Best Outdoor Solar Lights: Top 10 Reviewed and Our Pick

best outdoor solar lights
best outdoor solar lights

Solar lights use the sun as an energy source to produce electricity. This type of lighting is environmentally friendly and economically sensible because solar lighting does not produce air pollution like kerosene lighting does. Depending on the type of solar lighting you choose, it can have a higher initial cost up front than other types of lighting. Solar lighting is also weather dependent, meaning when there is cloud cover and no direct sunlight, solar lighting is not effective. Solar lights are especially used in rural areas such as secluded cabins where there is no line of traditional electricity available. Manufacturers have been working to make solar lighting more efficient and affordable for all. Solar lights are now available at lower prices in hardware stores or other local stores where lighting is sold. Solar lighting is also available online. In this review article, we will go over the best top ten outdoor solar lights.

Our Pick for the Best Outdoor Solar Lights

In the chart below, you will find our top 10 rated outdoor solar lights. For a more in-depth review of each model, please click on "Read Review."

Product Image

Product Name



best fire pit

URPOWER 8 LED Motion Sensor Solar Lights

4.4 out of 5

best fire pit

Litom Solar Lights Outdoor, Wireless 24 LED

4.5 out of 5

best fire pit

URPOWER 20 LED Solar Lights

4.5 out of 5

InnoGear Solar Lights

30 LED

4.6 out of 5

best fire pit

Mpow Solar Lights 8 LED

4.6 out of 5

TomCare 20 LED Solar Lights

4.5 out of 5

best fire pit

Swiftly Done Solar Power LED Light

3.9 out of 5

best fire pit

Hello Light Solar Motion Sensor LED Lights

4.4 out of 5

best fire pit

Solarblaze Bright SOLAR LED Lights

4.3 out of 5

best fire pit

Sunforce 82080 80-LED Solar Motion Light

4.1 out of 5

Top Ten Best Outdoor Solar Lights of 2018

  1. URPOWER 8 LED Motion Sensor Solar Lights
  2. Litom Solar Lights Outdoor, Wireless 24 LED
  3. URPOWER 20 LED Solar Lights  
  4. InnoGear Solar Lights 30 LED
  5. Mpow Solar Lights 8 LED
  6. TomCare 20 LED Solar Lights
  7. Swiftly Done Solar Power LED Light
  8. Hello Light Solar Motion Sensor LED Lights
  9. Solarblaze Bright SOLAR LED Lights
  10. Sunforce 82080 80-LED Solar Motion Light

What Are Outdoor Solar Lights?

A solar light is a lighting system that is composed of an LED lamp, battery, charge controller, and solar panels. An inverter may also be used to feed the power into an off the grid network system. The most important part of a solar light is the photovoltaic or solar cell. The solar cell is the part of the lighting system that converts sunlight into a direct electrical current in the solar batteries. Manufacturers usually use nickel cadmium, sealed lead acid, and lead-acid batteries in their solar lights. Solar lights work well in most areas of the United States. It is important to make sure that solar cells receive the manufacturer's recommended hours of sunlight. During the day, direct sunlight is converted into electricity and stored in the solar battery. Solar lights can be used to replace other light sources such as traditional electricity or kerosene lighting.

Advantages/Reasons for Buying 

One of the best advantages of a solar lighting unit is that it does not require traditional electricity in order to produce light. Over time, this can reduce your yearly electricity bills. Solar lights can also be used in areas that are off the grid and without traditional electricity available. People in rural areas who use generators, kerosene lamps, campfires, and candles can benefit greatly from the use of solar lights. I personally like solar lights for areas around my farm that do not have electric lighting available. Solar lighting can be placed just about anywhere a person desires light, as long as the solar panel on the light is fully recharged in direct sunlight. Solar lights do not emit unhealthy fumes like kerosene lamps do. Solar lighting is beneficial where expensive trenching and cabling would be needed, or where installing electric lights would disrupt existing landscaping or concrete areas. Solar lighting systems are effective, easy to install because there is no wiring involved, and as discussed above, solar lighting is environmentally friendly.

