DeWalt 12-Feet Fiberglass Stepladder Review

dewalt steppladder

Review of the DeWalt 12-Feet Fiberglass Stepladder

As of this writing, there are 129 customer comments and 15 answered questions for the DeWalt 12-Feet Fiberglass Stepladder.  I’ve read the customer feedback and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this review helps you when you’re shopping for a ladder to help you reach new heights.

Best Features

  • Can hold up to 300 pounds
  • Includes a magnet tray, hardware tray, curved ergonomic front, drill/tool slots, paint bucket holder, and a pipe/2×4 holder 
  • Non-marring, slip-resistant boot style shoe
  • Stable
  • Great for high ceilings 

Item Specifics

The DeWalt 12-Feet Fiberglass Stepladder has a 300-pound capacity.  This stepladder features mega steps, which are designed to provide 25-percent more standing surface on useable steps.  At the top of the ladder, there is a magnet tray, hardware tray, curved ergonomic front, drill and tool slots, paint bucket holder, and a pipe or 2×4 holder.  It has a boot style shoe that is non-marring, slip-resistant, and extra wide.  The DeWalt 12-Feet Fiberglass Stepladder has a double rivet step construction.  Each step has an angle brace and is secured with six large head, semi-tubular steel rivets for maximum strength.  Another unique feature is that this stepladder starts out wide at the bottom, but gets narrower as you get up.  This type of ladder is also called an orchard ladder.

Very Stable

A Benefit of the wide legs is that the chances of this ladder wobbling are very slim. The DeWalt 12-Feet Fiberglass Stepladder was constructed with stability in mind.  A customer commented, “These are VERY stable ladders. I have the 4-foot, 6-foot, and 8-foot IA stepladders, and the 20-foot IA extension ladder and they are simply the best ladders I have ever used – even better than the Louisville ladder that one of the stepladders replaced.  As I understand it, the DeWalt ladders are made by Louisville, but there IS a difference between the Louisville Type IA stepladder that I had and its DeWalt counterpart – specifically, the wider step(s) on the DeWalt stepladders, which really do add to the sense of stability and comfort of use.  The wider steps start with the second step up, with the first step and the top [non-] – plus, of course, the top itself – being of “standard” width. Thus, the 4-foot stepladder has one wider step, the 6-foot has three wider steps, and the 8-foot has five wider steps. It may not seem like a whole lot of difference, but if you spend hours working on a ladder – hanging drywall, running cable, painting, etc. – the wider steps make a tremendous difference in stability, safety, and comfort.”

Worth the Extra Price

You will pay a little more for this ladder than other ladders, but most customers agreed that the extra price was well worth it.  This is one of those examples that you really do get what you pay for.  With the DeWalt 12-Feet Fiberglass Stepladder what you get is quality and some nice added features.  A customer had this to say about the features and the price, “This is my second Dewalt ladder (I have a 4′ rated at 375lbs as well)… I am very impressed with this ladder, incredibly stable. Lots of nooks to store/hold tools at the top, all very handy. The magnetic holder is also a great idea. Strong stable and well built, this does cost more than a similarly rated ladder at your local big box store but you get what you pay for. I like knowing I have a strong quality ladder I am much less likely to fall off and break a bone or worse, its a little more money now but quite possibly cheaper in the end. Coming from a ladder with narrow steps the wider steps on the Dewalt ladders really do make a difference, you can stand much longer and more comfortably on these steps vs others.”

Great for High Ceilings

If your house has a high ceiling this is a perfect ladder to use indoors.  The non-marring, slip-resistant shoes ensure that this ladder won’t mark up your floor while you reach those high places.  A customer shared, “Our bedroom has a ridiculously high ceiling, and of course, our smoke detector is right up there. When a new battery was needed, our adult daughter climbed right up and changed the battery without going to the top of the ladder.”

