7 Secrets of Home Revamping with Natural Stone

natural stone

Are you thinking of investing in real estate? This will prove beneficial if done wisely.

What grabs the buyer’s attention most? The structure of the building is the simple answer. The more the living area looks attractive, the higher it generates the return.

Follow the below-revealed secrets of home revamping and get the highest returns on investment:

The Exterior

The outdoor area is the attention-capturing unit. When someone first enters the home, the outdoor design is what influences their opinion the most.

It simply acts as the impression-maker. And as you all know, “First impression is the last one.”

So, start with the outdoor renovation first:

1. The Patio: 

The patio is the outdoor living area and the place to sit, relax and enjoy the beauties created by nature. Even a small patio design idea can work great. All you need is to select the trending floor stone.

home revamping, natural stone

Pavers are a wise option for laying outdoor coverings. The exotic color range available creates a seamless appeal.

One can go for cast concrete, porcelain or natural stone pavers. Stone pavers are hard enough to bear the climatic pressure. Moreover, it creates a style statement.

2. Pool Edges:

It’s a common fact that we all construct the pool in the front or backyard, which is lot of money we invest in. But forget the detailing of the edges.

Pool edges are considered a minute part of the entire swimming pool. But when it comes to the look, the edging material can make or break it.

Opt for bullnose pool coping to cover the pool surroundings. The soft round natural stone allows the safe landing of swimmers. Besides, it also resists the dirt particles from entering into the pool shells.

3. Garden Walkway:

Lawn covers the most important part of the outdoor entertainment area. Instead of ornamental plants, what catches the buyers attention? The walking surface. The type of floor material you applied says a lot.

Every second person lay pavers or wooden floor in the garden. The buyers will quote more for the home if they found something unique.

Here, stepping stones come into the picture. The heart, round, irregular or any other shape steppers instantly turn the mind.

Stepping stone installation keeps the garden grass fresh and clean as well.

4. Driveway Apron:

“Durability Speaks Itself”

home revamping, natural stone

Installing a durable yet appealing driveway is the tip worth rupee hundred million. Well, talking about the trend, cobblestones are the most prevalent material today.

Some the people believe that cobbles only come in dull black color. That will not make an outer area tempting.

Are you the one who is thinking the same?

Remove this myth from your mind. With the advancement in the operation of the stone industry, cobbles are now available in numerous hues.

The granite stone base makes it hard, durable and sustainable.

5. Entryway Elements:

There are certain entryway elements one must keep in mind while home revamping. Steps are at the topmost concentration.

Prefer to build pillars on both sides of the steps. It gives a contemporary look. Further, some hanging pots and other elementary are best suitable.

A home’s curb appeal is of great importance while you are thinking of selling it out. Front face coverings with ledge stone veneer beautify the entire revamping project.

The Interior

Once you finished with the exterior revamping hacks, then comes the turn of the indoor portion. Exterior part is the most significant factor in deciding the property value without any dilemma.

But at the same time, interior design also covers a dignified space in the decision-making process.

6. Cooking Area:

home revamping, natural stone

The kitchenette is the most centralized indoor places. What elements called a kitchen the perfect one? The walls and backsplash.

No need to reconstruct the entire kitchen. Refurbishing of certain components is enough. Opt for certain budget-friendly ways to garnishing the cooking area.

Despite painting, a color-coordinated wall stone looks the best. The thin strips of ledge panel and corners create an alluring interlocking pattern.

After stone cladding, do something unique with the countertop. Application of marble or granite slab work well

7. Flooring:

Either it’s a foyer, hall or an individual room, flooring material must be good enough. A smooth and comfortable walk are the signs of quality floor stone.

There is various flooring stone available in the market. One can opt as per the desire which completes the surroundings.

Sandstone flooring is best for imparting a retro touch to the place. Whereas, limestone flooring gives a touch of modern + contemporary.

Travertine floors also prove good if sealed properly.

Quick Tip:

Make sure to repair the small cracks or damage, render while doing the stonework. Consider a coat of paint on the patchy walls. If you have a shortage of time, hanging a climbing plant over the damaged area works wonders.


If you follow some of these tips and incorporate natural stone into your design, your home will look fabulous. The beauty of home revamping is that you can customize it and make it your own. Have fun with it and remember that even a little bit of change can go a long way.

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