Creating a Rope Playground for Kids in the Backyard

1 children playing in rope playground

You don’t want your children to spend their entire day in front of the computer? You would like to get them to be more active? Do you also like crafty ideas that don’t require a lot of money? If you’ve answered yes to at least one of these questions, then you might want to consider creating a rope playground for your children in your own backyard. That way, they can get entertained when you don’t have time to take them to a public playground. Here are some ideas of things you can create out of rope, to make an entire rope playground for your children.

Create a Huge Hammock

Hammocks are always a great addition to someone’s backyard. But apart from them being a place where you can sit and relax or lay in the sun, they can also become a part of a rope playground. How, you ask? Well, you can alter your basic hammock and turn it into a huge space where your children can sit together, roll around, or play in. If you stretch it enough and position it like a slide, it can also serve as a bouncy playground equipment for your child.

Climbing Web Made Out of Rope

If you want your children to be more active, you can create a climbing web for their rope playground. It is easy to make and install. Plus, it can turn out to be a great addition to the playground. Your child will learn coordination and will gather strength in his arms and legs. Moreover, this can be a fun thing to do at parties, where children can race on climbing the web. Just be careful not to make it too high. Also, for some extra security, place a mattress under the web. This is in case your children will fall while trying to climb it.

Make a Swing Out for the Rope Playground

Another easy to make and cool addition to any children’s rope playground is a swing. Either use a very sturdy tree branch, or install a wooded arch. Then hang two thick and strong ropes on it. Finally, complete the rope swing by positioning a piece of strong net in between the ropes and making sure it won’t come off. This will be a really fun alternative for children who normally love being in swings.

Create Your Own Adventure Rope Playground with a Zip Line

If your children like adventures and don’t like to be sedentary, you might consider building a zip line out of rope for them to play with. Hang a rope all throughout your backyard, then just attach another piece of rope with a hook. This is the piece you child will hold on to when he or she slides across the backyard. The fun is guaranteed!

If you want to build a rope playground for your children, but you don’t know what to include in it, we hope out list will help you decide on some creative and easy-to-make ideas. Bring the playground to your child, instead of bringing your child to the playground!

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  1. These are fantastic ideas! I want to implement some of them.
    Where do I find out how to make a slide out of wood covered with laminate or other smooth material?
    What rope to I use to make a climbing web?
    I would like to make a partly tunnel turning slide.
    It would come from a 12′ deck down to the ground.
    Is there someplace where you give instructions?

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