Orbit H2O Sprinkler: Review

Orbit H2O Sprinkler

Review of the Orbit H2O Sprinkler

As of this writing, the Orbit H2O Sprinkler had 134 customer comments and 9 answered questions on Amazon.  I’ve read through the the Amazon customer feedback and then condensed the results into this report. I hope that this helps you when shopping for a sprinkler.

Best Features

  • check Great price
  • check ​Can connect to other sprinklers in a series
  • check Works well under low pressure
  • check 360 degree coverage
  • check Easy to adjust 

Item Specifics

The Orbit H2O Sprinkler has 6 spray patterns with a quiet operations.  The unique design sets it apart from many of the other sprinklers on the market.  The 360 degree coverage makes it easy to adjust the tabs.  A high impact construction means that it should last for many years.  The flow through spike base lets you connect this sprinkler to multiple sprinklers in a series.

Works Well with Low Pressure

A common concern people had when buying this sprinkler, was how it would perform under low pressure.  Some people have no choice but to use low pressure because, well, they have low water pressure. The Orbit H2O Sprinkler did fine with low pressure according to customers who used it.

No Timer

The Orbit H2O Sprinkler does not have a timer which is drawback for some people who like to set their sprinklers to run at certain times.  However, you can purchase a timer and hook it up with this sprinkler.

Does Well with Multiples

Many customers liked this sprinkler so much that they ordered several more.  The design allows you to connect many of these sprinklers in a series.  Here is one of the many comments on how well they work in a series, “What I like about these is that you can put several on one line of water and they all work…with other types of sprinklers you can only get one per water line (or hose). on this product I can get 3-5 depending on the pressure of that line. It is good!”

Durability Questionable

Some people commented that this sprinkler lasted several seasons while other customers said that their sprinkler stopped working soon after they bought it.  Keep in mind that this is a low cost sprinkler that is not built as well as some of the higher priced units.  Here is one of the many comments that suggested it is fragile and needs taken care of carefully, ” Like other reviewers have pointed out, these can stop working properly or altogether.  I have found that this comes from lack of maintenance. If you have a hard water problem, maintenance is especially important. If you maintain and store them properly and are gentle with them, they’ll last much, much longer. There are fragile parts on these that can break if mistreated (dropped, hit with lawn mower/weed-whacker, etc.).  If you maintain these and are careful with them, they will last a long time.”

Orbit H2O Sprinkler


  • plus Great price
  • plus Can be connected in a series
  • plus Works well under low or high pressure


  • close Made from cheaper materials than some sprinklers 
  • close Durability 

Orbit H2O Sprinkler Conclusion

The Orbit H2O Sprinkler is a low priced sprinkler that works well under low pressure.  It can hook up to other sprinklers in a series which makes it nice if you have a lot of lawn to water.  However there is no timer on it and the durability is questionable.  Because the purchase price is low you won’t be paying for high quality material.  If you take care of it and are careful with how it is handled, it may last for many seasons. Some people liked it so much that they bought multiples.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying an Orbit H2O Sprinkler.

  • chevron-circle-right Is this a 360 degree sprinkler and if so, is there a way to set it as 180 degree instead?  It goes almost 360 degrees, and, yes, you can set it to run at any angle. 
  • chevron-circle-right I know you can chain these, connecting with hose, but is it possible to do so and turn off one in the middle and still have the others run?  You would have to use a splitter with a shut-off and turn off the side going to the middle sprinkler.  Something like Gilmour 13 Brass 2-Way Connector should work.
  • chevron-circle-right Can it be set to hold still so it can water on a straight line? I need a solution for watering a medium rectangle area between my cars.  Yes, it can.

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