10 Flowers that Are Easy to Grow from Seed (that Will Look Beautiful in Your Garden)

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Many people think starting a flower garden is a difficult process. However, if you choose the right plants, your garden can easily become the flowery wonderland you have been dreaming of. Find out which flowers are easy to grow from seed, and you can start your own garden without any difficult gardening processes or constant planting.

Sunflower with a sunset in the background
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Why start flowers from seed

It is a common misconception that planting seeds in your garden and then waiting for the flowers to grow takes a long time and is terribly unpractical. However, there’s no need to resort to complicated processes when you can opt for some flowers that are easy to grow from seed. Instead of resorting to seedlings, starting the flowers inside and letting them germinate, choose these flowers and place the seeds directly in your garden.

How to start flowers from seeds

You might choose flowers that are easy to grow from seed, but they still need a little help to develop. Regular soil might not be enough for a quick start, so you can turn it into something that will help the flowers grow. Instead of buying a special mix, you can make your own soil fruitful.

These flowers that are easy to grow from seed need a soil with good drainage. Therefore, you can prepare the planting spots by adding some sand. However, this is not enough. Make sure the plants make a good start by adding some fertilizer as well.

Before spotting the first seedlings, you need to make sure the plants stay hydrated. Therefore, water them regularly, but don’t overdo it. Avoid soaking them in too much water, as you risk smothering them. Continue doing it even after the plants start growing. They will need a regular watering schedule to keep them sturdy.

There’s one last thing you should know before starting the planting. From one single seed, there might sprout more seedlings. Each of them will grow into an individual plant, so you need to separate these seedlings, and give them enough space to develop on their own.

Flowers that are easy to grow from seed

Once you’ve found out how to prepare your garden for the seeds, it’s time to know which flowers are easy to grow this way. In some cases, you might not have known that the flowers you used to love are so easy to have in your garden. Here are a few blooms you can choose from for a quick and stunning garden.

Annual flowers that are easy to grow from seed

1.       Sunflowers

For a long time, sunflowers have been bred for their vegetal purpose. Now, people have realized these flowers have a really special aesthetic property, and started breeding them in their flower gardens as well. The good news is you can grow the plant without much effort.

Sunflowers can take lower temperatures, so you can plant them even while it’s still cold outside. Pick a date four to six weeks before the last frost, and wait from 5 to 14 days. After that, the first seedlings should appear. If you like, you can choose more exotic seeds and grow those new and unusual breeds of sunflowers.

2.       Sweet peas

These are also among the favorite flowers chosen by people for their gardens. They hypnotize everyone with their colored blooms in nice hues of purple, blue, or white. Their smell is another one of their top features, so there are plenty of reasons why you should like some sweet peas in your garden.

These plants have some large seeds that are relatively easy to work with. They will also need a sunny spot in the garden where they can grow, and a small fence to climb. However, if you are afraid of sowing and seeds, you can buy sweet pea plugs, that are a lot easier to tend. Then, all you have to do is keep pests away, and watch the flowers grow.

American marigolds with yellow and orange flowers
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3.       Alyssum

Alyssum is that plant with tiny flowers grouped in small bouquets of pink, purple, and white colors. They make the perfect borders for other plants, or can grow on their own. You can plant alyssum directly outside, but make sure you do it after the frost date. Do not cover them with a thick layer of soil, just press them in with your finger. They will start germination relatively quickly, and in about one week you should see the first seedlings.

4.       Marigold

These are among the friendliest of the flowers that are easy to grow from seed. They can cope with mostly any kind of climate, but it’s better if you wait until spring to sow them outside. Afterwards, you’ll only need to cover them with a thin layer of soil. The first seedlings will appear in about a week.

Marigolds thrive well in a sunny spot in the garden. There is a huge number of varieties you can choose from, which are either tall and colorful or smaller and ideal for bordering and edging. However, some of them might be a little more sensitive. The American breeds are a little more susceptible to diseases. If you want something to last, pick a French breed.

5.       Petunia

These versatile flowers are a great choice to decorate your garden in all kinds of shades and colors. The tubular blooms come in both bright and powerful shades that hypnotize you, as well as pale pastel hues. However, the best thing about them is the extremely few resources you need to plant them.

They need plenty of light to start the germination, so you don’t have to cover the seeds with soil. In fact, just sprinkling them over the moist soil you have prepared should do the thing. To avoid the dramatic temperature changes, you can start the seeds indoors first, and then move them outside after the last frost date is gone. Also, make sure the seedlings have sprouted before the transplantation.

Purple petunias with white edges
Image source: Pixabay

6.       Pansy

These pretty plants are the favorites among the flowers that are easy to grow from seed. They come in all kinds of colors and patterns, and create a bright display everywhere they grow. Just like all the other plants, they grow without problems after sowing the seeds directly in the soil. However, if you want to make things even easier, you can buy pansy plugs.

7.       Medallion daisy

These plants have blooms that resemble the traditional daisies, and grow on stems with bushy leaves. They are not only easy to grow, but are easy to tend as well. Medallion daisies can survive in mostly any kind of conditions, and can cope with extreme heat and droughts, as well as with diseases and pests.

However, they might not cope so well with the cold. You can start the seeds indoors, and thus prevent the seeds from freezing over. Sprinkle them over the prepared soil, and do not cover them with any additional layers. In one or two weeks, you’ll see the first sprouts. Two weeks after the frost is gone, the conditions are ideal to move the medallion daisies outside.

Perennial flowers that are easy to grow from seed

Planting flowers every year might be extremely unpleasant, so here are some flowers that are easy to grow from seed that will last for more years after planting.

8.       Primrose

These plants might be a little difficult to grow, but choosing the right variety for your area should get you rid of all the problems. For a cooler climate, the Japanese woodland primroses are ideal, while the Himalayan variety loves the sun and can grow in warmer regions. Keep the seeds moist until they germinate, and allow them to undergo a complete cycle of freezing.

9.       Allium

Although they are not your typical blooms, chives and onions make great flowers in stunning colors. Pick a well-lit spot with good drainage, and make sure the soil is fertile enough. They develop some big roots that need a lot of water, so make sure they never dry out. Also, overwatering is a bad thing to happen, so this is why the good drainage soil is important.

All plants in the Allium genus are perennial, meaning that they bloom for more years. However, this depends on the period when you sow the seeds. They can take the cold, so it’s ideal to pick a time near the end of autumn, or even during winter. Waiting until spring will prevent the plants from blooming for about a year.

10.   Silene

This plant is another versatile species that varies from tiny gentle blooms in bright colors to big flowers that make great edges and borders. All of the plants belonging to this genus can easily grow from seed, so they won’t pose any difficulties. Choose a spot that is partially shaded, so it should allow some light to reach the plants. Make sure the soil is draining well, and is somehow fertile. If the fertility part is poor, you can add some fertilizers and help the plants grow.

Red and purple primrose flowers with yellow center
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Making a flower garden isn’t always such an easy thing to do. Many people are afraid of planting and germination, and often forget there are many flowers that are easy to grow from seed. All you need is a relatively fertile soil with good drainage, as this is what most plants need. Then, instead of making huge efforts to tend a garden, you can plant the seeds directly in the soil and wait for the striking blooms to grow and turn the garden into a scented paradise.

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