How to Find the Perfect Place for Your Garden Bench

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A garden bench is a beautiful and elegant addition to an outdoor space. It can be a place to relax, destress, and take in a lovely view. Although a garden bench is great, it might be a little difficult deciding where to put it. If you have a big yard, there might be a lot of options for you to consider. Someone with a smaller yard might only have one option. This article will give you some great garden bench locations so that you can enjoy your garden bench the very most. Here’s how to find the perfect place for your garden bench.

How to Find a Place for Your Garden Bench

The key is to figure out what you want your garden to look like. Then pick a garden bench location that will give you that look. Consider the size of your yard or garden, and the size of your garden bench, then go to work trying different locations to see which you prefer. Here are some key places where garden benches always look amazing. Consider each of these places in your own garden, then choose the one that looks the best. 

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A Good View

Is there somewhere in your garden that has a stunning view? Maybe your house is on top of a hill that overlooks a valley. People love sitting on garden benches and taking in a breathtaking view. Put your garden bench wherever there is a good view that people will like looking at. It could be facing your garden, or it could be facing away from it and looking out towards the sunset. Consider all your options and put your garden bench somewhere with a great view.

Something Smells Good

A flower garden is a perfect place for a garden bench, right smack dab in the middle of sweet-smelling roses or lavender. Wouldn’t that be lovely? If you’re someone that takes pride in their flower garden then that’s exactly where your garden bench should be. Imagine sitting there and taking a deep breath after a long and busy day. Your stressors and troubles will all melt away. 

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By a Pond

Ponds are tranquil and peaceful with the sound of trickling water over rocks. Put a garden bench next to your backyard pond and everyone will love sitting there. Seriously, no one will want to leave. It’s so mesmerizing to watch little waterfalls and moving water. Create a peaceful haven in your backyard by making a nice place to sit next to it. People will love being able to take a load off. 

Sitting in the Shade

Under a pavilion is a great place for a garden bench as well. This is an especially good place if you live in a hot place. People don’t want to sit in the middle of the sun during the hottest time in the Summer, they need a place to cool off and rest. Putting some garden benches under a pavilion or a shade tree is a smart idea to let people get comfortable. Maybe put a little end table next to your garden bench too so that people can put their glass of lemonade on it on a hot day. A footrest would be nice too so that they can really take a load off. The heat definitely takes away your energy. It’d be nice to have a cool, relaxing spot to escape the Summer heat. 

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Give a Pop of Color

Some outdoor spaces or gardens can look a bit brown in the Winter or if there is a drought. Have a fun colored garden bench in your garden to brighten it up and interrupt the brown color. A red, green, blue, or purple bench would look great in a dry garden. It’ll distract people’s eyes from the brown color and move them to your brightly colored bench. Or just wait until the snow falls and you’ll love the contrast between the white snow and your colorful bench. 

The Bench is Calling

Put a bench on the opposite side of your yard or garden from where the door is. This will automatically draw people’s eyes toward the bench and pull them towards it. The bench will be calling their name from across the garden. Then the bench will provide them with some relaxation and relief once they cross the yard to get to it. This bench can be brightly colored too so that it really draws people into it. Maybe even put a decorative arch over the bench to make that the focus of your entire yard. 

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Think Small

Don’t feel like there is enough room for a garden bench? Have no fear, there are still some things you can do. You don’t need a giant bench that several people can fit on for it to be effective. Use a small wooden bench made of planks that will be sturdy, yet thin enough to allow people to get by. Plus who doesn’t love the look of rustic, wood planks? People will still be able to sit on your bench comfortably, but also be able to get by it without it taking up too much room. 

Get Creative with Your Space

Maybe there is no space at all for a garden bench but you have your heart set on one. There’s a solution. Put your bench inside your flowerbed or garden. That’s right. Sitting inside a flower bed is relaxing and has a great view of all the beautiful flowers. Just make sure that there is a small patch of rocks or a tiny path for people to walk on so that they don’t damage your garden when they walk through it. Everyone will love getting a great view of the plants you’re growing. 

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Secret Bench

Some people like an obvious statement like a brightly colored bench or having the bench be the focal point of their garden. Others like to be a little more subtle and surprising. Put your bench off the beaten path somewhere people will be surprised to see it. No doubt it’ll be a pleasant surprise when they want to sit down. A garden bench would be great hidden in some thick trees or right around a curve or a bend in the yard. This way your yard will have its own little secret for people to discover. 

Matchy Matchy

Put your bench somewhere that it can match with. For example, if you have a stone bench put it right next to a stone walkway, or make a stone walkway so that your bench can match something. This makes your entire yard look cohesive and unified. The bench will bring out whatever it is matching and the matching element will do the same for the bench. A concrete bench next to a concrete walkway, a stone bench next to a stone walkway, a wooden bench next to a wooden arch, you get it. 

Summing Up

There are many places for a garden bench to go and picking the perfect place is really difficult. Don’t worry, it’s possible! Although there are many places to choose from, there are some choices that might not appeal to you at all, therefore ruling out that option. Consider each of these locations when you’re thinking about how to choose the perfect place for your garden bench. You’ll find it. Then you’ll be able to fully enjoy your new relaxation spot where you can sit and watch the world go by. 

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  1. I already have a spot for my future bench…..underneath a cedar that is located in the corner of my yard. I am planning on making a little stone patio there and place a nice, ornate-looking wrought iron bench there. I hope to find one in a hunter green color. This little space will be my prayer garden cause I have a statue of the Virgin Mary that will be located there as well. I am planning on planting some “Lady of the Valley” plants there and “White flowering Heather” too. Yes, I am dreaming how beautiful and peaceful this little garden will be…..Amen!

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