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5 Picnic Wedding Ideas for a Casual and Fun Reception

The age of the traditional wedding is long gone. Nowadays, every bride out there wants to make her special day truly special. Be it in a botanical garden or an outstanding tent and gazebo combo, every bride seems to want to be closer to nature. Therefore, how about a picnic wedding? Here are our top ideas.

#1. Open Bar in a Hollowed Log

A picnic wedding can be fancy or bohemian as well, but your best choice will still, probably, be the rustic feast or potluck dinner. Therefore, a great idea would be to create an open bar out of a log. Buy one as long as you can find and have a professional hollow it out and lacquer it for you, to protect it against humidity. Then you can fill it half way up with ice and add all the drinks you want in there.

You can get this look with a couple of logs such as these.

picnic wedding open-bar-in-a-log

#2. Picnic Wedding Food is Finger Food

Remember that everything you serve at your picnic wedding food-wise has to be edible by hand. It will be very uncomfortable for your guests to try to sit on the ground and cut their food with a knife and fork.

Therefore, you can serve big picnic baskets which they can share or huge bars with finger food. You can put at their disposal all the ingredients they need to make their individual hamburgers or hot dogs, big piles of charcuterie, buckets of popcorn and chips, and delicious candy bars.

Here are some candy party mixes to sweeten up the mood of your guests.

picnic wedding finger-food

#3. Don’t Forget the Wet Wipes

Where there’s finger food, there’s also a mess. Therefore, some wet wipes will be a blessing to all your guests. They will use them to clean their hands as well as their clothes if they get some inevitable stains on. They can also take the wet wipes and clean the grass off their shoes.

Buy the wet wipes in bulk, so that you don’t risk running out in the middle of your lovely picnic wedding.

picnic wedding wet-wipes-idea

#4. Sunscreen and Bug Spray

Seeing as this is a picnic wedding and it will take place outside, you need to make sure bugs and sun rays don’t ruin the fun. Buy several of both and place them here and there in key spots where everyone can easily find them. You can also try to assemble the seating area under some trees so that your party guests don’t get sunburn. Ask everyone to put on some sunscreen.

picnic wedding sunscreen-guests

#5. Get Ready for Nighttime

If you manage to pull off all of the above and show your guests a great time, then there’s a good chance they will want to stay well into the night. Consequently, you have to get ready. A very romantic idea, perfect for a picnic wedding, would be to create a canopy out of strings of lights. You can also place some candles on the ground or the low tables set up for the guests.

Recreate the look with some simple string lights.

picnic wedding lights

Here’s one final tip for your picnic wedding. Have fun!

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