How to Properly Water Your Lawn for Greener Grass

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Everyone wants to have lush, green grass. Some people are completely dedicated to watering and don’t miss a single day. But do you really need to be watering your grass everyday to keep it green? Yes, lawns love water and need it to thrive. However, watering your grass everyday is unnecessary and can actually be a waste of water. Here’s how to properly water your lawn for greener grass.

How Much?

People debate about this a lot and there’s no perfect answer. Generally, a lawn should receive at least 1 inch of water a week. The water can come from rain or from you, it doesn’t matter. Buy a cheap rain gauge so you’ll be able to tell how many inches it rained. This will help you know how much more you need to water your lawn. Grass only needs 1 inch of water a week and more than that won’t be helping your lawn. Don’t waste water by drowning your lawn and overwatering it. Of course, you will have to water your lawn more in hotter climates.

How Often?

Again, there is no straightforward answer to this question. It all depends on how much water your sprinkler puts out, and how much rainfall you receive. There are too many variables to give an exact answer but there are lots of tricks you can try. The best tip is to get a tuna can which is 1 inch tall. Place your empty tuna can on your lawn and see how long it takes for the can to be half full. Water your lawn twice a week for 30 minutes if it takes 30 minutes for the can to be half full. Then your lawn would have received 1 inch of water. Maybe you’d like to water your lawn for 20 minutes 3 times a week. It doesn’t matter as long as you make sure that your lawn is getting at least 1 inch.

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When Should I Water?

Water your lawn in the morning for the best results. It is cooler in the morning so there is a lot less evaporation than if you watered your lawn in the hot afternoon. Your grass will stay moist longer. Try to avoid only watering at night because a lawn that is damp for too long can start to develop fungus and diseases.

How Can I Tell If I’ve Watered Enough?

Your lawn will tell you. A healthy, green, and lush lawn is watered enough. Of course, there could be other problems besides adequate watering. A yellow lawn doesn’t always mean it isn’t receiving enough water. The best way to tell is to stick a 6 inch screwdriver into your lawn. If the screwdriver goes into your lawn easily, then it is adequately watered. If you can’t push the screwdriver into the grass at all, you need to water your lawn more.

Summing Up

A green lawn is achievable. Don’t feel overwhelmed thinking that you have to constantly water your grass every day to achieve it. Work smarter, not harder! When you properly water your lawn you’ll save time and money.

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