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Best Fire Pit – Our Top Choices and Overall Pick

Fire pits are great because they can be enjoyed in all seasons. Most people think of sitting around a fire in the summer, but you can also enjoy fire pits year round, including the winter.  There is nothing quite as cozy as huddling around a fire pit on a winter evening with your family or friends. I have put together the ultimate guide to buying the best fire pit. Everything you need to know about a fire pit and purchasing one can be found right here.

After Lots of Hard Work... Here Are the Best Fire Pit Options

In the chart below, you will find our top 10 rated fire pits. For a more in-depth review of each model, please click on "Read Review."

Product Image

Product Name



best fire pit

Yaheetech Outdoor Metal Fire Pit 

4.3 out of 5

best fire pit

Sunnydaze Portable Folding Fire Pit 

4.3 out of 5

best fire pit

Sun Joe Cast Stone Fire Pit 

4.3 out of 5

best fire pit

Patio Watcher Fire Pit 

4.5 out of 5

best fire pit

AmazonBasics Portable Folding Fire Pit 

4.5 out of 5

best fire pit

ZENY Outdoor Fire Pit 

4.5 out of 5

best fire pit

Landmann USA Bromley Fire Pit

5 out of 5

best fire pit

Fire Sense Folding Fire Pit

4.5 out of 5

best fire pit

Endless Summer Decorative Gas Fire Pit

4.5 out of 5

best fire pit

Best Choice Products Backyard Fireplace

4.5 out of 5

Top Ten Best Fire Pit Choices of 2018

  1. ​Best Choice Products Backyard Fireplace
  2. AmazonBasics Portable Folding Fire Pit 
  3. Landmann USA Bromley Fire Pit
  4. Patio Watcher Fire Pit  
  5. Yaheetech  Outdoor Metal Firepit
  6. Endless Summer Gas Fire Pit 
  7. ZENY Outdoor Fire Pit
  8. Fire Sense Folding Fire Pit
  9. Sunnydaze  Portable Folding Fire Pit 
  10. Sun Joe Cast Stone Fire Pit 

What Is a Fire Pit?

A fire pit can vary from a DIY fire pit dug from a hole in the ground surrounded by stones to an elaborate piece of art. Fire pits can be made from stone, brick, stainless steel, or cast iron with the intention of providing a flame with a safe place to enjoy the warmth, heat, and beauty of a fire. A fire pit should be safe and capable of containing a fire with a spark guard to keep embers from spreading. Today, fire pits come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Advantages/Reasons for Buying a Fire Pit

A fire pit is a great place to cook and to relax in any outdoor or backyard patio space. The ambiance and warmth of a fire is usually the centerpiece of any kind of outdoor party. A big advantage of a fire pit is that you can cook on it. Imagine how fun it would be on a summer night grilling hamburgers over your fire at your next backyard barbecue.   

Considerations When Buying

When purchasing a fire pit, it may help to think of several things first. I have put together a list below.

  1. Size - Think about how big of a fire pit you would like. Are you looking for a large fire pit or would a tabletop design best suit your needs? The size often will depend on how big your outdoor space or patio is and how much fuel you are willing to put in it.
  2. Design - Fire pits today come in many shapes, sizes, and designs. Some fire pits are made with a bowl-shape or square design. Some are copper, steel, or bronze finished. Take into consideration what color would best suit your needs. Remember that all fire pits should be coated with a high-temperature paint. Individual tastes in fire pits can range from modern to traditional, simple to ornate,  and everything in between. With so many designs to choose from, you will be able to find a fire pit to fit your needs.
  3. Fuel - Fire is run by fuel. Think about what type of fuel you would like to use to run your fireplace.  If wood sources are abundant and available in your area and you like the smell and crackle of a warm wood fire, then I would go with wood. If you have a gas pipe access in your yard, then you might want to consider gas. Fuel is something that you will need to continue to purchase, whether it is wood or propane, so factoring in the cost of the fuel may also play a part in deciding which kind of outdoor fire pit to buy.


There are many features to choose from when shopping for a fire pit. Below are some of the most common features of fire pits:

  1. Cooking Capabilities -  Some fire pits have grates for cooking. If hamburgers or a tasty meal cooked over your fire pit is appealing to you, then definitely buy a fire pit that has contains a cooking grate.
  2. Screen - If a fire pit will be placed on your patio deck, then make sure it has a spark screen to prevent sparks, flames, or hot embers from falling onto your patio.
  3. Portability - If you would like to be able to move your grill, then make sure it is portable and light enough to move from place to place in your backyard.
  4. Water Feature - Some fire pits combine the beauty and sound of water with the ambiance of fire and warmth. If this type of fire pit suits your wishes, then buy a fire pit for your backyard or patio space that has water features.


Types of Fire Pits:

There are 4 main types of fire pits.