Considerations When Buying

If you live off the grid or just want to save some money on your electric bill, then you may want to consider investing in and installing a solar lighting system. Even if you are not off the grid, solar lighting can reach areas of your home outside where an electric outlet is not available. I personally like solar lighting for areas of my farm that are away from the house, barn, or garage electricity, such as my shed and outhouse. Solar lighting does not require an electrical cord to clutter up walkways, lawns, and garden areas like electrical lighting does. An electrical outlet is not necessary when utilizing a solar lighting system. Another benefit is that if you like the walkway leading to your home or others areas of your yard, garden, or outlying buildings lit up without having to be present to turn on electric lighting every night, solar lights are beneficial because they automatically re-generate during the day when direct sunlight is present and light up areas around your home as the sun sets at night.


Solar lights have different features that are available for you to choose from. Features include various sizes of solar panels and varying intensities of light output. Units vary in size from small, garden pathway markers to high-beam or pole-mounted patio security lights. Additionally, solar lighting also comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Different styles are available to fit in with your lifestyle and decorating preferences. Popular home uses for outdoor solar lighting includes pathway light sets that stick in the ground using a spike-like structure, wall-mounted lamps, security lights, or freestanding lamp posts that include built-in solar panels and batteries to collect and store the sun's energy to power the light. Some solar lighting systems are self-contained units meaning that you only need to place the light in a sunny location. There is also a wide price range of solar lights available when you decide to purchase your solar lighting.

Different Types

There are three main types of solar lights. Below is a summary of each.

  1. Motion-sensing Security Solar Lights - One of the most effective ways to scare off an intruder is to utilize a solar light that is a wall-mounted lamp or security light that lights when movement is sensed on your property, yard, or doorway. Motion-sensing light systems operate similarly to electric security systems. Usually, motion-sensing security solar lighting is installed as either freestanding or is mounted where areas of security are a concern. Some people like to mount motion sensor lights on a rooftop, garage, or entranceway.
  2.  Spotlights - If you are wanting a specific area to be light quickly, a solar-powered spotlight or security light can work in much the same way as an electrically powered security light. Some solar spotlights that are available for purchase can give off the amount of a bright light equivalent to 40-watt incandescent electrical bulbs.
  3. Garden Lights - This type of lighting is good for people who want to add a decorative look to illuminate their garden area. Solar pathway garden lights also make walks in the garden at night easy and pleasant because there is no need to carry a flashlight each time you go outside. Garden pathway lights are usually either free-standing, placed in the ground with a spike-like shape at the bottom, or mounted as a lamp post. Garden solar lights are normally low-lit lights that are placed in rows that lead down a path or around a certain garden feature that you want to be seen at night. Solar lights are fully charged every day when there is direct sunlight available.


Motion-Sensing Security Solar Lights 


  • Lights do not have to be turned on each day
  • Bright lights are effective in keeping intruders away


  • Security lights can be sensed by the motion of rustling leaves, wind, or an animal that walks by

Garden Lights


  • Lights can enhance your curb appeal
  • Lights are low lit and are not intrusive to people who like to stargaze in the night sky
  • Solar garden lights are decorative
  • Lights can illuminate a path or highlight an area that you want to draw attention to


  • You may need multiples of this type of light since they usually provide low amounts of lighting
  • Lights do not illuminate a large area because they are low-lit unless you use multiple units of solar lights
  • Costs can be higher in order to purchase multiple duplicate sets of solar lights

Our Pick of the Best Outdoor Solar Light

 Our pick for the top is URPOWER 8 LED Motion Sensor Solar Lights.


Solar lighting can provide bright lighting with no need for traditional electricity. This type of lighting is environmentally friendly and economically sensible because it uses a free renewable energy source which is direct, bright light produced by the sun. Solar lighting emits no fumes like kerosene and can be used off the grid where traditional electricity cannot be reached. Solar lights are comprised of three different types: 1. motion-sensing security solar lights, 2. spotlights, and 3. garden lights. I have discussed the pros and cons of each type of solar lights as well as shared with you what I feel is the best solar light available on the market. I have also included a top ten list of outdoor solar lights. I hope that this will help as you select the best outdoor solar lights available to you and that work best for you in areas around your home, yard, garden or other outbuildings on your property.