8 Vintage Garden Gnomes for a Unique Backyard

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If you’re on the lookout for some vintage garden decorations that are going to provide your garden with a unique look, you might want to stick around for a selection of vintage garden gnomes you can purchase right now. Garden gnomes, in general, are a rather popular choice when it comes to garden decorations. The vintage ones seem to have something special to them, especially if you enjoy old-looking and worn out items. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the 8 vintage garden gnomes we’ve prepared for you today.

8 Vintage Garden Gnomes to Decorate Your Backyard

1. Vintage Garden Gnome Statue: Aged Limestone

What says vintage better than aged limestone? This garden gnome is entirely made of stone, and it has an aged limestone patina which makes it look decades or even centuries old. Placing it in your garden will make it look like the gnome has been there all along, way before the place was even a garden. One of the things we like most about it is the fact that it’s extremely resistant. It’s weather, water, fade, UV, and mildew resistant, making it the perfect addition to any garden. So regardless of where you live, all you have to do is place the gnome outside. You’ll never have to worry about protecting it from different weather elements.

garden gnome made of stone, vintage garden gnomes

It weighs 50 pounds, and it measures 9.5 x 11 x 21 inches. As far as care goes, you should consider cleaning it every now and then. Just use a soft cloth to wipe it, and you can also add dish detergent if you feel like it. As long as you don’t use bleach and chemicals that would damage its patina, caring for it is almost unnecessary. You can find this garden gnome right here.

2. Antique-Looking Concrete Garden Gnome with Shovel

Speaking of vintage garden gnomes that look as if they’ve been in your garden for ages, this one does too, perhaps even more so than the previous one. That’s because, in certain areas, this one is also covered in fake moss. This provides it with an even older look, which will make it the center of attention in terms of decorations in your backyard. The gnome is made of concrete, and it’s 10 inches tall and 4 inches wide.

garden gnome with moss on it, vintage garden gnomes

The detailing on it is great precisely because it isn’t really there. For instance, the gnome’s eyes are barely visible, which gives the impression of a statue that has been worn out in time, one that perhaps was much more detailed in the past. If you’re interested in this kind of look, you can purchase this vintage garden gnome here.

3. Set of 3 Charming Garden Gnome Figures

Technically not a garden gnome, but a set of three vintage garden gnomes, these ones are fairly different from the other two we’ve presented above, in that they’re extremely colorful. You might think plain stone makes gnomes look more vintage than colored fabric, but it all depends on the aspect of the fabric. In the case of this set of three vintage garden gnomes, the colors and the material they’re made of definitely give out an antique vibe.

three garden gnomes, vintage garden gnomes

The texture of the fabric resembles burlap, which automatically provides a vintage look. Moreover, the stained and – in some places – worn out colors add to this look. In terms of the overall aspect of the gnomes, they’re also holding a woodland creature each, which makes them look even more rustic. Plus, the great thing about them is that you can choose to display them as a group, or spread them around in your backyard. They go great together, but they also shine as stand-alone decorations. You can find this lovely set right here.

4. Vintage Smoking Gnome Garden Statue

Yet another cast stone garden gnome, this one too imitates the antique and weathered look perfectly. It’s also extremely resistant. So you don’t have to worry about it losing its vintage aspect or cracking from spending too much time outside. What’s interesting is that you have 4 finishes to choose from. One is a dark grey, one is a lighter grey, another one is a greenish old stone look, and the last one is a reddish Sedona-like finish. No matter which one you choose, they’re all vintage-looking, and they would all look great in your backyard.

garden gnome made of cast stone, vintage garden gnomes

This gnome, unlike the others we’ve shown until now, is lying down rather than standing up and also smoking at the same time. It weighs 25 pounds, and it measures 12 x 14 x 14 inches. It’s definitely a unique decoration to have in your garden, and you shouldn’t hesitate to order it here.

5. Watering Can and Frog Garden Gnome

This vintage garden gnome is made of resin stone, but it’s actually colorful and has a shiny patina to it. Even though shine doesn’t normally say vintage, the muted colors used to paint this gnome (which was hand-painted, by the way), as well as the way it’s crafted, still manage to give out an antique vibe. The first clue would be the gnome’s face, which is a pale, rather yellowish shade. The rest of the colors are also dark and muted, like dark red, dark green, dark brown, and even black. The gnome is also holding a vintage watering can, and has a silver bucket at its feet.

vintage-looking garden gnome, vintage garden gnomes

The gnome’s measurement is 9 x 5 x 4 inches, and it only weighs 1 pound, which is quite impressive. We love the details on it, which are all the more impressive considering the fact that it was hand-painted. It’s rather charming, and we’re sure you’d love to have it in your backyard. Moreover, you could also offer it as a gift to someone. Regardless, you should know you can purchase it here.

6. Design Toscano Sunflower Sammy Garden Gnome Statue

Another colorful garden gnome, this one’s colors are definitely the most vibrant out of all the vintage garden gnomes we’ve presented above. This doesn’t stop it from having a gorgeous antique look. The carefully-crafted details of the gnome’s face, body, and of the sunflower he’s holding, accentuate this look. This gnome isn’t only hand-painted, but also hand-cast. The manufacturers used real crushed stone and bonded it using a designer resin of extremely high-quality.

colorful garden gnome, vintage garden gnomes

This vintage gnome weighs 2 pounds, and it measures 11.5 x 6 x 6.5 inches. It also has a name (Sammy), and it looks like it’s offering a sunflower to whoever is around to receive it. It has a charm to it that makes us think of mythical fairytales and woodland fantasies, and this is precisely the atmosphere this gnome will provide your garden with if you decide to buy it. The last thing we want to mention about it, which we think it’s extremely useful and innovative, is that the sunflower can also serve as a dish for you to place birdseed in.

7. Koehler Home Decor Slumbering Gnome Garden Statue

What’s better than a slumbering vintage garden gnome statue to invite you to relax in a hammock in the garden, and take a nap while enjoying the warm weather? This cute garden gnome does just that, with its witty humor and warm colors. It’s bound to make your day better whenever you’re working in the garden or tending to the yard.

garden gnome sleeping in a hammock, vintage garden gnomes

The gnome is made of polyresin, and its dimensions are of 12 x 5 x 10 inches. It only weighs 1 pound, and you can also use it indoors, which is a great added benefit. We can’t talk about this vintage garden gnome without also mentioning its colors. They’re vibrant, shiny, and cheerful, especially the red, which provides the gnome’s cheeks with color. Overall, this is one of the most whimsical vintage garden gnomes you could have in your garden or backyard. If you’re interested in purchasing it, you can do that here.

8. Miniature Gnome Statue Set Mini Fairy Garden

How about some mini gnomes to add charm to your backyard? This is a set of two vintage garden gnomes that are small enough to fit in a dollhouse. Imagine how cute they would look like outside in the garden. If you want to design a fairy garden, these are the perfect decorations for it. Even if you don’t, you can still place them outside, like on a table or a shelf designed especially for them.

two small garden gnomes, vintage garden gnomes

These are hardworking gnomes, which means that one of them is holding a rake, while the other is holding a lantern to help his buddy clean the garden. They come in a color scheme that screams vintage, namely a dark green and brown one. Moreover, they have an antique finish, which adds to the idea of vintage, as well as being made of polyresin. Each of the gnomes is only 2.5 inches high, and they barely weigh anything. Here’s where you can order them.

Summing It All Up

Old-fashioned garden gnomes are the perfect backyard decoration for someone who wants their landscape to be truly unique. We hope the 8 options we provided you with above have inspired you to buy your own vintage garden gnome, and decorate your garden with it.

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