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Tips for Building Your Own Backyard Gym

It is common for people to go workout at a gym.  After all, that's what a gym is made for.  But the cost of a gym membership can soon become too expensive for you to afford (the average gym membership costs $40 to $50 a month).  And the time that it takes to get there and get back home can crunch your time.  So rather than forgetting about your health and fitness, why not try making your own outdoor gym in your backyard?  A backyard gym can be surprisingly easy to make, and can offer the same exact exercises that a gym has.  Even if your backyard is small, you will find that you will be working just as hard as you would at a gym.  And just imagine how much money you'll save!  Let's get started on learning how to make a backyard gym.

Supplies Needed for Making Your Own

You will need various equipment for your backyard gym.  Basically, you will need to decide what you would like to build and add to your yard.  Are you focusing on weight lifting?  Make sure you include a chin-up bar, monkey bar rings, and perhaps a weight bar (also known as a barbell).  If you are focusing on cardio, try having a treadmill (Make sure it is protected from the weather!), and perhaps an in-place bicycle.  Keep in mind that most backyard gyms mostly consist a chin-up bar, monkey bars, monkey bar rings, and other things like that.  Here are some items you may want to include in your backyard gym:

  • Chin-up bar (If you're making your own, you'll need some wood posts and metal bars screwed in.)
  • Monkey bar (Either make it out of wood or metal.  Wood could be easier.  You'll need some bolts and nuts.)
  • Monkey bar rings
  • Rock wall (You'll need some climbing holds, and a vertical surface to screw them onto.)
  • Barbell (bar with weights on it, similar to a bench press)
  • Punching bag
  • Treadmill (It must be placed underneath a roof to prevent damage.)
  • Climbing ladders
  • Ropes

How to Build a Backyard Gym

Now that you know the supplies you'll need and the average cost, it is time to get building.  Remember, the decision is up to you about what equipment you want to try.

Step 1:  Prepare the Area

The first step is preparing the area for your backyard gym.  If you already have a nice flat surface, then great!  You can skip this step and move on to the next one.  But if you have a slope or if your backyard does not have a good surface, you will need to flatten it out and add a better surface (gravel works).   Make sure the surface is flat if you will be installing and building equipment.

Step 2:  Install the Equipment

Decide what equipment you will be installing.  Will you be installing a rock wall?  All you need is plywood screwed onto a wall (a secure fence will do), and attach climbing holds to it.  You can make the rock wall as tall or as short as you'd like.  Another popular equipment to have is a chin-up bar.  You can make your own out of wood and an Olympic bar.  You will need to dig a hole for the wood posts, and attach a bar to it.  Make sure the bar is secure and can hold your weight.  If you will be climbing ropes, attach the rope to a bar.  If you have any other equipment, make sure to install it properly.

Step 3:  Landscape

A backyard gym is suppose to look nice, right?  The nicer it looks, the better the chance is that you'll want to go workout.  You can landscape anyway you'd like.  Perhaps you'd like to add some pretty flowers along your workout course.  Don't have room for flower pots?  Try vertical gardening.  You can also try landscaping with rocks.  If you have enough room, create a rock garden along some of the workout stations.  While you're landscaping, don't forget to make the surface of your backyard gym soft.  Bark chips will work great, as will rubber mulch.

Step 4:  Build a Workout Shed (optional)

Some people like to build a workout shed in their backyard.  This allows them to have a place to workout on rainy days, as well as store their equipment such as dumbbells and kettle bells.  If you think that you may be interested in a gym shed, you should go ahead and make one.  Of course, building a shed is going to take some time.  Learn how to easily build a shed by clicking here.

Where Do I Buy Backyard Gym Equipment?

A lot of the equipment can be made by yourself.  For example, you can make a rock wall by attaching climbing holds to the side of your house or a fence, and you could build your own chin-up bar out of wood and a metal bar.  But some equipment will need bought.  A lot of the supplies can be bought online.  Monkey bar rings, barbells, dumbbells, and other equipment are all sold online.  Check out Amazon for some backyard gym equipment for sale.

Considerations to Make Before Building

Before you build your backyard gym, you will need to consider some things.  Here is a list of considerations you should go over:

How Much Room Do You Have?

Do you have a small yard?  That's OK.  You can easily make a backyard gym even if your yard is small.  Just build the workout stations closer together.  Also, it's alright to have turns in your workout station course.  If you need to, you can take a turn into your front yard and then take a turn back into your backyard.

Are You a Do It Your-selfer?

If you like doing things yourself, you will probably be really excited to try building your own backyard gym.  But if you feel that a backyard gym is too difficult to build, you may find it easier to just hire somebody to build it for you.  Keep in mind that this can get expensive.  However, hiring somebody who has installed outdoor gyms before means that you should have it installed quickly.  That person will also know what he or she is doing, so you won't have to worry about messing anything up with your yard.  To find people that you could hire to help, either search on the internet or simply look around your town for hardware shops that offer help.  If you are simply needing somebody to help assemble the equipment, this site will find somebody near you that can help.

Can You Afford It?

This question is something that only you can answer.  Consider if you are on a tight budget.  Be prepared to spend a couple hundred dollars or more on an outdoor gym.  However, also consider how much money you would spend paying to be at the gym.  All in all, a backyard gym will save you money.

Do You Want a Workout Shed?

Although it can be expensive and takes a while to build, a workout shed will definitely be worth adding to your backyard gym.  And what is the purpose of a workout shed?  Well, first of all it can be used to store workout equipment.  It is where you can store your dumbbells, yoga mats, and other equipment that you might have.  Secondly, it can be a place for you to work out.  During rainy days, you could workout in the shed instead of outdoors.  You could also make the shed be part of your workout stations.  For example, you could place a treadmill in there and have that be part of your exercise routine.  The purpose of a backyard gym is to move from station to station. The shed could be part of your exercise station routine.  And lastly, you can use the shed to attach equipment.  For example, you could attach a rock wall directly to the shed.  Make sure the shed is secure and the wood is not rotting before you attach anything to it.  Safety is always first.

In Summary

I hope that this article helped you understand more about a backyard gym.  As you can see, it is easy to make.  All you need is a flat, soft surface and some equipment.  Equipment can be bought on amazon and on other places online.  When building your backyard shed, there are a few considerations that you should make.  First, consider if you can afford a backyard gym.  Although it can be expensive to make, overall it is going to be much cheaper than driving and paying to workout at a gym.  Also consider how much land you have, if you want to build it yourself, and if you want a workout shed.  A workout shed, also called a backyard gym shed and backyard gym room can make a great addition to your backyard gym.  Remember, even if it seems difficult to build a backyard gym, it is going to be worth it.  Soon enough you will be able to workout in your very own backyard (no membership needed!)

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