The Importance of Aerating: Help Your Grass Have More Nutrients and Water

lawn aerating

Aeration is an important aspect of lawn growth and health. Every homeowner should try to aerate their lawn once or twice a year. Aerating your lawn will help it to absorb more nutrients and water. It will also help your lawn be softer and more spongy when there is more air inside your lawn. Aerating will give you the Summer lawn you’ve always wanted. Let’s go over the importance of aeration.

What is Aerating?

Aerating is the process of removing soil plugs from your lawn. This usually requires a machine. An aerating machine can have motor or be pushed by hand. The machine will remove plugs from your lawn, sort of like a hole punch. Sometimes it looks like little dog poops on your lawn. It might seem counterproductive to punch holes in your lawn to make it healthier. Trust me, the holes disappear.

Why Aerate?

Your lawn can suffocate when it becomes too compacted. Every time you mow, step on, or play on your grass it compacts a little more. When your lawn becomes compacted it limits the amount of water, nutrients, and air that can get to your lawn. Your lawn will expand by trying to fill in the holes that you’ve created and it will loosen the compacted soil. Your lawn will be softer and more spongy. It creates a better texture to sit, walk, or play on. When you water your lawn, it will soak deep down into the roots instead of sitting on top. It’s like putting water on top of a sponge instead of a plastic sheet. The water will soak the lawn and be absorbed.

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When to Aerate

Aerating should be done before the growing season of your grass. Do some research on the type of grass you have. The growing season for warm grasses is before the Summer. The growing season for cool grasses is after the Summer. Typically aerating is done in April or May before the weather gets really warm. Again, make sure this applies to your grass. Sometimes people like to aerate their lawn before and after Summer. Most people will only aerate once a year which will give them significant benefits for the Summer. If you want a nice lawn for the Summer time, aerating could be the key.

Summing Up

Aerating is important for the health of your lawn. If you’re looking for ways to help your lawn be the best it can be, aerating can help. When you aerate it allows all the nutrients and water to be absorbed. Your grass will be spongy and soft. You could have the green lawn of your dreams. You’ll have the kind of lawn people want to walk barefoot on. There are many things you can do to help your lawn grow, but aerating is one of the best. Try aerating your lawn this Spring to see if it helps your grass for the Summer. You never know, it could be exactly what your lawn is missing! You won’t be disappointed.

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