YARDMAX Front Tine Tiller: Review

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Review of the YARDMAX Front Tine Tiller

As of this writing, there were 10 customer reviews and 7 answered questions on Amazon for the YARDMAX Front Tine Tiller.  I’ve read the reviews and questions and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this helps you as you shop for a Tiller.

Best Fea​tures

  • check Powerful 79.77cc Briggs & Stratton engine 
  • check Adjustable tilling widths and depths
  • check Will till through clay
  • check Handles rocks well
  • check Easy to maneuver

Item Specifics

The YARDMAX Front Tine Tiller features Depth control with drag stake that makes it easier to turn and deliver a smoother till.  It has a powerful 79.77cc YARDMAX engine that delivers 180 RPM rotational speed which provides a tilling width of 11″,16″ or 21″ and tilling depths from 7″ to 11″ for intense, compact cultivation.  A removable outer tine allows tilling in tight spaces for easily maneuvering in gardens.  An easy-to-us, 3 position, adjustable-height handlebar controls the steering of the tiller.

Very Powerful and Will Spit Out Rocks and Cement Block Pieces

Each area of the country has different soil to contend with when tilling out a garden area.  Some people deal with clay, others with rocks and most with a combination.  One customer dealt not only with rock, sand and clay but also with concrete chunks from old construction sites left in his ground.  The YARDMAX Front Tine Tiller found the chunks, and was not able to break through them like a hydraulic tiller could, but the operator/owner of the tiller found that by putting the tiller in the opposite direction of where he was headed that the tiller easily, “spit the concrete back out.” and then he threw it aside in a pile.

I found other customers commenting the same thing about how it handled rocks well, and to just back up if you hit one.  As explained by someone who also encountered rocks, ” One feature I love about this machine is that if you do hit larger roots or big rocks the tines will stop and you’ll hear the belt slip.  Just stop, back up and continue.  This is to protect the tiller.  It has sheer pins but never sheered one.”

Easy to Maneuver

Tillers can be tough to handle.  Some of the heavy weight tillers require a lot of strength and stamina to keep them tilling.  The YARDMAX Front Tine Tiller received great reviews like the following feedback left for how easy it was to maneuver:  “Can’t say enough good things about this tiller. Bought it for first year garden. In reverse it was easy to turn the soil over and it went 6 inches deep. In forward it dresses the soil to perfection. It is so easy to use my 70 year old wife controls it with one hand.  She loves it and uses it every chance she gets.  I have only been able to use it once.  Delivery was a breeze and the delivery men were very nice and professional. If you want a tiller buy this one.”

Good Price

For what you are getting, and that being a powerful tiller, the price is very good for the YARDMAX Front Tine Tiller.   It has all of the features, power, and size of other brands being sold at big box DIY and farm store except that it is much less expensive. Customers who compared prices and choose the YARDMAX Front Tine Tiller, were happy with their decisions.  One shared this, “I looked at the competition and could not bring myself to spend the extra dollars. Delivery was timely and their customer service with a small issue I had is absolutely amazing!  I was a bit unsure of this new brand but will be looking to YardMax for other outdoor power equipment needs.”

YARDMAX Front Tine Tiller


  • plus Powerful
  • plus Handles rocks and clay well
  • plus Good price for what you get


  • close Louder than electric tiller 

YARDMAX Front Tine Tiller Conclusion

The YARDMAX Front Tine Tiller has great feedback from customers who bought and used it.  This is a powerful tiller yet easy to maneuver and use.  The price is lower than what you would pay from other brands of this size and quality.  The YARDMAX Front Tine Tiller especially did well with how it handled rocks and clay. Being a gas run tiller it will be louder than electric, but the trade off is a more powerful tiller and you won’t have to contend with a cord nor be tied to an electric outlet.  If I was in the market for a tiller, this is the one I would choose.  I can’t see where you could go wrong with this powerful YARDMAX Front Tine Tiller.  This company also received good ratings for their customer service.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying a YARDMAX Front Tine Tiller.

  • chevron-circle-right Do you need to pull a pin at each wheel to move it around without the motor running?  No, it can easily be pushed. With the engine running you can use ‘transportation mode’ and drive the machine without the tines running in either forward or reverse.
  • chevron-circle-right What type of transmission does it have? Are parts available if gears go out (I have had this happen on other tillers)  It is a one-speed gear driven transmission with forward and reverse.  It is also selectable to operate with and without the tines in motion for transportation. The company manufactures the transmission and all the gearing that goes with it.  They stock the transmission at their service center as a whole unit in case of failure.
  • chevron-circle-right Does this tiller use shear pins?  If so, where can they be purchased Yes it does, they are 1″ long by 5/16 diameter. This is a standard size you can find on Amazon or at any store that sells tillers.  We also have them in stock and available.

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