How to Choose a Char Log Cooler for Your Garden and Top 15 Choices

char log cooler

Apart from all decorations, benches, colorful flower beds and any other outdoor pieces of furniture, a char log cooler not only makes a great addition to your patio, but it is also extremely useful. Think only of those hot summer days out by the pool when you wish for a cold drink, but feel too comfortable to go get it yourself from the fridge. Well, if you won’t go to the fridge, make the fridge come to you. It is quite simple, in fact. We all know how useful a cooler can be, especially when on the move.

However, if you decide to host a party in the backyard, might as well go the extra mile and do it in style. Do not overlook anything, not even something so simple as a cooler. You will find on our list the top choices of patio coolers as well as some wonderful char log coolers that will add a touch of personality to your household. Moreover, because of the intricate designs each one features, they make for incredible decorations as well.

1. Leigh Country Char Log Cooler

char log coolerShow off that southern hospitality with this United General Supply Char Log cooler. Not only the colors and charred finishes are great, but it also built to last. The Fleur-de-Lis accents and handle are all made of powder coated metal. Furthermore, it also includes a bottle opener go keep the party going. The wonderful finishes and weather-resistant materials make this piece most suited for any patio or backyard in both terms of utility as well as great looks.

2. Leigh Country TX 93728 Char Log Cooler

char log cooler

If the first one spiked up your interest, this type of char log cooler gets even better. Now, what could say “Texas” better than beautiful and specific metal accents such as the star and horseshoe right on the front for everybody to see? Much like the previous model, the handles as well as the accents are all powder coated as to prevent rusting. Also, you can clearly notice a difference in colors as this one features gray tones with a gray wash finish. It fits any décor perfectly and you can move it around easily.

3. Char Log Cut Out Star Bench

bench char log cooler

The first two types of char log coolers were pretty neat, but if you’re looking for a more intricate design, this is the perfect fit for you. It is both a bench as well as a char log cooler at the same time. In order to be able to withstand inclement weather, the whole piece is varnished to preserve the log. Furthermore, a skilled craftsman makes each piece by hand. This means that no two char log coolers will be alike. In terms of utility as well as décor, this wonderful hybrid fits any rustic setting perfectly.

4. Merry Garden Wooden Patio Cooler

char log cooler

If you are looking for smaller patio coolers that you can store away easily and only use them during the hot summer days, this compact design is perfect for you. Although it is visibly smaller than the other, it still does not come short on looks and utility whatsoever. One difference is that this particular patio cooler is made from eucalyptus hardwood as opposed to the previous models. Even though it features wonderful finishes, you might not want to leave this outside when it starts to rain. However, it is still a great accessory to any patio. As long as you shelter it from inclement weather, you can enjoy this wonderful item for years on end.

5. Permasteel Vintage Patio Cooler

char log cooler

Even though it is not a char log cooler, this piece just had to be on our list. Soda enthusiasts will always be on the lookout for this kind of decorations. Before talking more about the design, let’s take a closer look at the specs. First of all, it is easy to carry around since it features wheels attached to every leg. If you want to secure it in place, you have the option of locking two of them. The weather resistant powder-coated steel makes it perfect to keep it and your drinks safe from inclement weather. It comes with a bottle opener and a removable cap catcher, as well. All in all, it makes for a wonderful collector’s piece.

6. Outdoor Patio Cooler Bar

char log cooler

Coming right back to char log coolers and intricate designs we have this cooler bar to show for. The entire piece is handcrafted and features pretty much everything you need for a barbecue backyard party. Hence, it has a removable cooler. Ice trays, knife stand, cutting board, towel rack, multiple shelves, and a wine bottle rack. This is not just a char log cooler, it is the equivalent of a complete kitchen right in your backyard. If you are going for a rustic setting, this is going to fit in just perfectly. Because the piece is made entirely from wood, it might be better to provide some shelter from weather elements. This is just a precautionary method, so you can enjoy it for as long as possible.

7. Leigh Country Coca Cola Vintage Cooler

char log cooler

If you love Coca-Cola collectibles, then you absolutely have to get your hands on one of these red and white patio coolers. Even though there are a lot of fake Coca-Cola products on the market, you can rest assured as this one is officially licensed as a Coca-Cola product. Even better, the piece is made of sturdy wood and features a wonderful vintage finish. Much like any other char log and patio coolers, this one also comes with a bottle opener and a drain valve. Also, it is easy o move around and can withstand inclement weather with ease.

8. Patio Party Cooling Bin

char log cooler

If you are not looking for anything special and prefer simple garden furniture pieces, this rattan wicker patio cooler is just the thing for you. Although it keeps it simple in terms of design, this particular piece does not come short on depositing space. Much larger than most char log cooler suggestions on our list, this comes in at 80-quart storage capacity. This means that you can easily store up to 100 soda cans or more than 50 water bottles inside. The dual top allows independent access to the cooler. Also, it features a bottle opener and a cap catcher on the side. Furthermore, you can use the bottom shelf for extra storage space, should you ever need it.

