How to Plant Grass Seed for a Flawless Lawn

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What is in a perfect lawn? A lot of work one would say. We beg to differ. A perfectly manicured lawn is only a few steps away, as long as you know how to plant grass seed. Here are the main, simple steps.

How to Plant Grass Seed – the Steps

#1. Test the lawn. The first thing you need to do is take a sample of the soil in your garden and check it to see what kind of nutrients it requires. There are two ways to do that. You can perform the test yourself, seeing as most gardening stores sell home kits. The other way is by a local office of the Cooperative Extension System. You can find their locations on the USDA website.

#2. Spread the fertilizer . Don’t add too much of it at once. The rule of thumb when it comes to fertilizer if you want to know how to plant grass seed is that one pound of actual nitrogen is more than enough for 1, 000 square feet. When you have finished, remember to water the lawn as well. It will help the fertilizer get to the roots of your grass.

#3. Water the lawn. Your grass seeds should receive approximately one inch of water every week. However, be careful about the weather conditions. If it’s really hot outside, water it every three or five days instead of seven.

Tip – keep a watering can outside. It will tell you just how much rainwater went into your lawn. It’s also a good idea to water your lawn early in the morning. In this way, it will have all day long to dry up before evening comes so that it doesn’t develop any fungi.

#4. Mow your lawn every week if you can. When you do, make sure its blades are very sharp so that they can actually cut the grass instead of ripping it.

Tip – When you cut it, always cut the blades of grass some two or three inches high. The size depends on the variety of grass, of course, but this is the rule of thumb. You also need to mow it in another direction every two weeks or so, to keep it healthy and to look nice.

#5. Leave the clippings but remove the fallen leaves. The clippings can stay on the lawn, as they are an excellent source of natural fertilizer for the soil, but not the leaves. They will block sunlight and moisture from reaching the roots.

Once you do your homework and find out how to plant grass seed, we can guarantee you will have the most beautiful patio in all the neighborhood.

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