Patio Furniture Covers 101: Best Practices and Top Choices

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Keeping your patio furniture safe from inclement weather should be a top priority if you think about furnishing your backyard. Wooden and rattan pieces are especially sensitive to elements such as intensive heat, snow or water. Hence, this article provides the best patio furniture covers you can use to keep your valuables safe from possible harm.

Even if you equip your outside space with only an ottoman or a simple wicker rattan bench, try your best to keep it safe. This way, you will get to enjoy spending some time in the open with your friends or family resting on a solid piece of furniture. also, the materials are great and if something, these amazing patio furniture covers will add a bonus of beauty to your backyard when the cold season sets in.

1. Three-Seater Sofa Patio Furniture Covers

If you have only one piece of furniture to serve as a decoration, this particular choice of the most fashionable patio furniture covers is the best fit for you. Not only is it highly weather resistant, but it also features beautiful colors. However, before deciding on whichever item you want to purchase, make sure that you get the measurements of the furniture you want to cover down to a T.

2. Stackable Chairs Patio Furniture Covers

Most people use plastic chairs to place around the garden. Even though they may not be as beautiful as more intricate club chair designs, they still do not lack in utility purposes. Hence, if you want to throw a party or are thinking about a barbecue with your friends you can easily set them around the garden and get the party going. So, in order to benefit from them for as long as possible, cover them up in the winter with this impressive furniture cover. Even if they are made from plastic or other resistant materials, you still need to protect them from intensive heat nevertheless.

3. Round Table and Chairs Patio Furniture Covers Set

It is not always the case that you have a chair here and a bench there scattered around the backyard. If you are really into organized spaces, it is possible that you also decorate the patio with matching pieces of furniture. As a result, you will most definitely need a patio furniture covers set in order to keep all the elements safe from inclement weather. Also, a cover that is able to shelter all the pieces at the same time is more useful than multiple smaller ones for each individual piece of furniture.

4. AmazonBasics Umbrella Patio Cover

With all the talk about furniture pieces going on, it is important not to overlook garden accessories. Garden umbrellas are perfect for keeping you out of the sun during the hot season. However, no matter how waterproof they may be, umbrellas will not last forever. That is if you do not keep them safe. Moreover, some umbrellas feature non-resistant materials, so make sure you keep those out of harm’s way in particular. Use a cover for your patio umbrella when you are not using it, instead of letting nature have its way with it. Colors fade in time and if we are talking about hail, the pieces of ice can tear holes in the material. Hence, keep your umbrella safe from inclement weather with a tasteful furniture cover.

5. AmazonBasics Ottoman Patio Cover

Ottomans are a nice addition to any space. You can use them for sitting or as a leg rest all the same. However, if you keep them outside it is possible that they will not agree with the whims of nature. As a result, consider covering them up when you see clouds gathering in the distance. Bad weather is not everything to think about when talking about patio furniture covers. Stains, scratches or holes can also ruin an ottoman or any other piece of furniture for that matter. Hence, protecting your furniture pieces with resistant covers goes a long way than just keeping them safe from rain. Also, the beautiful colors agree with any environment or other decorations present.

6. AmazonBasics Day Chaise Lounge Cover

By its special design, the chaise lounge is an intricate piece of furniture. However, as beautiful and useful as it may be, it can also prove to be a burden when it comes to keeping it intact. Also, finding a furniture cover that shelters every inch of it from inclement weather can be a hassle. If you used to cover your chaise lounge with multiple plastic bags or other makeshift covers, it is now time to renounce that practice. This particular patio furniture cover is great for keeping your chaise lounge safe from inclement weather and harmful UV rays. It is long enough to cover the entire surface without exposing a single inch of fabric. This way, you will be able to keep it brand new for years on end.

7. Square Patio Table with Chairs Furniture Cover

Because not everyone goes for the round or oval table set, this particular patio furniture cover is dedicated for those who prefer a square design. This patio furniture cover set benefits from weather-resistant materials that will keep all the pieces safe from inclement weather. Furthermore, it is great to keep sand from piling on the surface of the table. You can say it is also scratch free, thanks to this. Even though it is water resistant, this suggestion is more adequate for moderate moisture climates. So, if you live in an area where water falls regularly, consider for other more resistant patio furniture covers on our list.

8. Oversized Wicker Chair Patio Furniture Covers

Not all wicker chairs come in the same sizes and shapes. For this reason, you need a furniture cover that will fit perfectly on whatever piece of furnishing you want to shelter from inclement weather. This is why it is important that before making a purchase you get the measurements right. Both for the element you wish to protect as well as the cover itself.  Benefiting from 36 by 42 inches, this particular furniture cover will fit just great on just about any large sized wicker chair. Also, the 7-millimeter thick vinyl material will keep it safe from bad weather, snow or even UV rays.

9. Patio Furniture Covers for Square Rattan Wicker Table

Most of the patio furniture covers feature beige or light-toned colors. However, some people prefer darker shades. This is why this particular patio furniture cover is great for them. Apart from the dark colors, it also benefits from high-quality materials. It provides all round protection from rain, powerful sun rays, bird droppings, and a wide range of other harmful agents. It also features eight grommets at the bottom and a nylon cord so you can tighten and adjust it for a perfect fit. Furthermore, the package comes with a free bag, so you can cover the covers and keep them safe as well. Moreover, it is even made from the same materials as the furniture cover itself. This can only suggest just how reliable the material used is.

10. DIY Patio Furniture Covers

No matter how great these patio furniture covers suggestions seem, it is possible that nothing fits your taste. As a result, do your own patio furniture covers from scratch! However, in order to do that you must benefit from some serious sewing skills and craftsmanship. If you want to give it a try nonetheless, there are some materials you need to get your hands on first. Selecting a fabric that is both weatherproof as well as breathable is the most important thing to keep in mind. Breathability prevents water molecules from building up and ultimately causing mold. Go for materials such as marine canvas or SurLast. Furthermore, you will also need some dura skrim patterning material, basting tape, and V-92 polyester thread. With a little help and paying attention to details and to the instructions presented in this tutorial, you will be able to make your own patio furniture covers in no time!


No matter how many pieces of furniture you have sitting in your backyard, make sure to properly care for them. Using patio furniture covers, you ensure that you keep them safe from inclement weather. As a result, you will be able to enjoy them for longer periods of time in peak condition. Before thinking about purchasing them, make sure to have the measurements down to a T in advance. This way, you make certain that the covers will fit perfectly on your furniture elements.

Also, another key factor to keep in mind when looking to buy some patio furniture covers is climate. Generally, they all benefit from high-quality materials resistant to water, snow or ice. However, some of them are more appropriate for a mild climate and less moisture than others. In the end, if nothing rocks your boat, you can also make your own patio furniture covers. Even though you might put in some work, the end result will surely be most satisfactory.

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