5 Surprising Benefits of Having an Aloe Vera Plant in Your Home

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Aloe vera is a widely recognized plant. It has short but pointy leaves and has a squishy texture. The squishy texture is due to the gel inside the leaves. The plant itself is beneficial, but the gel inside can also be used for a wide variety of things. Growing an aloe vera plant will give you access to the gel and juice of the plant, which has a variety of benefits. Here are 5 surprising benefits of having an aloe vera plant in your home.

Purifies Indoor Air

Indoor plants are great because they help detoxify and purify the air inside your house. Aloe vera does a great job of doing just that. It absorbs toxins or mold spores and puts out more oxygen. You’ll have cleaner, fresher, purer air inside your home with an aloe vera plant. As an added bonus, the plant has a very distinct look that’s very attractive. It catches people’s eyes and it would look great anywhere you put it.

Helps Heal Burns

This is a more widely known fact about aloe vera. The aloe vera gel inside the leaves of the plant, can be extracted and used to help heal burns. Sunburns or burns from the oven can be soothed by the aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel has a cooling effect and helps relieve pain from burns almost immediately. There are several kinds of things you can buy with aloe inside it, but you can also just extract the gel from the plant yourself. Cut one of the leaves and squeeze out the gel of the aloe vera plant. Apply this to your burn and feel the relief from the pain.

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Heals Canker Sores

Canker sores are never fun. They are often extremely painful too. You can get cankers on your lip or tongue which can make eating difficult. Aloe vera gel has been also been proven to help heal canker sores quickly. It also reduces the pain from your canker sore. Pretty cool right?

Reduces Plaque on Teeth

Studies have shown that aloe vera juice is just as effective as regular mouthwash when it comes to reducing plaque on teeth. Isn’t that amazing? Who knew? So essentially you could be rinsing your mouth with the juice from your aloe vera plant and have the same results as mouthwash.

Helps Produce More Collagen in Skin

Aloe vera gel can help your skin produce more collagen which will reduce wrinkles and can make you look younger. It also reduces redness in skin, which helps you to achieve a more even looking skin tone. A lot of people that use aloe vera on their skin say that their skin looks younger and more even after using it for about a month.

Summing Up

The aloe vera plant is a great plant to grow in your home. Having the aloe vera plant on hand makes it easy to use it for all sorts of things. Use the aloe vera juice as a mouthwash to reduce plaque, use the gel to relieve burns and get younger looking skin, treat painful canker sores, and let the plant purify the air in your home. With benefits like these, who wouldn’t want to have an aloe vera plant growing in their home?

Image Source: Pixabay

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