300 Pound Capacity

The DeWalt 12-Feet Fiberglass Stepladder has a 300-pound weight capacity.  Keep in mind that this is the capacity with all the supplies that you may have on the ladder in addition to the weight of the person.  A customer commented, “We purchased this ladder for my son.  He weighs about 275 lbs. so we wanted a sturdy, well-made ladder that would hold up for him.  We did plenty of research and found this DeWalt ladder.  It was just what we were looking for especially since it had sturdy steps. Great quality.”

Extra Features Are Really Nice

You will be getting some nice features with this ladder that you may not get with most ladders.  The following customer explained about a lot of these nice features by saying, “The DeWalt ladder is manufactured by Louisville and has many of the same features as a standard Louisville Ladder. For a couple extra dollars, however, the DeWalt gives you a slightly wider middle step and extra reinforcement on all rungs of the ladder (including the one you’re not supposed to stand on). The tool holder at the top is very handy with many (I think 4) holes for screwdrivers, a medium size hexagonal hole that’s useful for holding pliers or similarly shaped tools, and a large hexagonal hole that is perfect for a hammer or a drill. There is also a hook on the back of the tool holder for hanging a paint bucket (I don’t believe you can see this in any of the product pictures). Finally, the built-in magnet strip is incredibly convenient for keeping bits and screws in place.”

Magnetic Tray Is Nice Feature

The magnetic tray is a much-liked feature because it allows you to have your hands freed up while you work and also hang on to the ladder.  A customer had this to say, “It’s got a strong magnet on the top to hold you random screws/screwdrivers, and a hole to rest your drill when you’re not using it. Sounds silly, but both of these have proven immensely useful, and means I don’t have to throw of my weight wearing a tool belt when I’m 9 feet up in the air, which I appreciate.  I like this ladder so much, I plan to get another, smaller version.”


One of the drawbacks of a big and sturdy ladder is that it is most likely going to be heavy also. The DeWalt 12-Feet Fiberglass Stepladder weighs 46.4 pounds.  This really is not that big considering the size ladder you are getting, but it’s good information to know in case this may be too big and awkward for you to carry.  A customer had this to say, “This ladder is the gold-standard for collapsible stepladders. Solid feet that flex with the ground surface…metal steps…and ample tool storage on the top step. It’s heavy, but a healthy person can move it around the house for common household tasks. I love this thing.”

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  • Sturdy 
  • Well built 
  • Wide steps


  • Heavy 
  • Price 
  • Complaints of braces being stiff which cause the ladder to be difficult to open and close

DeWalt 12-Feet Fiberglass Stepladder Conclusion

The DeWalt 12-Feet Fiberglass Stepladder has a 300-pound capacity featuring large steps which are designed to provide 25-percent more standing surface on useable steps.   Also featured are a magnet tray, hardware tray, curved ergonomic front, drill and tool slots, paint bucket holder, and a pipe or 2×4 holder.  The bottom of the ladder has a non-marring, slip-resistant, and extra wide. The DeWalt 12-Feet Fiberglass Stepladder has a double rivet step construction.  Each step has an angle brace and is secured with six large head, semi-tubular steel rivets for maximum strength.  A unique feature is that this stepladder starts out wide at the bottom, but gets narrower as you get up.  This type of ladder is also called an orchard ladder.  This is a heavy ladder but it is stable and can support up to 300 pounds of weight.  For the price, you will be getting a quality ladder.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the DeWalt 12-Feet Fiberglass Stepladder.

  • Does this stepladder arrive assembled?  Yes, the DeWalt 12-Feet Fiberglass Stepladder comes assembled.
  • What color is it?  Amazon shows two images, one ladder is black and the other is yellow.  Which colored ladder will I be receiving?  According to the manufacturer, DeWalt will now be making all their ladders black.  They may still have a few yellow ladders left, but all the ladders they are making will be black colored.
  • Can I get this stepladder in different sizes?  Yes, this stepladder comes in 4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet, 7 feet, 8 feet, 10 feet, and 12 feet.

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