InnoGear Solar Lights 30 LED: Review

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Review of the InnoGear Solar Lights 30 LED

As of this writing, there were 1,238 customer comments and 148 answered questions for the InnoGear Solar Lights 30 LED.  I’ve read through the customer comments and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for an outdoor solar light.

Best Fea​tures

  • check ​Made for extreme weather conditions
  • check Can detect up to 26 feet out
  • check Can detect within the angle of 120 degrees
  • check Has three modes
  • check Built-in rechargeable battery 

Item Specifics

The InnoGear Solar Lights 30 LED has 30 very bright LED lights that produce 450 lumens of light.  It has a built-in rechargeable 18650 lithium battery (2200mAh).  There are three different modes: Auto on at dusk and off at sunrise, dim and bright when motion detected, or off and bright when motion detected.  The PIR sensor can detect people up to 26 feet within angle of 120 degrees.  It is waterproof IP65 and heat proof.  It was specifically made to withstand extreme weather conditions.  Installing it is very easy.  It has two keyholes in the back to hang the solar light on or off the screws.


People liked that you could choose how you wanted to adjust these lights from staying on when it gets dark or being a motion detection light.  Here is a customer explains the 3 adjustment options, “They have 3 settings to choose from A B or C. A, keeps a strong and bright light on until it dies at night. B, will be dim until motion is detected – gets bright for 15 seconds then returns to dim. C, at night will be strong and bright and when motion is detected then 15 seconds later light dies automatically.”

Good for Pet Owners

A lot of the comments coming in on Amazon were from pet owners, dogs in particular.  People liked that they could see their pets when they let them out at night.  A customer explains, “These worked so well that I bought another set. I live in a wooded area and it was creeping me out when I had to take the dog out at night in the pitch black. I have them spaced out along the side of my house and even in the dim setting, they light up the side yard just enough. Now that I know where I want them, I’ll attach them to the house instead of on the ground.”

Very Bright

For solar lighting these are very bright lights.  People liked that they could decide if they wanted them on bright as a motion detector or dim.  Here is one of the customer lighting comments, “Holy Cow these work. I put four in half my back yard and they light up my back yard like a football field! I have these on motion only so it’s the bright bright. Using these for when I let the dog out at night in those winter months. No question, I will be buying more for other parts of the yard.”

Well Packaged

These solar lights are well packaged.  Many times when you buy something online, it will arrive broke, but that it not the case with The InnoGear Solar Lights 30 LED.  Here is what one person had to say, “These motion sensors work surprisingly an incredibly well and even in DIM mode they give a nice sense of security. They are packaged very well in fact it took longer to get them out of packaging than it took to install. Very good lighting.”

You May Just Keep Buying More

A lot of customers bought these lights and liked them so much, that they bought more.  Many were buying them to deter uninvited people away from their property.  A customer explains, “So far, so good. I bought four of these and like them so much I’m now up to 25!!! And with the two extra surveillance cameras the creep who has been coming on my property in the middle of the night for years is finally staying away. (Creeps hate light and cameras even more).”

Will Light up a Large Area

The InnoGear Solar Lights 30 LED will light up a whole area very nicely.  There were a lot of pleasantly surprised customers when it came to how much of an area these lights would light up. Here is one of the many comments on area, “These lights are great and illuminate a pretty large area. The motion detectors work great. We live out in the country where there is no lighting; two of these light up my whole back yard which is pretty large. We have ours set to go off instead of staying on and when we leave at 5am the do their job and are as bright as they were the night before.”


  • plus Will light up a large area
  • plus Very bright
  • plus Holds a good charge 


  • close Longevity 

InnoGear Solar Lights 30 LED Conclusion

The InnoGear Solar Lights 30 LED come in a pack of 4, with each light having 30 very bright LEDs. You will get to choose between 3 adjustable settings depending on how you want the lights to work.  The first setting keeps a strong and bright light on until it dies at night. The second setting will be dim until motion is detected – gets bright for 15 seconds then returns to dim. The third settine, at night will be strong and bright and when motion is detected then 15 seconds later light dies automatically.  These lights will light up a very large area.  Overall, customers were very happy with them.  Many people chose to come back and buy several more packs of 4.  That says something about a product when you have so many returning buyers.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the InnoGear Solar Lights 30 LED.

  • chevron-circle-right Is it bright white or warm white?    It is a bright white.
  • chevron-circle-right Would a racoon, cat, etc activate the motion sensor? Yes, cats and raccoons will activate the light.
  • chevron-circle-right Are the panels glass? No, it’s like a hard plastic.

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