Lawn Mowing Tips: How to Keep Your Grass Well-Maintained

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Lawns are hard to take care of. There’s no way of getting around that. To have a great looking lawn, you need to invest a good chunk of time into it. Watering, fertilizing, and weeding are all important to your lawn’s health. But did you know that mowing your lawn is also important to its health? Mowing can either make or break your lawn. A lot of people think that mowing is simply just to keep your lawn the length you like it. Mowing is actually very important to lawn health, and a well-maintained lawn. If you let your grass grow too long it looks untidy and unkempt. A lawn that is too short can damage the grass and cause it to die. Here are some lawn mowing tips that will help you keep your grass healthy and well-maintained. 

Lawn Mowing Tips

Keep Your Blade Sharp

A sharp blade is very important when you mow your grass. Sharp blades make an even and clean cut on your grass. Dull mower blades create a jagged and uneven edge on each blade of grass. The jagged edges on the grass makes a good spot for pests and diseases to enter. Be sure to avoid large branches and rocks when you’re mowing your lawn. Damage to the blade will result in damage to the grass. Buying an extra blade will ensure that you have a sharp blade at all times. Lawn mower ​blades should be sharpened 2-3 times during the mowing season.

Mow When Grass Is Dry

Mowing your grass when it is wet, doesn’t harm the grass anymore than mowing dry grass. However, mowing wet grass doesn’t give as good of a look. Wet grass clumps together and will create all sorts of wet clumps of grass on your lawn. This doesn’t look ideal. You could spend a lot of time mowing your grass just right, only to have large grass clumps all over your lawn. This does not look well-maintained. Lawn mowers also become a little harder to maneuver because the wet grass sticks to the wheels of the lawn mower.

Mix It Up

Mix up the way you cut your grass. Don’t cut your grass in the same pattern every time you mow your lawn. Cut your grass vertical one week, then horizontal the next. Mixing up the pattern that you cut your grass will keep your grass looking better for longer. This is because when you mow the same pattern over and over, ruts will develop that damage the grass. Weeds will start to grow in the ruts, and it will also make your yard look uneven. Maybe you can even get creative with your mowing patterns!

lawn mowing tips

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Adjust Lawn Mower Height to the Season

Don’t always keep your lawn mower on the same height. Adjusting the lawn mower height will help your grass look better and be healthier. Let your grass grow a little taller in the Summer. Grass doesn’t need to be cut really short, except for maybe at a golf course. Shorter grass has weaker roots, and is more susceptible to disease and drought conditions. There is no shade for the roots of short grass which causes the roots of the grass to dry up in extremely hot temperatures. Longer grass helps shade the roots and allows more moisture to stay in the soil. Grass can be shorter for Fall cuttings. Cut your grass short for the last cutting before Winter. This will help prevent snow mold when the snow starts to fall.

Mow in the Shade

Mow your lawn in the shade. When grass is cut, it is a little traumatic for each blade of grass. They need time to recover. Lots of sun can make it hard for the grass to recover because it might get dried out. Shade helps grass to be able to recover more quickly and more fully in time for the next cutting. The good news is that mowing in the shade will also make this an easier job for you. You won’t have to suffer in the terrible heat! You’ll rest easy knowing that waiting until the lawn is shady is actually better for it.

lawn mowing tips

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Use Grass Clippings to Your Advantage

Grass clippings are actually good for your lawn. Most lawn mowers have a bag where they collect the grass that is cut. Don’t be afraid to take the bag off and just let the grass clipping fall where they may. The grass clippings will decompose and fertilize your grass. This is free fertilizer! A lot of people call this grasscycling. It can really benefit your lawn and make it look greener. Although it might not look as polished to have grass clippings on your lawn, it’ll benefit you so much in the long run. Another option is to collect the grass clippings, and create your own compost with it. Grass clippings make awesome elements to compost because it is organic matter than decomposes to become fertilizer that is jam packed full of nutrients that your grass will love. 

Don’t Get Too Close to Trees

A lot of people will push their lawn mower up to a tree as close as they can get the blades. This can cause damage to the tree, and to the blades of the lawn mower. Instead of trying to get the mower as close as you can to the tree, mow a circle around the tree. Then use a smaller tool to cut the grass right around the tree. This will save the blade of your mower and the trunk of your tree. It can also look uneven and a little rough when you try to use a mower around a big tree. This is because the mower is big and bulky and cannot successfully get close to the tree without causing damage. An edger or a weed whacker is a much smaller tool that will allow you to get fairly close to the tree without actually touching it.

Summing Up

Mowing correctly is very important when it comes to the health and look of your lawn. These lawn mowing tips will help you to have a green, lush lawn that looks great. Don’t overlook mowing as part of what makes your lawn healthy. Water, fertilize, weed, and correctly mow your lawn and you’ll see a significant improvement in its health. These lawn mowing tips can benefit anyone! From a humble first home owner, to an experienced landscaper. If your lawn is looking worse for the wear, try these lawn mowing tips to see if they make a difference. We think these tips will make all the difference in the world! 

Image Source: Pixabay

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