  1. Wood Burning Fire Pits - A wood burning fire pit is one of the most traditional fire pits. With a wood burning fire pit, you can enjoy the warmth, crackle of the wood, and all of the nostalgic things that most people think of when they think of campfires. Remember that with fires come smoke. That can either be a drawback or a natural occurrence that you may enjoy. A wood fire pit can even serve as a wood burning cooking grate. Some models come with an attachable cooking grate.
  2. Propane Fire Pits -  A propane fire pit is clean and easy to care for and has many advantages. You will not have to collect wood or deal with the ashes that burning wood leaves behind. A propane fire pit provides warmth and light as well as a safe way to cook. Propane fire pits are usually very portable which makes it convenient for moving it around anywhere in your outdoor space. Propane fire pits often come shaped like copper bowls or fire pit tables.
  3. Gel Fuel Fire Pits - Gel fueled fire pits are one of the easiest ways to add ambiance and warmth to your outdoor fireplace. The gel of clean-burning fuel burns without producing a scent or smoke. Gel fueled fire pits are portable and can be moved anywhere in your backyard. You can purchase gel fueled logs and lava rocks that can be placed in the fire pit to resemble a real fire. If you do not want a big gel fueled fire pit, you should consider buying a tabletop fireplace.
  4. Natural Gas Fire Pits - If you have a natural gas line in your outdoor space, you might want to consider a natural gas fire pit. This type of fire pit is similar to propane fire pits except that a natural gas pit is not portable. It will be a permanent fixture in your outdoor space. There are several popular types of natural gas designs. Some include a sunken, square, round, or tabletop design.

The two most popular types of fire pits are wood burning and propane. Below is a list of the pros and cons of each kind of fire pit for your outdoor space.


Wood Burning


  • plus
    Firewood is an abundant and renewable resource 
  • plus
    Wood gives off a crackling sound
  • plus
    Looks nice
  • plus
    Provides warmth


  • close
    Gives off smoke
  • close
    Creates ashes
  • close
    Can take time to light
  • close
    Can spark hot embers

Propane Fire Pit


  • plus
    Clean burning
  • plus
    ​No smoke
  • plus
  • plus
    Provides warmth


  • close
    Not as traditional looking as wood
  • close
    Can get expensive 
  • close
    Does not crackle like wood

Our Pick of the Best Fire Pit

After carefully reviewing the top 10 Fire Pits on the market, I have picked the Landmann USA Bromley Fire Pit as my choice of the best fire pit available on the market for your outdoor space.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Fire Pit

Think about why you want to buy a fire pit in the first place. Then ask yourself these questions:

1. What size of a fire pit would I like to buy for my outdoor space?

Think about how much space you have and how much space you want the fire pit to use. Remember that bigger often means more fuel.

2. Do I have a design preference?

Fire pits come in many shapes and styles. Find one that fits your style.

3. What kind of fuel do I want my fire pit to run on?

Do you have an abundance of wood or propane in your area? Do you have a gas pipe access available in your outdoor space? The type of fuel you pick will be the fuel you will use, so choose wisely a fire pit that fits your budget and the type of fuel that is available in your area.   

Why a Fire Pit Is Awesome

A fire pit not only brings an ambiance and warmth to your outdoor space, it can also be a place to cook outdoor meals and snacks that go from a fire pit to table. A fire pit is a true luxury. Fire pits come in many different price ranges to fit a wide range of budgets. Fire pits also come in many different designs that are suitable for you and that will be sure to become a focal point in your outdoor space.

Recommended Bestsellers

Bestseller No. 1
Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit
  • 35-inch high temp antique bronze steel fire bowl with...
  • Brushed painted steel legs
  • One piece mesh fire screen with high temperature paint
Bestseller No. 2
Yaheetech 32" Outdoor Metal Firepit Square Table...
  • MULTIPURPOSE - This outdoor fire pit is ideal for cool...
  • SQUARE TABLETOP - Premium fire pit built in square shape for...
  • SAFE AND SECURE - Features with mesh lid to prevent burning...
Bestseller No. 3
Landmann 28347 Big Sky Fire Pit, Wildlife, Black
  • Outdoor fire pit with spark screen and poker
  • Wildlife cutouts glow for a unique nighttime ambience
  • Black finish for less cleaning


A fire pit is a luxury and will become the focal point of your outdoor space. Think about when people gather together, whether at the beach or by a pool, if there is a fire, flame, and warmth, people will be drawn to it. A fire gives off an ambiance and warmth that cannot be duplicated by forced heat. I hope that this guide to buying a fire pit has helped you to narrow down the type, design, and features that you would like with your own fire pit. You really cannot go wrong with so many options to choose from. Do not forget to consider the fuel source: Are you are able to continue to supply that fuel easily? After reading this article, were you able to choose the best fire pit for you?