The Most Important Things You Can Do for Your Lawn in the Fall

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Fall is not the time to stop taking care of your lawn just because the weather is getting colder. There are still so many things that need to be done to your lawn in the Fall. It’s hard to get your lawn going again in the Spring if you haven’t taken care of it during the Fall. Taking care of your lawn in the Fall will make it that much easier to take care of in the Spring. Lots of tasks need to be done in the Spring, but there is still a ton that you can do right now! Here are the most important things you can do for your lawn in the Fall. 

Keep Mowing

Don’t stop mowing your lawn and let it get unruly. Keep mowing your lawn until the very last possible moment. Mowing your lawn is good for the grass, it keep it looking nice and healthy. Don’t forget to lower your mower’s blade to the lowest setting for the last two cuts before Winter. This helps the grass receive more sunlight at its roots before snowfall. The grass will become greener much quicker in the Spring this way. 

Rake Leaves

You either like raking leaves or you don’t. Some people like it because it’s a chance to have some fun jumping in big piles of leaves. Others just see it as a giant task that needs to be done. It’s necessary either way. Your lawn will be suffocated if you don’t take care of all the leaves on your lawn. Rake them up and put them in bags, or turn the leaves into mulch. This will help your lawn be a lot healthier. 

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Aerating helps your lawn get more oxygen and nutrients. Aerate your lawn in the so that it’ll get stronger before Winter. Winter can be harsh for some lawns so aeration before it sets in will help it get a little stronger. That’s exactly what you want before the dead of Winter. 

Fill in Bald Patches

Some lawns have bald patches throughout them. This can be due to more foot traffic, or not enough water. Fall is a great time to repair some of those patches. Grass loves cooler weather so it will grow well in the Fall. Plant some new grass in the bald patches and keep watering it. Don’t wait until it gets too cold before you plant either. September and October should be the perfect time to do it. 

Kill Weeds

Since colder weather is approaching, everything will be absorbing anything that comes its way. Your lawn in the Fall will be trying to get as much sun, fertilizer, and water as it can get. Weeds are no different. Spray your weeds when they’re in full absorbing mode when the weather is cooler and they’ll die more quickly and won’t return in the Spring. 

Summing Up

There is still a lot of work that needs to be done in order to have a great lawn in the Spring and Summer. Do these things for your lawn in the Fall and you’ll be surprised at how easily your lawn comes back to life.

Image Source: Pixabay

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