The Best Shade Trees to Make Your Home Cooler for the Summer

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If your house is too hot, it can be miserable in the Summer. There seems to be no escape from the heat if you don’t have central air. Even if you do have central air, it can cost a lot of extra money to keep your house cool in the Summer. One way to keep your house cooler is to have shade trees around your house. Shade trees must be strategically placed so they don’t cause damage to your house, but if they are placed just right you’ll see what a difference it can make. Here are the best shade trees to make your home cooler for the Summer.

Oak Tree

The rate of growth for this tree will depend on which kind of oak tree you get. There are some oak trees that are fast growing and some that take almost 30 years to become fully mature. Find out if you want your tree to be fast growing or not. Either way, oak trees are a great shade tree. They provide a huge green canopy of shade. If your house is underneath the canopy, you’ll definitely feel a temperature difference. Oak trees also produce a lot of acorns each year. Be prepared to have a lot of acorns all over your yard if this is the tree you choose.

Red Maple Tree

The Red Maple is just as it sounds, red. The leaves are a dark red, almost purple looking in color. They can grow up to 40 feet. These trees are great for tree houses or just climbing. It’s sturdy and the branches are thick so the branches breaking off are less of a worry. Every fall the leaves will turn yellow or orange and will fall from the tree. Be prepared to do a lot of raking if this is your shade tree. The leaves are so thick on this tree that the a lot of sunlight can’t even get through, providing a lot of great shade. This tree would be great to have a picnic under!

the best shade trees to make your home cooler for the summer

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Paper Birch Tree

Paper Birch trees have thinner trunks and branches. They are less of a climbing tree than an oak or a maple. The cool thing about birch trees is their white bark. The white barks make an awesome contrast to green grass. A Paper Birch tree stands out and catches people’s attention. The leaves are a lot smaller than a maple, but the tree will still provide ample shade for your house.

Summing Up

There are so many choices when it comes to shade trees. There are certainly a lot more than have been listed. However, these options are all really great options that will make your home cooler for the Summer. Shade trees make fantastic additions to a yard. They look beautiful and kids love climbing in them and using them to fuel their imaginations. You’ll love enjoying the shade that your tree will provide. Shade trees will save you money by allowing you to use your central air less often because the shade will make your home cooler.

Image Source: Pixabay

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