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There are some really cool ideas out there that you can do with outdoor solar lights. Whether you want to create a whole solar garden, or simply line your pergola with beautiful bulbs, the options are endless when it comes to solar lighting. If you want to give your backyard lighting a fun and elegant touch, DIY solar lights are the way to go. In this article, we will give you a few solar lighting ideas, as well as discuss advantages of using solar powered lights instead of regular ones.

Why Should I Consider Using Solar Lights?

Solar lights have the ability to light up your living quarters both inside and outside without taxing your electricity bill at all. Solar Lights have come a long way these last few years in price reductions, choice of styles, and durability. Do it yourself solar lights for the garden can be inexpensive and easy to make. Because many of them get their power from the sun, they tend to save you a lot of money in the long run. The result of these DIY solar lights will illuminate your garden without any rise in utility bills.

Not only are DIY solar powered lights inexpensive, but they also add great lighting to your yard. They create visual interest for all to enjoy both day and night, as well as accentuate special design features that need to be seen.

Now that you are aware of solar light advantages, I’m going to go over some of these Do It Yourself Solar Light ideas that anyone can do. I hope that this inspires you to get crafting while making your own creative solar light creations.

Homemade Solar Lights

There are many different kinds of homemade solar lights. Some people choose to use items that they already have lying around their house. Other people choose to buy cheap items at the store to create their lights. Whichever one you decide to do, however, will have the potential to look very nice. The beauty of this kind of project is that there really is no wrong way of doing it. All you need to have is a bit of creativity and desire to get crafting. Now let’s get started!

Bottle Tree Art

You can put colored bottles on a tree’s branches to create an artistic look to your yard. For an even more artistic look, put solar lights into these bottles. The colors along with the light will give your tree a new look. Lights on trees don’t have to be just for Christmas time! These hanging solar lights will give your tree a magical touch that everyone will love and admire.

DIY Solar Light Chandelier

A chandelier can add a fancy look to your backyard. Believe it or not, however, this doesn’t have to be expensive. It can simply be made from a wire hanging basket frame, basket hanging chains, an outdoor stake solar light, and beads or shells. It is very easy to make and it is inexpensive. For more information on how to make your own, click here.

DIY Clay Pot Lighthouses

This DIY solar light is a fun project to do with family members and friends. Not only does it look cute, but it can also light up your garden and yard. Click here for more information on how to create this fun and unique masterpiece.

Miniature Fairy Solar Jars

Fairy houses can add a welcoming look to your home. Many people like to create their own fairy gardens and fairy houses, to not only make their house look nicer, but also to enjoy the feeling of creating something pretty and creative. If you are looking to design your own creative masterpiece, you may want to make a solar light fairy house. It is simple to make and very adorable. Click here if you are interested.

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Mason Jar Solar Lights

Almost everybody has mason jars. And if you don’t happen to have any, you can easily pick some up at your nearby grocery store. Because mason jars are so easy to get, a lot of people choose to make mason jar solar lights. You can buy the mason jar solar lights already made online, but if you are into crafts or want to do a DIY project, this may be what you want to try.

What you will need:

  • Solar light (the stake kind, sold at the dollar store for $1)
  • Mason jar with lid
  • Sticky foam tape

To begin, remove the stake part off of the solar lights.  Once you have done this, you should be left with just the top solar panel.  Remove the mason jar lid.  Set aside the flat lid, for you will not need it.  Now, wrap the foam tape around the solar light panel.  Once the tape is on the solar light, try to squeeze the solar light through the lid.  It should be a snug fit.  If it is too loose, you may need to add more tape.  The last thing you will need to do is screw the lid onto the mason jar.  Once you have done that, you can sit and admire the solar light that you have created.

Solar Lanterns

To make a solar lantern, take a mason jar and fill it with translucent marbles. Then, glue a solar light in the center and place the marbles all around it. You may want to lightly sponge paint the outside of the mason jar for more of an artistic element. You can also mod podge patterned paper to the jar if desired, or use painter’s tape and spray paint to create a fun pattern. Once you’ve completed this, the final step is to hang the solar lanterns with a piece of twine or cute ribbon.

DIY solar lights, solar lights, outdoor solar lights, DIY

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There are several creative ideas when it comes to making a DIY solar light. I’ve gone through just a few, but I hope that this article may have inspired you to try even more ideas. Solar lights are inexpensive and cost-effective since you won’t need to use any electricity. The results are adorable and functional too since they can light up areas that are otherwise in the dark.

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