9. Surreal Stump Cooler

char log cooler

Most people won’t even be aware of the fact that you own a char log cooler until they see the top coming off of this impressive stump-like cooler. The design closely resembles a freshly cut tree trunk left somewhere in the garden. A craftsman makes each piece by hand paying close attention to details. It features high-quality weather-resistant materials. Also, the craftsman paints each one with a UV resistant special paint to prevent color fading and weathering. You can use this magnificent piece both indoors as well as outdoors with no problems.

10. Sainty Art Works Texas Flag Patio Cooler

char log cooler

Another large patio cooler is this wonderful piece. It features an impressive 80 quarts storage capacity, bottle opener, location drain, a convenient bottom and last but not least a great design. The materials are weather resistant and the Texas flag design is specially coated to withstand inclement weather. In fact, the manufacturers are so confident about this product that each piece comes with a lifetime guarantee. Even though it does pretty much the same things as all the other char log cooler suggestions, this one adds a bonus of personality to your patio or backyard, thanks to its unique design.

11. Rustic Outdoor Wooden Char Log Cooler

char log cooler

Talking about breathtaking designs, this char log cooler features some of the most incredible details on our list. At first glance, it may look like an old chest, but, in reality, it is a massive 87-quart rustic wooden cooler. Apart from its impressive size and storage capacity, it also features sturdy, rust-proof materials, galvanized steel liners, and foam insulation. These aspects ensure that you are able to enjoy cool drinks each time you reach inside of it. The old rugged tavern-style design only adds a classic yet unique flair to any setting. Thanks to the convenient drainage spout which disposes of melted ice, this wooden patio cooler is very easy to maintain and clean. Also, it makes a great addition to any space, either we are talking about the patio, garden or wooden deck.

12. Lifoam Rustic Outdoor Wooden Coolers

char log cooler

A visibly smaller design, this char log cooler also features an old rugged look, but it is still attractive and fashionable, nonetheless. Also, thanks to the high-quality weather-resistant materials, rustproof galvanized steel liner and thick foam insulation, this makes for a great cooling space for your drinks in hot summer days. However, as useful as it can be, it is also beautiful. The decorative piece on the front emblem features a two colors mountain scene. Even though you could use it both indoors as well as outdoors, keep it outside for the envy of your neighbors. You can rest assured as the weather resistant materials will prevent your char log cooler from rusting or cracking.

13. Sainty Art Works Old Glory Patio Cooler

char log cooler

This 80-quart patio cooler is for all American patriots. The reason why not everybody has this in their backyard is still unknown, but supplying them to every household is still a work in progress.  You can also declare your support for this great nation with one of these magnificent patio coolers. Gather your family or friends around the fire, get the barbecue going and have a great time in the backyard with your loved ones. The design is pretty straightforward with two independent top lids for easy access and a large storage space that can hold up to as many as 100 soda cans. Also, the American flag design will be able to withstand inclement weather thanks to the waterproof coating. Hence, you will be able to enjoy your patio cooler for years on end in peak condition.

14. Retro-Style Steel Cooler Box

char log cooler

If you are looking for small cooler boxes, this retro 20-quarts steel cooler is perfect for you. Thanks to the compact design, you can carry it around easily and store it for safekeeping almost anywhere in the house. The steel exterior is coated with a durable powder coating, while the interior features a smooth propylene lining and a 1.3 inches thick rigid polyurethane foam. This ensures that you will be able to keep the contents cool for long periods of time. The strong sealing top keeps pests away from your food and drinks. You can fit about 20 cans of soda and easily carry it around you at a pool party or a barbecue. All in all, even if it is nor a char log cooler, this is still a great addition to any household, especially if you have a taste for adventures and like to go regularly on trips with your friends or family.

15. Leigh Country Auburn University “Tigers” Cooler

char log cooler

This spirited char log cooler allows you to show off your collegiate pride in the most fashionable manner. The piece rests upon a solid wood frame and features a rustic gray finish. Also, you will be able to keep your drinks ice cold thanks to the insulated galvanized metal liner for any backyard party. Furthermore, it comes with a bottle opener and powder coated hardware. You can personalize each char log cooler with any college logo. Hence, you can choose to offer this as a present or hold on to it as a keepsake. If we are talking about fraternity parties, everyone present will take pride in this particular char log cooler.


Choosing the best decoration pieces for your backyard can prove to be a difficult task, especially with so many options available. If you have everything you need, except a char log cooler and are running short on ideas, take your pick out of these wonderful suggestions. Each piece features sturdy materials that ensure you will enjoy your cooler for years on end.

Furthermore, most of them are weather resistant. Special powder coatings will protect your piece from rusting when exposed to water or inclement weather. Others are small and easy to carry around so you can take them with you anywhere to go. Pick whichever fits your needs best and enjoy great times with your family or friends over a pool party or a backyard barbecue!

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