3 DIY Garden Ideas to Do with Your Kids

diy garden ideas for kids magic places road sign

Family projects are always fun to do, especially when you get your little ones involved as well. If you decide to build them a playground, you can choose your own backyard as your hottest destination. These DIY garden ideas which we’ve prepared for you will teach your children to be creative and keep them safe at the same time. Here they are.

kids gardening ideas

3 DIY Garden Ideas for Your Kids to Try Right Now

1. Paint Your Own Ladybugs

This is the cutest backyard project for kids you’ll ever see. Not to mention that it’s so very easy and fun to do. Take a whole sunny Sunday off of any other activity and gather your family and kids in your backyard garden.

The only things you’ll need for this DIY money-saving project are a pack or even several packs of golf balls for kids to play with and some red and black paint. You can also use markers, as long as they’re permanent so that the rain and snow don’t wash off the lovely ladybug pattern.

diy garden ideas for kids ladybugs

2. The Clay Pot Lighthouses

As far as DIY garden ideas go, this one takes the cake for creativity. Not to mention that, once again, it’s incredibly easy to do and requires very little money. Here’s how. Take some regular clay pots of different sizes. Together with your kids, paint the pots to look like lighthouses, using some non-washable finger paint for children.

When you have finished, stack the painted pots starting with the largest one at the bottom. When you reach the top of the clay pot lighthouse, you can also put a small candle on top so that it looks like a real lighthouse directing ships out at sea.

Tip – if you feel the need to or if you have animals which could knock the lighthouses down, you can also glue the pots where they overlap.

diy garden ideas for kids pots lighthouse

3. The Road Sign to a Magical World

Kids love nothing better than a good story set in a magical world. And our best guess is that your child loves them all. Therefore, we’ve selected as the third entry for our DIY garden ideas list the road sign to a magical world.

You will need some salvaged wood, the more distressed, the better, hammer and nails, and paint. Start by painting the words on the road indicators themselves. You can do it yourself, or you can let your kids pen them. Nonetheless, choose the destinations together.

Some popular magical places include Harry Potter’s Hogwarts, The Lord of the Rings’ Shire, The Wind in the Willows’ Toad Hall, Narnia, or the Emerald City. Nevertheless, feel free to include personal locations as well, that have some meaning to you and your family.

Once you have finished, nail the direction boards to a central pillar and stick it well into the ground.

diy garden ideas for kids magic places road sign

These lovely DIY garden ideas will quickly transform your backyard into your kids’ favorite place to be. Here’s one more tip. Don’t stop at just one idea. Since they’re so easy to construct and so cheap to afford, why not do them all?

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