The Different Types of Pots to Use for Container Gardening

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Container gardening is becoming more popular these days, and for a good reason. This kind of gardening has many advantages over conventional gardening. Container gardening means you do all your planting in pots or containers instead of in the ground. It’s fun to be able to not only pick what you grow, but also pick out the containers or pots that you grow them in. You will get more design options to really make your gardening experience a fun one. Here are the different types of pots to use for container gardening.

Advantages of Container Gardening

Portable Gardening

First, let’s go over some of the advantages for container gardening. The first one is that you have a portable garden! You don’t have to have your garden in the same spot. Mix it up and try putting your pots in different places. Put them on your front steps, then move them to your back porch. It’s all up to you.

Good for Beginners

Another advantage to container gardening is that it’s great for beginners. There is only a small area that a beginner gardener needs to take care of, instead of a large garden. Get better at gardening by taking care of a small plant in a pot, then move on to a larger garden once you get the hang of it.

More Design Choices

You’ll also have more design choices because you get to choose the pot that your garden grows in. This gives you more creative freedom and lets you create a look you love.

Types of Pots for Container Gardening 

Concrete Pots and Containers

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Concrete pots or containers are bold and make a statement. They have an industrial look and catch the eyes of people that walk by. There are several kinds of pots you can buy that are concrete, but you need to make sure that they have a drainage hole at the bottom of the container. This way water has somewhere to escape. Make a DIY concrete container by using an old cinder block to plant in. You’ll need to put a barrier inside the cinder block first so that all the potting soil doesn’t fall out. Or simply put the cinder blocks directly on the ground so you don’t need to worry about the soil falling out. Paint the cinder blocks for a fun twist! 

Rustic Metal Pots and Containers

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There are metal pots available at most stores. They come in many different colors and can also have fun patterns on them. Home improvement stores will have a variety of them. Go another direction and find some old metal pots on your own! Old, rustic metal pots and containers look great with brightly colored flowers in them. It gives a farmhouse feel to any space, inside or out. The colorful flowers give a stark contrast next to the gray metal. The contrast is beautiful and interesting to look at. 

Clay Pots and Containers

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Clay, or terra-cotta pots, are classic for gardening. They can be glazed or not glazed, depending on your preference. Glazed clay pots are much shinier than regular clay pots. Glazed clay pots can also come in different colors. Use a shiny blue clay pot to make your garden feel calm and tranquil. Have a red glazed clay pot for a bold and exciting garden. Clay pots are great to use because their main purpose is already for gardening so you don’t need to worry about drainage holes or anything like that. Once you buy a clay pot, you’re ready to plant something in it. 

Stone Pots and Containers

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Stone pots give a graceful and elegant feel. They look like they belong in the Queen’s garden. Plant beautiful flowers or small bushes in a stone pot for gorgeous container gardening. Stone pots can be very heavy so make sure you have help when trying to move your stone pot. The last thing you’d want is the stone pot to break if it was dropped. A stone pot will make you want to drink tea in your garden while wearing lace gloves. 

Wood Pots and Containers

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Wood pots are rustic and cozy. There are tons of amazing wood pots and containers available on the market. It’s also fun to build or make your own. Wood pots and containers make your garden look like it belongs out in the country, with some horses or chickens. It looks rustic, but also really beautiful. Beautiful flowers add old, country charm. Wood is also a great choice for container gardening because it retains moisture a little better than the other options. Wood can lock in moisture so that your plants won’t dry out as quickly. Concrete or stone are completely waterproof and water goes right through those pots. Not only will wood pots look good, they’ll also be practical and functional. 

Plastic Pots and Containers

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Plastic pots are great because they are super affordable. They are also great because you can play around with them. Have fun painting plastic pots to a color that you love. Be creative and do something fun that you’ll love looking at every day. Make your garden bright by painting your plastic pots yellow, pink, or turquoise. Have your garden be tranquil by painting your plastic pots green, navy, or white. Play around and create something that you’re proud of. Plastic pots make growing things really easy, all while being a great price. You can’t go wrong with a good plastic pot. They’re also shatter resistant so feel free to drop a plastic pot many times, it won’t shatter at all. 

Summing Up

There are so many great options for you to choose from. Each option will give your garden a very different look. The pot you choose will make your garden feel different ways too. Container gardening is so fun because you can really create a look and feel all your own. Whether you want an elegant and graceful garden with stone pots, or a fun and playful garden with painted plastic pots, there’s something for you. The choice is totally up to you. Look online for fun DIY pots that you can make with your family. There’s so much available! From DIY wood planters, to making a planter out of cinder blocks. It’s also a lot of fun to look at all the different things you can plant in your pot. Plant colorful flowers to brighten up someone’s day, or plant some vegetables that you can use for dinner. Container gardening is the new way to garden!

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