How Do Plants Grow? Multi-Week Learning Project for Kids

how do plants grow fun project

Kids love everything that has to do with science. Therefore, engaging them in a several-week project on how do plants grow will mesmerize and enthrall them. And if you do it together, it can quickly turn into a family activity which they will remember for the rest of their lives. Here are the steps of the project.

how do plants grow fun project

How Do Plants Grow? The Steps to a Wonderful Project

The first thing you need to do is buy the materials you will need for the project. You will need the following items.

  • A clear container or a cup for planting the bulb. Make sure that the recipient you choose is clear so that your child can watch the plant’s progress over the weeks.
  • Pebbles, marbles or some stones. You can buy them, or you can just take a walk with your children and have them pick up some rocks from the park or the beach.
  • Water
  • A plant bulb of your choosing. Involve your kids in the selection of the bulb. It’s crucial that you pick a plant which will keep them excited for a few weeks straight. For example, if you choose some grass blades, they might get tired after a few days because they can see grass everywhere. Instead, you can select a plant like the Purple Sensation Allium which is guaranteed to keep them wondering when it will come out.
  • A sheet where they can record the progress of the bulb.


Here are the steps you will have to follow so that you can get this project started.

  1. Wash your container and fill it with the rocks or pebbles three-quarters up.
  2. Place your bulb right on top of the rocks with the root facing downward.
  3. Pour as much water into the container as needed just to cover the bulb’s bottom. This will ensure that the root gets the water it needs but not the bulb in itself.
  4. Place the container with the bulb in a bright, sunny window, where it can get all the sunlight and heat it needs.
  5. Take some time every day to observe the plant growing with your kids. You should soon start seeing the roots grow in-between the rocks in the clear container.
  6. Add some more water as the weeks go by because the plant will use it all up. Ask your kids to use the observation sheets and write down all the changes that they see.

The ‘how do plants grow’ project will teach your child a lot about life, nature, science, and responsibility. He or she will find out just how great it is to care for a living thing and watch it grow in front of your eyes.

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