 
  • plus 2 different options for hanging it


  • close Bugs can get underneath the swing in the crevice 
  • close Higher price than some other disk swings
  • close Rope may not last for years

Super Spinner Swing Conclusion

The Super Spinner Swing is one of the higher quality disk swings on the market. You will pay a little more than for a lesser quality disk swing, but most of the customers felt that it was well worth the price.  This swing can hold several kids up to 200 pounds.  It can be hung by either 1 rope or 2 ropes.  The 1 rope option will lend itself to spinning more than the 2 rope option.  This swing can spin very fast according to happy customers.  The Super Spinner Swing is very easy to install. Many people who didn’t consider themselves handy at all, had it installed in less than 15 minutes.  There were very few complaints.  One of negative comments that I found was about the little ridge underneath that encouraged spiders and bugs to hang out there.  Other than that, this swing had very good reviews.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the Super Spinner Swing.

  • chevron-circle-right We have a swing set with hooks for 3 swings.  Will there be enough space for this and the two other swings?  It tends to swing in a circle.  It would depend on how far the swings are apart.
  • chevron-circle-right Does the rope and hardware for hanging come with the spinner?  Everything is included for installation on your swing set.  Just take the old swing down and clip the super spinner up with included rope and clips.  You need a length of rope if you are installing this onto a sturdy tree branch.  It is recommend to get half inch braided nylon rope, which is available at your local hardware store.
  • chevron-circle-right Would this swing fit in a doorway if you were just swinging back and forth with it? This swing is meant to be installed outdoors, where it can swing high and fast.  Although it is possible to install it indoors, this swing may be too wide for a doorway.

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