Considerations to Make About Solar Landscape Lighting in Your Yard


Solar lights use the sun’s energy to get power. They make a great addition to outdoor gardens, patios, and porches. There are so many fun designs and different looks you can choose from too. However, there are also some definite pros and cons to solar lights that should be considered before you go off and buy some. Do your research about solar landscape lighting and you’ll be glad you did. This way you won’t regret your decision, whichever decision you make. Here are some considerations to make about solar landscape lighting in your yard. 

Electric vs. Solar

The alternative to solar landscape lighting is electric lighting that would run through your garden or over your patio. These considerations will be in comparison to electric lighting. Here are some pros and cons to consider when you’re trying to decide to go with electric or solar landscape lighting.

Pros of Solar Landscape Lighting


Electric lighting needs to be wired where you want it to go, and be plugged into a power source. This can be a hazard if you have children around. Children love to investigate and tend to pull on things they are curious about. Wires that go through your garden might be a temptation for a child. They can also pull out the plug from the outlet which isn’t safe. Solar lighting doesn’t need any electricity so it is much safer for children to be around. Feel free to use solar lights near swimming pools too, without any added danger. Electricity also has a chance of creating an electrical fire, while fires from solar lighting are far less likely. 

More Cost Friendly

Solar landscape lighting is more wallet friendly than installing electric lighting. Electric lighting can get expensive quickly because a professional electrician would have to come and install it for you. There are also safety rules and regulations that come with electric installation. The only thing you’ll have to pay for with solar lighting is the price of the light. That depends entirely on your choice of size and design of the light. You’ll definitely be able to find something in your price range, whatever it is! Cost is a big benefit that solar lighting has over electric lighting. In addition, your electric bill will not go up because of added lighting. You’ll save more money with solar lighting.

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Freedom to Change Your Mind

Your aren’t stuck to one look or location with solar lighting. Electric lighting will have to be in the same spot that you put it. Solar lighting can be moved to wherever you want it to be. Move your solar landscape lighting from your garden to your patio when you have guests over! It’s totally customizable. You don’t have to be stuck with one look or feel, you can mix it up and change things around whenever you feel like it. How cool is that?

Better for the Environment

Solar lights do not produce any harmful emissions, therefore, they are good for the environment. People that like to garden usually also care about the environment, so choosing a solar light for this reason appeals to them. Lower your carbon footprint by opting for a renewable energy source like solar powered lights.

Cons of Solar Landscape Lighting

Limited Locations

Although you’re free to move around your solar lights as many times as you want, the different locations you move them to might be limited. Solar lights need to be placed in direct sunlight otherwise they won’t work. You cannot use solar landscape lighting for under trees, in shrubs, bushes, or in the shadow of your home. They do work well in open gardens and flowerbeds. Solar lighting can be used for patios and porches, only if they receive sunlight for a large portion of the day. Leave your solar lights in the sun all day, then move them to your desired location at night. This is the best way to get light to your covered patio or porch at night, otherwise the battery probably won’t be charged enough. Electric lights do not have this problem. 

Weather Restraints

Unfortunately cloudy days also inhibit solar landscape lighting. Cloudy days do not provide enough sunlight to charge a solar light. Electric lights will work no matter the weather. Your garden will not be lit up at night with solar lighting if you had a cloudy day. Some people think it’s worth paying the extra money for electric lighting so that they can always have working light in their outdoor areas. Others prefer to spend less money and not receive light all the time. Of course, you must decide which one you’d rather have.

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Dimmer Lights

Solar lighting usually has dimmer lights when compared to electric lights. This is due to the fluctuating sunlight exposure that a solar light might receive. Electric lights, on the other hand, will have the same brightness no matter what. This is something that appeals to a lot of people. The fluctuating light brightness of solar lights can be a turn off for others. 

Needs Periodic Cleaning

You’ll have to dust off the solar panels on your solar lights every now and again. A thick layer of dirt doesn’t allow full sun exposure to your lights. Go out and check the panels on your solar lights to see if they need to be cleaned. Chances are they could use a good wiping if they haven’t been very bright lately. Electric lights don’t need to be cleaned off to work properly. You still might want to dust off any dirty bulbs periodically, but their function will not be inhibited because of the dirt.

Seasonal Restraints

Winter doesn’t have as many sunlight hours as Summer. This might cause a problem with your solar landscape lighting. Your solar lights might not be able to charge enough during those short hours of sunlight to turn on after the sun goes down. That could be a problem if you depend on those lights to light up walkways or driveways so you can see where you’re going when it’s dark. Electric lights will provide light no matter the season. This might be very important to some people. People that don’t depend heavily on their solar lights probably won’t have a problem with this.

Summing Up

Solar landscape lighting and electric lighting are very different. They each have their own set of pros, cons, and considerations to make. Hopefully this article helped you decide which type of lighting would be best for you. These considerations about solar landscape lighting usually make people want to start looking for fun, decorative solar lights. That’s not always the case. Some people prefer electric lights, and that’s their choice. However, solar landscape lighting typically makes a great addition to any home, garden, or flowerbed.

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