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Review of the Remington Gas Garden Cultivator

As I write this report on the Remington Gas Garden Cultivator, there were only 9 customer reviews left on Amazon.  I’ve read through the reviews and also looked in detail at the tiller specifics along with information I found online.  I then compiled the information into this review.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for a tiller.

Best Fea​tures

  • check ​Lightweight
  • check ​​​​​Compact
  • check Gas powered – no need for a cord
  • check Price
  • check Very little assembly required

Item Specifics

The Remington Gas Garden Cultivator was made with QuickStart technology which makes pull start easier.  This tiller features 4 forward-rotating 8-inch steel tines.   It has a 6-inch to 9-inch adjustable tilling width that lets you work in small areas and between plants.  The heavy duty gearbox provides lasting durability.  It can cultivate up to a 5-inch tilling depth.

Requires Some Assembly

The Remington Gas Garden Cultivator does require some assembly.  The reviews reflect that it is fairly easy to put together and should only take 10 minutes or less.  You will have to put together the handlebar and shaft.  Then you will need to attach it and the wheel assembly to the main unit.  The instructions are easy to follow.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Gas Powered

A nice thing about the Remington Gas Garden Cultivator is that it is gas powered. That means you will not need to be tied onto a cord and restricted by how far you can go from an electrical outlet.  You also won’t have to contend with keeping a cord out of the way.  However, there are some downsides to it being gas powered. First, you will  need to mix gasoline with oil in order to run the engine.  Second, it’s going to be louder than an electric cultivator.  This may not matter, unless you have a close neighbor and need to keep your cultivating to hours when others aren’t resting.


The manufacturer listing says that this cultivator weighs 28.5 pounds but reviews say that it weighs 23 pounds.  The 28.5 pounds must be the shipping weight including the box and packaging.  But whatever the case, anything under 30 pounds for a cultivator is indeed lightweight.  And lightweight means that this will be easy to transport and use.

Will Only Till 5 inches in Depth

The Remington Gas Garden Cultivator may meet your needs if you are ok with it only tilling 5 inches in depth.  Some of the other tillers I’ve reviewed till much deeper.  So this factor is going to depend on how much of a depth you are ok with it tilling.  Keep in mind that this is just a small cultivator and not a heavy duty tiller that will reach in the earth and turn a lot of soil.

May Break Prematurely

A machine should never break if it’s built right and kept up.  But the Remington Gas Garden Cultivator did have several comments about it breaking after 15 minutes or just a couple of days of using it.  It will be very important if you buy this cultivator, that you follow the manufacturer’s directions exactly when mixing the gas to oil ratio.  One customer had a very bad experience with possibly not following the manufacturer’s directions.  The machine broke and they would not replace it.  I will quote the person in the next paragraph so that this does not happen to someone else.

The customer explained,  “I used this product 3 times and it broke.  I bought the small oil premeasured and a one gallon gas tank to make sure the measurements were right.  I use this mixture on all of my four 2 cycle products and have for over a year and they all work great.  I used this machine three times and the third time in the middle of tilling my garden I let go of the engagement bar and it shut off and wouldn’t restart…The manufacture wouldn’t fix it because I didn’t lubricate the tiller correctly.”

A different customer commented this, “Started right off the bat. Before even going through 1 tank of gas it died and won’t start again. Great little machine for the 15 minutes that it ran.”  These two customers were not the only ones with this type of experience.

Remington garden tiller


  • plus Lightweight
  • plus Low price
  • plus Gas powered, so no cord


  • close May break prematurely 
  • close Will only till to 5 inches in depth

Remington Gas Garden Cultivator Conclusion

The Remington Gas Garden Cultivator is a small, compact and lightweight cultivator.  It will only till down to 5 inches in depth, so make sure that it deep enough for your gardening projects before purchasing.  It is gas powered, so you will not need to contend with a cord.  However, you will need to measure out the gas to oil ratio exactly for it to work properly and so that you don’t negate the warranty.  It is an inexpensive cultivator that some people used and liked, however there were reports of it being cheap and breaking shortly after people bought it.  If you chose to buy the Remington Gas Garden Cultivator, keep in mind that it is a small cultivator and not a heavy duty tiller.  It will not go through clay and rocks, but will be able to go through 5 inches of topsoil.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying a Remington Gas Garden Cultivator.

  • chevron-circle-right How deep down will this cultivator till?  The Remington Gas Garden Cultivator will only till down to 5 inches in depth.
  • chevron-circle-right Will I need to mix gasoline with a certain amount of oil?  Yes,  you will need to mix gas to an oil ratio.  The directions will be included with our tiller. It’s important to follow the mixture results perfectly or you may ruin your warranty.
  • chevron-circle-right Can this cultivator handle heavy duty work through clay and rocks?  No, this is a lightweight cultivator that is only made to go through a top layer of soil approximately 5 inches in depth.  Clay and rocks would be too hard for it to till through.  

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