Beautiful Summer Flowers to Plant in Your Garden

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Flowers can have many effects on a person.  They can calm, inspire and motivate to name just a few.  Flowers come in many different colors, shapes, sizes and scents.  You can choose flowers that are beautiful to you and even pick flowers by when and how often they will bloom.  I’m going to take a look at different kinds of flowers that you may want to plant, as well as how to care for them.  Let’s get started.

Different Kinds of Flowers to Plant


During the Summer, it is common to see pots of marigolds on people’s decks.  But besides just looking nice, there is a purpose to marigolds.  First, this type of flower attracts important insects, such as bees and butterflies.  This kind also drives out harmful pests.  Lastly, marigolds are very easy to care for.

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Although it’s rare to see yarrow planted in pots, this kind is perfect for the Summer weather. First, it can tolerate all kinds of soil and elevation, and it thrives in different kinds of weather.  It is drought-tolerant, and attracts beneficial insects. Yet it also drives out harmful insects.  One of the best features of yarrow is that it is known as a medicinal plant that is used for natural healing. This flower is a perennial, so it will return year after year.

Photo Credit: Morning Chores


Although daffodils are considered Spring flowers, they can look nice during the Summer season too.  This is a great flower to try if you like colors.  Some daffodils are fragrant.  This flower is a perennial, so it will grow back every Summer.

Photo Credit: DutchGrown


Asters are September’s birth flower, which means that it is the flower of the month in September. This flower represent love and patience.  Asters can add splashes of purple, pink, and violet to your yard in the Summer.

Photo Credit: The Old Farmer’s Almanac


Geraniums are popular to see during the Summer.  They can be grown as an annual or perennial.  Geraniums come in different colors, and will add a pretty look to your yard.

Photo Credit: Home Design Inspiration


Representing innocence, daisies are a beautiful flower to grow in your yard.  It is a perennial, and will bloom for months.

Photo Credit: Good House Keeping


If you love pink, you will love this flower.  It has fluffy plumes that can grow up to two feet tall.  Its colorful pink plumes will make your yard look very unique.

Photo Credit: Good House Keeping


Dahlia blooms can grow to be 12 inches in diameter.  You could also get the miniature dahlias, which look like small pom-poms.  Whichever one you choose to get, you will like this colorful flower.

Photo Credit: Good House Keeping


This flower is sometimes described as a miniature sunset, since it has yellow, orange, and red colors that fade together.  This flower likes the sun, so make sure to get plenty of it.

Photo Credit: Good Housekeeping


Sunflowers definitely add a Summer look to your yard.  With its bright, yellow petals, they will surely bring a cheery look to your house.

Photo Credit: Good Housekeeping

Best Flowers That Can Stand the Summer Heat

One major concern you may have is if your flowers can stand the Summer heat.  Unfortunately, some plants cannot take the heat, and will wither away.  These plants should be replaced with flowers that can stand the heat.  I’m going to go over different flowers that love the hot Summer sun.


If you live in a hot climate, you will not need to worry about this flower dying.  This tropical flower can be grown in USDA Zones 9-11 as perennial, but below these zones grow it as an annual. Pentas attract bees, hummingbirds, and sunbirds. They can be grown in containers.

Photo Credit: Balcony Garden Web


This popular tropical flower blooms year-round in bright colors.  This plant thrives in the Summer heat, and should be grown in an area where it can get full sun.  It should be grown as an annual plant if you live in mild climates.

Photo Credit: Balcony Garden Web


This large white flower is similar to morning glory.  This vine can be grown in a large container.  It flowers year-round, but if you live in a temperate region you should only grow this flower as an annual.  Moonflower can reach the height of 6 to 15 feet in one season, and will bloom from Summer to Fall.

Photo Credit: Balcony Garden Web

Thunbergia Erecta

Thunbergia erecta is a shrub that is native to Africa.  It is also called a bush clock vine.  This plant will bloom year-round, and will product flowers in shades of violet, purple, and yellow.

