ZENY Outdoor Fire Pit: Review

ZENY Outdoor Fire Pit

Review of the ZENY Outdoor Fire Pit

As of this writing, there were 193 customer comments and 37 answered questions on Amazon for the ZENY Outdoor Fire Pit.  I’ve read through the feedback left on Amazon and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for a Fire Pit.

Best Fea​tures

  • check Great price
  • check ​High quality iron mesh frame
  • check Square shape for added stability
  • check Comes with poker
  • check Mesh lid included 

Item Specifics

The ZENY outdoor Fire Pit utilizes a lithe light which gives off an ambiance that should add a warm and comfortable atmosphere to any outdoor event.  This fire pit is constructed of a faux stone line design with a DIY splicing feature.  The frame is high quality iron mesh.  The square shape adds stability.  The mesh lid is designed to prevent burning embers from blowing.  This fire pit comes with a poker to stoke the fire and to remove the mesh lid safely.  The outer cover helps to keep the fire pit clean and dry even during rainy days.  The simple design means that it’s easy to assemble.

Good Suggestions

It’s nice when you can learn from other people’s experiences with a product.  One customer offered the following great suggestions for you to get the most out of this fire pit, “A very nice compact, attractive fire pit for under $80. It was very easy to assemble and it looks good on my deck. A few suggestions for future buyers: 1–buy a $3 bag of landscape lava rock for the bottom and it will last a lot longer 2-drill a few 1/4″ holes in the bottom to drain water if it might ever get wet 3-get an inexpensive cover if you plan to store it outside 4-if you ever need to touch up the paint, use high temperature spray paint for grills or car engines.”

No Grate for Wood to Sit On

It would have been a nice feature if this fire pit had a grate included.  Some customers bought a great to upgrade this fire pit so that it would burn better.  Here is one of the lack of grate comments, “Love it but needs a grate for the wood to rest on…luckily we used an old one that fit nicely.”

Fairly Easy to Assemble

The ZENY Outdoor Fire Pit had mixed reviews on how easy it was to assemble.  The majority of customers reported that it was easy to assemble, while some said that it was hard to assemble due to missing screws.  Here is one comment about the ease of assembly, “Assembly was very easy, took a total of 30 minutes. Parts are noticeably flimsy when putting together but expected for the Price.

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  • plus Square shape adds stability
  • plus Sturdy frame
  • plus Mesh lid included


  • close  No Grate for wood to set on
  • close Mixed reviews on assembly.  Some customers said it was very hard to assemble 

ZENY Outdoor Fire Pit Conclusion

The ZENY Outdoor Fire Pit is an inexpensive fire pit that had mixed reviews on how easy it was to assemble.  Since it does not come with anything for the wood to set on, some people improvised by adding lava stones or grates that they bought. Most people commented on how beautiful and sturdy it is.  If you are looking for an inexpensive fire pit that is both sturdy and fairly easy to put together you may want to consider the ZENY Outdoor Fire Pit.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying a ZENY Outdoor Fire Pit.

  • chevron-circle-right Is this a good size for a balcony of an apartment?   Yes, it should be great for a balcony if you are allowed fires on your balcony.  It’s not too big and also easy to transport.
  • chevron-circle-right What size is the grill rack?   The product dimensions are Product Dimension: 32″x32″x12.75.”
  • chevron-circle-right Will I burn my patio? Some fire pits get too hot to use on a patio.  The instructions say the pit needs to be at least five feet from the house for safe operation.

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