Litom Solar Lights Outdoor, Wireless 24 LED: Review

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Review of the Litom Solar Lights Outdoor, Wireless 24 LED

As of this writing, there were 5,664 customer comments and 399 answered questions for the Litom Solar Lights Outdoor, Wireless 24 LED.  I’ve read through the customer feedback and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for an outdoor solar light.

Best Fea​tures

  • check ​Has three working modes
  • check 24-month warranty
  • check 24 upgraded high power LEDS
  • check Brighter than 30 LED solar lights
  • check Wide-angle design 

Item Specifics

The Litom Solar Lights Outdoor, Wireless 24 LED has a unique wide-angle design and upgraded motion sensor.  It offers 2.5 times larger illuminated coverage and 1.5 times wider detecting range than different brands’ solar lights.  The company, LITOM IP65 Waterproof Solar Lights Outdoor, has passed the FCC certification.  This product has three working modes.  This could be used on front doors, backyards, garages, driveways, decks, patios, and even RVs.  It is equipped with 24 upgraded high power LEDs, and is much brighter than other 30 LED solar lights.  You also get 2 hours longer working time than other solar lights on the market.  Along with your light you will get a User guide, 24-month warranty, 2 screws and anchor bolts, and customer service 24/7. 

180 Degree Lighting

Most lights give lighting coming out just one side.  The Litom Solar Lights Outdoor has lighting that wraps around at 180 degrees.  A customer commented,”What is nice, is that the LED’s wrap around to the side, and give 180º of lighting.”

When Electric Goes Out, It Will Still Work

I like solar lighting for when electric goes out.  When neighbors around you are in the dark, you will still be able to see thanks to solar lighting like this.  A customer commented, ” I also thought this would be good for when power goes out.”

Works Well in All Weather

Just so that the panels get charged by the sun once in awhile, this solar powered light will work in all kinds of weather.  A customer explains, “The light works well in all weather. Heavy rains and harsh temperatures seem to not have any effect on its ability to charge and perform its duties. I would recommend this product. For the price and ease of installation you can’t go wrong.”

Good for Seeing When You Need to Get Your Key In

When you get home in the dark, these lights are perfect for having enough light to be able to see to get your key in the door.  Here a customer commented, “These are great little lights primarily suitable for safety more than security. The lights are very dim when not engaged, However when you approach the lights the shine brightly for a short period of time. I have one sitting above my front door. I have a small set of steps that I must climb. The light shines brightly so that I can walk up the steps and put my key in the door and enter my home in good light.”

Three Way Switch Lets You Turn It Off

A nice feature is that you can turn this light off when you don’t want it to be lighting up on it’s own.  The 3 way switch allows you to set it to stay off until it is triggered. This means that in low use applications the limited sun it receives keeps the battery charged.  It is not on all the time which runs down the battery.


Customers liked that you could adjust the light output.  Here is one of the comments, “This light has adjustable sensitivity and offers plenty of light without being overpowering. It’s an excellent value and the perfect outdoor motion light. I have mine on the north side of the house, in indirect sunlight, and it still performs very well. Highly recommended.”

Great Customer Service

The customer service got great reviews. Here is one of them, “The company read my review and offered to send two replacement ‘updated’ lights. We received them and they work terrifically…A big thank you to the STARtop company’s customer service. I appreciate all that they did for me and very highly recommend doing business with their company.”


  • plus 24 High Power LEDs
  • plus 180 degree lighting
  • plus 24 month warranty


  • close Some say that the light only stays on a short amount of time when sensored.
  • close  Some say it goes on a random without being triggered by motion.

Litom Solar Lights Outdoor, Wireless 24 LED Conclusion

The Litom Solar Lights Outdoor, Wireless 24 LED are perfect for lighting up areas that you want to see in when you get home.  It has 24 upgraded high power LEDs, and it is much brighter than other 30 LED solar lights.  A 3 way switch allows you to set this light off until it is triggered. This means that in low use applications the limited sun it receives will preserve the battery.  This is a quality light for a great price.  

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the Litom Solar Lights Outdoor, Wireless 24 LED.

  • chevron-circle-right Will it charge in the off position?  It will be charged in the on or off position. Just put the item under direct sunlight, the light will be charged. It is very convenient.
  • chevron-circle-right Can you make the light stay on 60 seconds instead of 15 after detecting motion? No, it cannot be adjusted.
  • chevron-circle-right Do these light up even in the daytime if they detect motion? The solar light turns on automatically in the dusk and turns off at sunrise.

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