Best Choice Products Backyard Fireplace: Review

Best Choice Products Backyard Fireplace

Review of the Best Choice Products Backyard Fireplace

As of this writing, the Best Choice Products Backyard Fireplace had 219 customer comments and 39 answered questions.  I’ve read through the feedback and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for a fire pit.

Best Fea​tures

  • check ​Great air circulation
  • check ​Attractive
  • check Lightweight
  • check Portable
  • check Holds up well to the weather 

Item Specifics

The Best Choice Products Backyard Fireplace is made with a durable steel construction.  It is finished in distressed bronze with a rustic lattice design.  It features a deep and wide hex-shape bowl that is capable of holding a lot of firewood.  The fire-retardant lid keeps ashes from falling out.  It has a lightweight design that makes cleaning it out and moving the fire pit simple and easy.  The overall dimensions are 24”(L) x 24”(W) x 25”(H).  

Great Air Flow

Fires need oxygen and lots of it to burn well.  When you have a good supply of oxygen to a fire, it will burn bigger and faster than if you had less air flow. The Best Choice Products Backyard Fireplace has a screen type of lid and sides that allows a lot of air to get to the fire.  One customer described it this way, “The way that it is made, allows for plenty of oxygen to circulate as the fire burns, which means it burns big, and fast. The top doesn’t really help to keep embers from coming through, but I didn’t really expect that to work anyhow. It’s a nice, easily transportable, little fire pit. I would recommend it.”

Gets Hot on Bottom – May Burn Deck or Grass

I saw enough complaints and looked at enough photos of burned decks that I wanted to let you know that this fireplace can get very hot on the bottom.  I do not know the details of what the people were burning, but this fire pit does not appear to look like it can handle much heat.  If you do buy this product, make sure to use caution and not burn too much wood at once.

Here is one of the many complaints of the fire pit burning the surfaces around it.  “This product is a DANGEROUS, UNSAFE product. It burnt a hole in our back porch…It gets extremely hot from the side and surface and allows ashes and fire to drop between screen crevices. We took all precautions and followed precise instructions — but maybe these units are not passed via Quality Assurance like they should be. I reached out to the seller but they are giving excuses and delaying by responding with generic statements like “notified the management of the issue.”

Too Hot of a Fire May Melt the Fire Pit

The Best Choice Products Backyard Fireplace may warp and loose it’s form if the fire gets too hot. I looked at photos of melted and disfigured fire pits.  If you do buy this fire pit, use extreme caution to always supervise the fire, and make sure that you do not burn too much quick burning wood, like pine at one time.

High Price for What You Get

This is an expensive fireplace for the material it is made of and the small size (24” length x 24” width x 25” Height.)  Here is a comment on the price, “For as cheap as the construction is it should have been much more reasonably priced.”

Lightweight and Portable

One of the nicest things about this firepit is that if you want a firepit to be easy to move, this is it. Weighing in at just 15.75 pounds, it should be very easy to move from one area to another.  A customer had this to say about the portability, “It’s not quite as big as I would have liked to be able to get, but it gets the job done. I love how light and portable it is. We don’t often use it is in the same spot in the yard, so we wanted a nice lightweight fire pit to be able to easily move it around. We have used it about 5 times so far. For the price and and the portability, I don’t think you’ll find many that are better.”

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  • plus Lightweight
  • plus Good air flow
  • plus Portable


  • close May disfigure in too high of heat 
  • close Bottom can get extremely hot 
  • close Expensive for what you get 

Best Choice Products Backyard Fireplace Conclusion

The Best Choice Products Backyard Fireplace has great air flow that will aid in keeping your fire burning well.  However, there were a lot of customer complaints about the fireplace getting so hot that it burned up deck wood and also grass that it was set upon.  It also has a tendency to warp and get bent out of shape if the fire gets too hot.  Some people felt that they paid too much for this product in comparison to what they got.  If you do choose to buy the Best Choice Products Backyard Fireplace, use caution to always supervise your fire in case sparks fly out of the screen holes.  Also keep checking to make sure the fire pit is not burning a hole in your deck.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying a Best Choice Products Backyard Fireplace. 

  • chevron-circle-right Does it have holes drilled to drain rain? Will it hold up to weather well?    There are no holes in it.  It is made to hold up to weather well.
  • chevron-circle-right Do ashes get everywhere while it is in use considering the walls are made of a grate/mesh looking material instead of being solid metal?  The fire pit comes with a flame retardant lid that will limit the amount of ashes emitting from the flames.  This makes the cleanup less of a hassle.
  • chevron-circle-right Does the fire pit come assembled?  No, but it will arrive in only 3 pieces. Base, pit, lid. 3 bolts base to pit and 3 bolts for lid rest.  It is very simple to put together.

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