Photo Credit: Balcony Garden Web


Although I talked about marigolds earlier, this type of flower is listed under the heat tolerant category.  If you live in a hot climate, this plant will still bloom and thrive.


I also talked about geraniums earlier, but this flower must be placed under the heat-tolerant category.  They love sun, and will thrive in hot climates.


This flower loves sun and heat.  It is a popular annual flower.  If you live in warmer climates, this flower can be grown as a perennial.

Photo Credit: Balcony Garden Web


Cupheas can be grown as a perennial if you live in a frost-free climate.  Otherwise, this flower makes a great annual.  It thrives in warm weather, and loves the hot sun.

Photo Credit: Balcony Garden Web

Perennials That Bloom All Summer

Next comes the list of perennials that bloom all Summer long.  These flowers will add a Summer look to your yard, not only in July, but into late Summer as well.  Let’s get started.

Garden Phlox

This flower will bloom all Summer and into Fall.  There are newer types of this flower, such as David garden phlox, which are mildew resistant.  This will allow your plants to look nice and healthy all Summer.

Photo Credit: The Spruce

Stella de Oro

This flower is a kind of daylily.  Similar to yarrow, this perennial requires little care. This flower blooms early, and will continue to have flowers throughout the Summer.

Photo Credit: The Spruce

Ice Plant

The ice plant is hardy to zone 5.  During the Winter the ice plant may not grow well, but during the Summer it will add color to your house.

Photo Credit: The Spruce


A lot of people confuse catnip with catmint.  However, there is a difference between these two flowers.  Catnip is a type of catmint, but it is not an ornamental plant.  Instead, catnip is grown so that your cat can enjoy the herb.  Catmint, on the other hand, is more for looks rather than entertainment.  It can be grown in flower beds, and can be a nice added feature to a rock garden.  There are other types of catmint, including Nepeta, which is used for the same landscaping purpose.

Photo Credit: The Spruce

Autumn Joy

Hence the name, this flower blooms in late Summer, and is most valued for the autumn interest it provides.  Autumn Joy comes in yellow, orange, red and pink.  Its flower heads are 3 inches or more across.

Photo Credit: The Spruce


The scent of lavender could be considered the best feature of this plant.  Yet, with its beautiful purple flowers, it can also make your yard or rock garden extra vibrant.  You can also use the lavender to make your own sachets.

Photo Credit: The Spruce

Russian Sage

Similar to lavender, Russian sage has small, purple blossoms.  Its flowers attract bees and butterflies.   The Russian sage is also known for being a herbal medicine to soothe the stomach, treat fevers and help relieve cold or flu symptoms.

Photo Credit: The Spruce

Shasta Daisy

The Shasta daisy is a beautiful flower that will cheer you up and make your house look like Summer.  This flower is also very hardy.

Photo Credit: The Spruce

How to Care for Your Summer Flowers

All Summer flowers require care, even if they are very hardy.  I’m going to go over a list of flower chores to do this Summer

  • Deadhead- Deadheading means that every once in a while you should cut the flowers of the plant.  These cut flowers can be placed in a vase, and can brighten up your house indoors.
  • Weed- Prevent weeds from overtaking your flowers by weeding every once in a while.  These weeds can choke your flowers and steal all the water, so make sure to remove any weeds you see.
  • Water- We all know that flowers need water, but a lot of people don’t know how much water is enough.  Too much watering can kill your flowers, yet not enough water can make your plants die of thirst.  To find out how much water your plant needs, find out what type of flower you have and read its care instructions.  Some plants, such as yarrow, hardly require any care.
  • Use flower fertilizer- During the middle of Summer, you may need to add some more flower fertilizer so that your plants continue to do well.  Make sure to start your flowers in fertilizer as well.


As you can see, there are many different flowers to choose from for your backyard. I hope that this guide has helped you to think about what kinds of flowers that you may want to add to your yard.  When choosing flowers, keep in mind your climate, and when you want them to bloom. Then have fun picking out the flowers based on your individual tastes.  With so many different colors, shapes, scents and sizes, you really can’t go wrong.

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