The Importance of Pruning Trees

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Pruning seems counterproductive. Why would you cut down all the branches that the tree has grown? It’s important to prune trees, however, which is why it should happen frequently. There are a lot of benefits from pruning. Pruning helps trees to grow better fruit, to grow in certain directions, and it protects your property and home. Let’s go over the importance of pruning trees. 

Is Pruning the Same as Trimming?

No. Trimming is for hedges and bushes. Trimming is typically just to shorten your overgrown hedges. When the hedges around your walkway become overgrown, you trim them. Pruning, on the other hand, is for trees. Trimming is usually for cosmetic upkeep, to beautify your hedges. Pruning trees can be cosmetic, but it is also done for growth purposes. Trees that are not pruned may not grow as abundantly as pruned trees. You can trim trees too, but pruning will give you the most benefits. 

Pruning Can Control Pests

Trees that have not had pruning can become overgrown and attract pests. If the pests get out of control, they can damage the tree and even get into your home. Pruning will shorten the branches and create less space for pests to set up camp. Pests in trees can sting or bite, putting children at risk. Pruning branches can help protect your children and home from pests.

Pruning Can Protect Your Home

Branches that are left to grow and become unruly create the risk of breaking onto your home. Diseased or fragile branches can also break off. Falling branches can damage your home, cars, or hurt family members. Fragile branches break off in storms and disconnect power lines. Pruning can help with some of these problems. Make sure that tree branches are far away from your home. Immediately cut off branches that are diseased or fragile. This will decrease the risk of damage during a storm. Pruning can also decrease the chance of branches breaking if your children like swinging from the branches.

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Pruning Can Help with Proper Growth 

Trees require maintenance. Trees cannot properly grow if they are left alone. Pruned trees have a stronger structure. Pruning a young tree will make a smaller chance that you’ll need to do corrective pruning. It will also grow stronger than an unpruned tree. Pruned trees are forced to compensate for missing branches at a young age. Fruit trees provide larger, more ample fruit. A tree can grow just fine without pruning, but who wants a just fine tree? You want a big, beautiful tree that can stand the test of time. This requires pruning. 

Summing Up

Pruning trees might be a pain, but it is worth it in the long run. Pruning trees will protect your home and family, help control pests, and ensure the proper growth of the tree. Pruned fruit trees will give you better fruit. It is necessary for a strong tree that can withstand storms and keep standing. Trees are a lot like people; the strongest ones have been cut down before.  

Image Source: Pixabay

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