How to Keep Your Dog from Ruining Your Yard

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We all love our dogs. They are like a part of the family. So what do you do when your beloved dog keeps digging up your flowers? How do you keep little Coco from making yellow spots all over your grass? Let’s go over how to keep your dog from ruining your yard so Coco can remain man’s best friend.

When Dogs Dig…

There are several things you can do if Coco likes to dig. Put fences around beds of flowers or gardens. Create a raised bed that your dog cannot get to, or get some edging that makes it harder for the dog to access. Doing these things will minimize the damage done by your little digging friend.

When Dogs Run…

Some dogs love to run back and forth in your yard creating a worn down line next to the fence. The biggest solution to this problem is very simple. Exercise your dog regularly. Dogs that get exercise regularly have less expendable energy to run paths in your yard. You can also plant shrubs or bushes in the dog’s path to prevent him from running in a straight line. This will help so that the wear isn’t concentrated in one spot.

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When Dogs Pee…

All dogs need to go pee. The problem is that it messes up your yard. Urine has nitrogen in it which causes one of two things to happen to your lawn. The grass could grow thick and green in random places if the nitrogen levels are low. Or the grass can get big yellow spots all over the yard due to high levels of nitrogen. Either way, your yard won’t look very uniform. Spray water on the spot with urine on it to prevent damage to your lawn. You can take your dog for walks at the same times every day to get them in the habit of urinating on walks instead of on the lawn. Train your dog to have a designated spot in the yard where they pee. Make a corner with just gravel or turf and have your dog go there. Be sure to give them a treat every time they go there for awhile, so they can get in that habit.

Can the Methods for Preventing Birds from Making Nests be Applied to Dogs Ruining Yards?

Can the methods for preventing unwanted bird nests be applied to dogs ruining yards? While the approaches might not be directly transferable, some principles can be adapted. For instance, creating physical barriers or using deterrents can discourage both birds and dogs from nesting or digging in yards. However, specific strategies tailored to each case are essential to effectively address the behaviors of dogs in a yard.

When Dogs Poop…

The solution to this is similar to the solution for urine. Take your dog on regular walks so they can have a schedule of when they go to the bathroom. Or make a designated bathroom spot they go to. If neither or those solutions appeal to you, just make sure you pick up after your dog quickly. Picking up after your dog quickly will minimize the damage to your yard.

Summing Up

Dogs are the best. They give love, cuddles, and happiness. Sometimes it’s hard to love your dog if they ruin the yard you worked so hard on. These tips and tricks will help your yard to stay nice and will also train your dog to go to the bathroom in certain spots. It’s possible to have a dog and nice yard. Try these tips and it’ll keep your dog out of the doghouse.

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