The Best Way to Start a New Lawn

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Imagine buying your dream home that has everything you’ve ever wanted. The only problem is that it has no lawn. Nothing! Just a pile of dirt in the front and back. Do you start looking for new houses that have a lawn? No way! Starting a new lawn can be easy and simple. So don’t give up on your lawn-less house. Before you know it, you’ll have a beautiful green lawn that your kids can play on. Here is the best way to start a new lawn.

Getting Started on a New Lawn

Use a metal rake to clear away any debris from the soil. This will require some elbow grease because you need to rakel 1-2 inches off the top of the soil. Make sure that there are no large roots, rocks, or pieces of wood where your grass will be. Then spread some seeding soil or starter fertilizer across your existing soil. Smooth it out with your rake and make sure that everything is even.

Spreading Seed

The cheapest way to get a new lawn is to start from seed. You can buy grass in squares that has already been grown, but this tends to be much more expensive. You’ll need to determine how much seed you need for the area you want to cover with grass. You can calculate this yourself or go to a home improvement store for help. Once you decide on a quantity you can start spreading your seeds. The easiest way to do this is to get a seed spreader. It has wheels and you roll it across your lawn while it evenly distributes the seeds. Divide the seeds in half and go horizontally with the spreader first. Then go vertically with the spreader with the other half of the seeds.

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Tamp Your Seeds

You need to tamp your seeds to get them inside the ground. Seeds that aren’t tamped can be washed away or be eaten by birds. A lawn roller does a great job pushing the seeds inside the soil. It’s like a rolling pin for your lawn. Take the roller and roll over your lawn several times to make sure that all the seeds are pushed down.

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Watering is very important. Seeds need to be watered immediately after planting. Use a very gentle water sprinkler. Using a powerful hose will wash away all the seeds and soil you worked so hard to plant. Choose your sprinkler wisely. A soaker typically does a good job, and is very gentle. The water needs to go 6 inches deep so the seeds can germinate. Never let the seeds dry out, they won’t germinate. Constantly water your grass, ensuring that the seeds never dry out. It takes grass seed 7-14 days to germinate. Keep watering your grass frequently until the grass is about ½ inch high. Once you can mow the grass, you can water less frequently. Water your grass once a week where the water goes 1 inch deep. It’s better to water your grass less frequently getting the water deeper, than more frequently at just the surface. 

Summing Up

A healthy, green, lush lawn is attainable. You can get it! If you’re discouraged by the way your yard looks, take heart. Starting a new lawn may require some work but it won’t be long before you start to see little grass sprouting from what once was a bare empty lot. This is the best way to start a new lawn, follow these steps and you’ll be mowing your grass before you know it!

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Image Source: Pixabay

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