Spring Clean Your Yard: 4 Steps to Make It Happen

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The snow is melting, the world is thawing, and flowers are blooming. Spring is here! It’s so exciting when Spring finally arrives. Sometimes all the excitement makes us forget about all the yard work that needs to be done in the Spring. So prepare your tools and get some working clothes, it’s time to Spring clean your yard. Follow this list of things to do in the Spring so that your yard will look amazing in the Summer.

Collect the Junk

Over the course of the Winter, a lot of things have happened. Branches have probably fallen off of trees. There’s probably a lot of dog poo in the yard you haven’t picked up because of the snow. Maybe you discovered more leaves under all the snow. Go around your yard and collect everything you don’t want there. Haul those fallen branches away. Pick up that dog poo. Put those leaves in a trash bag. While you’re at it, get rid of any outside toys that your kids don’t use. Scooters, bikes, or balls. All these toys could be crowding your yard. If your kids don’t use them anymore, donate them to a local thrift store. I’m sure another kid would love to use them. If your kids still use them, consider a rack for the scooters and bikes. Get a ball bucket for all the outside balls. Keep your yard neat and tidy.

Rake Your Yard

Remember the dead leaves we talked about? Rake those up! Rake your whole yard. It needs some stimulation after a long Winter. You can rake the yellow spots in your yard to get all of the dead grass up. These dead leaves and grass would make a great addition to a homemade compost pile. Or you can make arrangements for your town or city to pick up the trash bags. Rake up old twigs or debris in your yard. Rake your flowerbed to till the soil. Raking is like exfoliating, you need to get the old top layer off to see the new layer underneath.

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Pruning is important. It helps your tree produce more fruit, become stronger, and grow properly. Don’t skip this if you have trees that need to be pruned. Have your kids help pick up all the branches you cut off and make it a family affair. Don’t forget to prune your bushes and hedges as well. This will keep them looking tidy instead of unruly.

Begin Planting

Start your garden. Plant flowers or vegetables or anything you want to grow for the Summer. Look online at what plants you need to start in the Spring. You can plant flowers in your raked flower bed. Maybe you want to plant a new fruit tree. This is the fun part about Spring, you can choose what you want your garden to look like. You get to choose what you want your garden to have.

Summing Up

There is a lot of work that needs to be done in the Spring if you want a nice yard for the Summer. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just follow these steps to Spring clean your yard and it’ll be Summer ready before you know it. So when all the snow melts, it’s time to break out the rake, the garbage bags, and the hard work.

Image Source: Pixabay

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