Top 12 Outdoor Storage Bench Options for Practical Style

Storage bench

There are many things that make up for great garden decorations. Beauty plays an important part, of course, but what about utility? Well, when you combine these two concepts together nothing can go wrong. A nice outdoor storage bench for your patio, garden or backyard is certainly a must in any household. Extra storage space never hurt anybody.

However, rather than hiding an unattractive, old wooden crate somewhere in the corner of your backyards, behind the bushes, go for these awesome outdoor storage bench suggestions instead. You won’t even realize that club chairs or a simple wooden garden bench can disguise such roomy depositing spaces. Tasteful undercover extra storage space is what’s in for you.

1. Suncast Outdoor Storage Bench

outdoor storage bench

You can find here an interesting outdoor storage bench design that features multiple depositing spaces. One big roomy box is enough to satisfy anyone’s needs, of course. However, some people prefer to keep things a little bit more organized. For this purpose, this particular design features multiple smaller storage trays, in order for you to keep your garden accessories. As a result, you won’t be forced to throw everything into a single compartment. Hence, gardening tools and accessories will have their special place, while you can keep bed sheets or pillows in the larger container.

2. Keter Circa Wood Round Outdoor Storage Table

outdoor storage bench

If you’re looking for something that doesn’t even resemble a storage box, you have come to the right place. As opposed to other outdoor storage bench designs before, this one closely resembles a tiny barrel. However, it is , in fact, an ottoman that also doubles as a table. And a storage container. And a great patio decoration. Basically it is all of the above put together into one single astonishing product. Furthermore, it has a total capacity of no less than 37 gallons, which is quite impressive for a outdoor storage bench in disguise. If you already have too many coffee tables but not enough chairs, no worries. It doubles as an ottoman as well. Combining these many features into one single item makes this one of the best outdoor storage bench designs out there.

3. Suncast Vertical Deck Box

outdoor storage bench

Although it resembles the cabinet deck box, this benefits from a much larger storage capacity consisting of 195 gallons of depositing space. A great touch is that you can operate the from doors independently of the lid. This gives you the possibility of handling the contents with less effort. Even though it has more openings, the weather resistant materials will keep the contents safe from any harm. Also, the wicker-like exterior is great to add a bonus of beauty to any rustic ambiance. As a result, because of its looks and utility benefits, this makes for one of the largest and most impressive outdoor storage bench designs on our list.

4. Keter Springwood Plastic Deck Storage Container Box

outdoor storage bench

This particular outdoor storage bench looks like a wooden crate, but in reality it is not. However, it features incredible wooden accents. These will convince all of your friends that it is a sturdy storage box passed down from generation to generation. Your goods will be safe from inclement weather inside this ventilated deck box. Apart from its impressive looks, the plastic is weather resistant and also protects the contents from harmful sun rays. Hence, utility, beauty and elegancy intertwine in order to deliver one of the most fashionable outdoor storage bench designs on the market.

5. Suncast Elements Outdoor Wide Cabinet

outdoor storage box

You can use almost all deck boxes as benches, but not this one. This is because this particular type of patio storage case is actually a cabinet. And even though it is not really an outdoor storage bench, it will still make a great addition to your patio. It features multiple shelves that you can use to store cleaning products, tools or whatever. Also, it is more compact and you can place it anywhere with ease. The rattan look is perfect to fit any rustic space.

6. Keter Novel Plastic Deck Storage Container Box

outdoor storage bench

This massive 90-gallon outdoor storage bench is great for any household. Its design is simple, so it fits any environment naturally. It is only 40 inches wide, but benefits from no less than an impressive 97-gallon storage capacity. The inside is safe from any UV rays and heavy rain. Also, you can assemble the whole thing in just a matter of minutes. Furthermore, thanks to the easy to clean materials, you will be able to keep the contents safe from any harmful pathogens, as well.

7. Suncast 120 Gallon Extra Large Hybrid Deck Box

outdoor storage bench

It is possible that you will have to spend some time putting this beauty together. However, it will all be worth it in the end. All the parts are pre-cut and pre-drilled, as well, in order to make your job easier. Furthermore, even if it’s made out of wood, the contents will be safe from moisture. This is because it features resin floor and roof. All things considered, in term of both beauty as well as utility, this makes for one of the most astonishing outdoor storage bench suggestions on this list.

8. Lifetime Extra Large Outdoor Storage Bench

outdoor storage bench

A living titan among our outdoor storage bench recommendations is this extra large storage container. It benefits from an impressive depositing space of no less than 130 gallons. There is no further need to say that everything is water proof and weather resistant. Also, you don’t need to worry about the hinges rusting, because they are made of stainless steel. Also, if you have concerns, you can lock the lid for security purposes.

9. Keter Eden Outdoor Storage Bench Deck Box

outdoor storage bench

In order to properly conceal storage spaces that otherwise wouldn’t fit naturally in your garden, you can go for this elegant wooden bench. Beneath the seat, there is a 70-gallon compartment you can use for storing anything you want. Also, when it comes to durability, everything is made from resin. This means that your bench will be safe from bad weather and  UV rays. Furthermore, this particular outdoor storage bench is ventilated and waterproof, in order to keep the contents safe. If you are worried about certain goods disappearing, you can lock it as well, to put your mind to ease.

10. Suncast Patio Outdoor Storage Bench

outdoor storage bench

A bench will always prove to be a great addition to any patio or garden, for that matter. This is why more and more deck boxes come in the shape of outdoor storage benches. This way, you will benefit from the added bonus of beauty to your backyard as well as extra depositing space. This particular model features a 50-gallon capacity storage space apart from the impressive colors and great finishes. Also, the contents will be safe from weather inclement as well as UV rays, due to the resistant materials it is made of.

11. Keter Brightwood Patio Furniture Outdoor Storage Ben

outdoor storage bench

Although not as large as the Lifetime Deck Box, this resin storage container feature an impressive depositing space, as well. Ranking as one of the roomiest outdoor storage bench designs on our list, this particular patio decoration benefits from 120 gallons of free space. You can use it to store anything from bed sheets and extra pillows to gardening tools and other accessories. Thanks to the weather-resistant materials, the contents will be safe from inclement weather or harmful sun rays. Furthermore, it can comfortably seat two adults with no problem. It also has a particular opening and closing mechanism that allows you to operate the lid with less effort.

12. Suncast Mocha Resin Wicker Outdoor Storage Bench

outdoor storage bench

If you want to set a rustic ambiance, this wicker storage bench is perfect just for that. Furthermore, it features 22-gallons of storage space. You can use it to deposit anything from gardening tools to bed sheets and extra pillows with no problems. Being rather small when comparted to other deck boxes means that it is also easy to carry around. This gives you the opportunity to place it anywhere you please in the garden, anytime.


One can never benefit from too much depositing space. In your search fulfill that need, you can find a wide variety of outdoor storage bench designs available for sale on the market. However, not all of them manage to balance utility with beauty in order to deliver the best results. This is why, this list of the most fashionable outdoor storage bench suggestions features only the best recommendations available.

As a result, you will find here some interesting varieties that look like regular deck boxes in disguise. The best way to hide or store something for safe keeping is in plain sight. This is why these awesome outdoor storage bench designs will help you store your valuables and also make for great decorations to your backyard as well.

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