4 Tips for Great Lawn Care This Spring

The winter season is almost over, which means we will be seeing the damage the cold and chemicals have done to our yards. It’s a scary time as we wonder what we can do when it comes to lawn care, or what we will need to do to make sure the yard is looking pristine this spring and summer. Thankfully, regardless of the winter rage there are a few steps that will perk your turf right up for this spring and summer’s fun.


Aerate Soil

To aerate soil is to cut small holes into the ground. This process allows air, water, and nutrients to the roots of the grass and this will help the grass to grow faster and healthier. The main reason to aerate your soil is to decrease soil compaction. If your lawn is the spot for all the neighborhood cookouts then it’s no surprise that your turf is getting compacted. Be sure to aerate more over the areas that are more compacted. Aeration tools can be rented for a day and makes the process very easy. You can also buy your own. Aerating your yard in the early spring gives the grass enough time to grow into the holes created.



Mowing early will help remove debris, leaves, and dead scraps that have accumulated over the winter. Mowing will also help to even out the turf. Ensure that your blade is sharp and on the lowest setting because there will be plenty of time for the grass to come back in. Keeping your blade sharp is crucial to grass health because if the blade is dull it will not cut the grass, instead ripping and tearing it off. This causes your grass to turn yellow on the tips and require more water and nutrients to repair itself.



The next important step is to fertilize and kill weeds. It is easier to purchase a grass fertilizer that has weed preventer in it as well. That way you are making sure that your grass is healthy and that you are getting rid of weeds at the same time. It would be best to understand which fertilizers would be best for your grass though because there are a few different kinds.


Water Your Lawn

Watering your lawn less with better soakings is healthier for your grass than numerous watering’s through the day. Grass needs about 1-2 inches of water every few days so make sure you are getting a really good soaking to your grass. The soil should be moist 4-5 inches deep. Also, make sure you are watering earlier in the morning and afternoon because watering in the evening increases the risk of the grass not absorbing all of the water before the cool evenings and weakening it.

Get Started

A great lawn is certainly achievable, even after a rough winter. Just make sure that you are willing to put the time into taking care of it. Making sure to get some air and nutrients to the root through aeration will help add some bounce back in your turf. Mowing and fertilizing will also ensure that your grass looks extra green this season. The time will be well worth it when you see the results this summer.

Craig Scott

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