48 FT Weatherproof Outdoor String Lights Review

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Review of the 48 FT Weatherproof Outdoor String Lights

As of this writing, there are 828 customer comments and 156 answered questions for the 48 FT Weatherproof Outdoor String Lights.  I’ve read the customer feedback, and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for outdoor string lights.

Best Features

  • check Bulbs will last for 6000 hours
  • check You can connect up to 9 strings
  • check Heavy duty rubber construction is throughout the molded sockets and integrated hanging loops
  • check A dimmer can be connected
  • check Easy to install

Item Specifics

The 48 FT Weatherproof Outdoor String Lights is great for backyards, terraces, gazebos, patios, cabanas, anniversaries, weddings, holiday celebrations, and many other occasions.  This 48 foot black weatherproof cord contains 15 weatherproof light sockets.  It is designed to work on 110/120 volts.  This product has heavy duty rubber construction throughout the molded sockets and integrated hanging loops.  These will work with any plug-in dimmer or dimmer switch to enhance the atmosphere of a backyard party, wedding reception, or your porch.  These bulbs are guaranteed to last 6000 hours.  You can connect up to 9 strings to brighten up your yard.  To hang, simply use cup hooks, guide wires, or zip ties.  The 48 FT Weatherproof Outdoor String Lights is satisfaction guaranteed.  

Multiple Complaints of Lights Burning Out

Unfortunately there are a lot of complaints of the bulbs burning out prematurely.  Here is one of those comments, “I have changed the rating down to 1 star.  The company sent me a new set of bulbs (which I appreciate) and I now have 10 more lights burned out in less than 2 months.  The issue is the bulbs have filament inside that is flimsy and breaks too easily for outdoor use.  Some bulbs don’t survive shipment and some bulbs can’t handle the smallest amount of wind.  It’s a shame because the lights are really pretty and the cord is heavy duty.  One would think the bulbs used would be better, but in my experience, they are not.  I refuse to have to purchase new bulbs every couple months.  For me, it’s not worth the money I paid for the two sets purchased.  Guess I will have to purchase new lights somewhere else.”

Hold Up Well in Wet Weather

The weather does not seem to hurt the The 48 FT Weatherproof Outdoor String Lights.  Here is one testimony about them holding up well in the weather, “I purchased two strings of these for use outdoors in our yard in western New Jersey and they have worked beautifully.  We live along the Delaware river and get quite a bit of rain in April-May and these have performed exceptionally well – not a single bulb has gone out.  Durable and easy to attach to fencing, tree branches etc. with zip ties.  I do NOT leave them out year-round however, as I don’t want to risk leaving them out during winter, so they are up for about 8 or 9 months of the year, then I pack them up and put them back out in early Spring.”

6 Foot Gap Where Strands Are Connected

There is a 6 foot gap in between where the strands are connected.  A customer explains, “These outdoor string lights are well made and seem to be of better quality than the ones you’d find at your local big box store.  Installation was fairly easy as long as you plan accordingly and buy the necessary accessories (1/16th rope wire, concrete anchors, wood screws, etc.).  We have five strands connected together without any issues and love the warm glowing ambiance it adds to our yard.  The only negative I can think of is where two strands connect there’s roughly a 6′ gap between lights.  Only the discerning eye might catch this and it’s not worth lowering the review because of how great these lights are.”

Well Packaged

A common praise for these lights are that they are packaged well.  Here is one of the many comments on the good packaging, “Purchased three of these and put them up for our Super Bowl party (outdoors – we live in Houston).  These worked perfectly.  They arrived in good shape – packaging was excellent.  The cord is robust, heavy duty, so it looks like it will be able to handle being outdoors for an extended time.  The light bulbs came in separate boxes.  Each bulb was in bubble wrap in its own box (one extra bulb was supplied with each string.)  All of the light bulbs worked.  Three strings provided plenty of light for what we needed.  We’re very happy with this purchase so far.”

Good Price for What You Get

For the quality and amount of lights that you are getting, the 48 FT Weatherproof Outdoor String Lights are a good buy.  A customer had this to say, “After buying several sets of cheap lights to save money I finally decided to splurge a little and buy a nice set of lights.  WELL…. so worth the price.  And it really isn’t that much.  The cord is heavy duty and the bulbs are very nice and elegant.  There is an extra bulb in the set in case you need it.  The light is bright and lights up the whole area I needed it to.  Spend the money and get this set of lights.”

Nice Ambiance

These string lights received a lot of comments about the nice ambiance that they gave off.   A customer had this to say, “We love the lights.  I think we will leave them up.  We purchased them for a family reunion event held on our back deck.  We could have used our flood lights that we have, but instead we hung 3 strands in the trees surrounding the deck.  Beautiful ambiance.  Plenty of light, but not harsh.  Our place is in the country and out in the woods.  The lighting did not attract bugs, which was a plus for us.”

Need to Be Screwed in Extra Tight

A tip from a customer is to screw the bulbs in tighter than one might normally screw in bulbs.  A customer had this to say, “These are really nice lights!  I bought two sets to hang them from an arbor in our back yard.  They act as our “entertainment lighting” for the area by our garden pond and hot tub.  They are very sturdy…the actual lines are super thick.  I was able to attach these to the arbor using zip ties and they look great.  The bulbs are all individually packaged, so they are a pain to open, but they all arrived unscathed so I was satisfied.  A helpful note: Some of my lights didn’t light up at first, and despite they were screwed in tight, I had to screw them to the point I felt like it was overkill to get them to turn on. Make sure they are screwed in an extra twist over what you think is tight.”

You May Want to Secure with Hanging Wire First

These lights are heavy so may want to secure with a wire first.  A customer had this to say, “These are awesome! We’ve been getting so many compliments by neighbors and passerbys!  I highly recommend them although we did hang wire first because they are pretty hefty-that way the wire is carrying the load and not the lights themselves.  The lights have a small hole above them to easily secure a wire tie.  Loved that each box came with an extra because we did break a bulb on our patio stones while hanging them.  Would purchase again and would recommend to anyone who wants a beautiful overall ambiance in their backyard.”

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  • plus Great price point
  • plus Up to 9 strands can be strung together 
  • plus Nice ambiance


  • close Short bulb life
  • close 6 foot gap where strands are connected
  • close Fragile

48 FT Weatherproof Outdoor String Lights Conclusion

The 48 FT Weatherproof Outdoor String Lights contains 48 feet of black weatherproof cord with 15 weatherproof light sockets.  It is made to run on 110/120 volts.  These string lights will work with any plug-in dimmer or dimmer switch.  The bulbs are guaranteed to last up to 6,000 hours. However multiple customers stated that the bulb life was very short.  Up to 9 strings can be connected to brighten up your yard.  They can be hung by using cup hooks, guide wires or zip ties.  These string lights are satisfaction guaranteed.   For what you get, the price is good.  

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the 48 FT Weatherproof Outdoor String Lights.

  • chevron-circle-right Can these be left outside for the winter?  According to customers, these outdoor string lights can be left outdoors during the winter.
  • chevron-circle-right Can the length be shortened by cutting the wire?  No, it cannot be shortened by cutting the wire.
  • chevron-circle-right What are the bulbs made out of?  I’m hanging them above a pool so I’d like to make sure they aren’t glass.  The bulbs are made of glass. However, many customers have hung these string lights over pools and had no issues.  

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