Eight Best Plants for Small Backyard Fish Ponds

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Proper selection of plants is the major key to achieve balance, harmony and diversity for your fish pond. Basically, it is important to choose the plants that you are going to use. These plants must create a realistic yet diverse impression to everyone.

All the plants in the pond will contribute to make a beautiful ecosystem. Along the process of selecting which plant you’re going to use, it can be flattering. There are many types of plants you can choose from with different sizes and forms. But, which plant is really the best and most applicable for your pond?

Choosing the Right Plants for Your Pond

Listed here are the top eight most recommended aquatic plants for fish ponds.

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Pitcher Pond Plant

Pitcher plant is one of the most recommended plants to grow in fresh water. You can easily install this plant directly in the pond or in a pot if you want to. The advantage of this flower is its ability to add color and life to the pond.

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Water Lilies

Water lilies are very beautiful. Anyone will surely include this plant in their ponds. Even though water lily is a deep-water plant, it can still grow in ponds. Do not directly put the plants in a pot. You need to mix sand and clay and it will be the soil for water lilies. Install the plants in a pot with small stones above the soil then place in the water.

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Creeping Jenny Pond Plant

This plant serves as the cover crawling in between rocks. It can soften rough edges of rocks and its color will give an alluring appeal.

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Pickerel Pond Plant

Pickerel is available in many different colors. It is a good addition for ponds because of its texture and shape. This is a very enticing display together with any other plants in the pond.

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Horsetail Reed Pond Plants

This plant is an opposite of a dwarf hair grass. It will give your pond a state of the art look. It is better to let this plant grow in a pot if you only have limited space in your pond.

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Blue Iris

Blue Iris is another colorful flower you can add to your pond. Many gardeners usually include this as one of their choices. The elegant look of this plant will surely give your pond an enchanting look and captivate attention.

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Water Lettuce

It produces lettuce like green leaves floating in the water. When you install this plant, it will be very easy to grow and just let the plant move around the surface.

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Mosaic Plant

It as a combination of red and green colored leaves forming diamond shape. During summer, this plant gives another different color of flower. It is also easy to grow and serves as shelter for fishes hiding underneath.

Once you’re done selecting which type of plant you are going to use, you can start working on with your pond. Just remember, your pond must be realistic, diverse and balance to make a perfect ecosystem.

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