Landmann USA Bromley Fire Pit: Review

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Review of the Landmann USA Bromley Fire Pit

The Landmann USA Bromley Fire Pit is a decorative fire pit that is both lightweight and easy to carry and transport.  It has decorative legs which add style while providing stability and support.  Included is a spark screen that keeps embers contained.  A poker is included with your purchase.  This firepit weighs 12.7 pounds.

Best Fea​tures

  • check ​Good Price
  • check ​Easy to Assemble
  • check Portable
  • check Lightweight
  • check Attractive

Item Specifics

As of this writing, the Landmann USA Bromley Fire Pit had 117 customer comments and 23 answered questions on Amazon.  I’ve read through the customer feedback and then condensed the results into this report.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for a firepit.

Easy to Assemble

All of the comments coming in on assemblage of this firepit were very positive. This is an easy to assemble fireplace that should only take about 5 minutes to be ready to use.  Here is one of the many positive comments on assembling this fire pit, “This was really easy to put together, it took all of maybe five minutes. It holds a really good amount of wood, and it hasn’t had anything at all wrong with it at all whatsoever. We absolutely love it, it’s perfect for our patio, and helps to give us a reason to make Smore’s.”

May Rust

If you leave this firepit out in the rain it will most likely rust.  Some people found that it rusted after just one week.  Make sure to leave it out in the rain, unless you don’t mind rust.

Screen Top Doesn’t Fit Well

There were a lot of complaints on Amazon about the screen not fitting well.  Here is one of them, “Only negative things I can say is. The screen top could fit a bit better. Has about an inch gap all the way around. Not a big deal for normal wood fires, but I like to throw some paper documents in there. Some smoldering paper can escape if not centered in pit.”


This pit is made to be not only functional but attractive too.  Many people such as this customer commented on the look of it – “Diamond pattern reflects beauty of fire and glows radiantly in the darkness.”

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  • plus Good price
  • plus Decorative
  • plus Easy to assemble


  • close Not for large hot fires 
  • close Top screen may not fit well 
  • close May rust 

Landmann USA Bromley Fire Pit Conclusion

The Landmann USA Bromley Fire Pit is an inexpensive yet very functional fire pit.  It is easy to assemble and decorative.  Some people used it for wedding ceremonies and other special events. The main flaws it has are that the lid on some did not make a tight fit.  It also will rust if left out in the weather.  This isn’t necessarily a fault, but could be an issue if you don’t realize that it will rust in the rain.  If you are looking for an inexpensive fire pit for light burning, than I recommend the Landmann USA Bromley Fire Pit.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying a Landmann USA Bromley Fire Pit.

  • chevron-circle-right I’m looking for a fire pit to take camping. Is this portable enough to pack and take along or is it just for patio use?  If you own an SUV or truck you can reasonably store it to take along. It’s also very easy to disassemble and reassemble so that could be an option to allow for more space.
  • chevron-circle-right Does it have lead? Safe for food like roasting marshmallows or hot dogs?  This product is safe to cook food on if using a grate. This product does not contain any lead.
  • chevron-circle-right How do you clean out the ashes if you have sand on the bottom as the instructions call for?  You have to dump it out after everything has cooled.  It is a very lightweight firepit and easy to tip over to dump the ashes out.  You could also use a shovel if you don’t want to tip it over.

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