18 Plants that Survive Winter to Keep Your Garden Blooming

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Winter can be a tough test when it comes to deciding what plants to have in your garden. Luckily, not all flowers dry out when it gets cold. As such. Today we are going to have a look at some plants that survive winter to see what options you have for your garden.

Plants that Survive Winter and Embellish Your Garden All Year Round

1. Camellia

This is perhaps one of the most popular winter plants. It’s an evergreen that blooms in fall and has beautiful flowers until early spring. It has brightly colored flowers that resemble roses, which make a great contrast with the harshness of winter. It’s best if you plant them somewhere where they can get some sun. Moreover, make sure you protect it from strong winds.

2. Hellebore

A winter plant that is available in a huge array of varieties is hellebore. You can start growing your own hellebores if you want to prepare your garden for winter. Its blooms have a specific cup shape and it comes in a wide range of shades. As such, you’ll surely find one that matches the rest of your garden or the other plants that survive winter which you plan to use.

3. Winterberry

This is a cousin of the holly plant that loses its leaves in the fall. The best thing about this process is the fact that the bright red berries get all the attention. Moreover, the winterberry is a good idea if you’re a bird lover as well. The bird species that come out in winter will surely appreciate the extra source of food these berries provide. You need to sow the seeds for this plant in the fall and then transplant them to a rich and moist soil during spring. Keep in mind that germination can last for 2 – 3 years.

plants that survive winter winterberry

4. Holly

Since we mentioned winterberry, we couldn’t leave holly out of this list with plants that survive winter. Holly is typically associated with this season and there are more than 400 varieties you can choose from. They come as small bushes or as big trees that can even reach 80 feet! It’s impossible not to find at least one holly species that you’d like to have in your garden. It has bright berries, as well as a thick foliage that ensures your eye will be drawn to it.

5. Red Twig Dogwood

The red twig dogwood is another great choice when it comes to plants that survive winter. It has red stems that make it very attractive. Combine it with evergreens to have a nice contrast. The color will stay with you all year round. However, during spring and summer, you’ll have to remove the new leaves regularly for the stems to be visible. The more sun it gets, the brighter the color.

6. Heather

Heather has a long history of being popular in Europe, which makes it strange that Americans don’t love it as much. It only flowers in summer and fall, but its thick foliage makes it an attractive option during winter as well. If you decide to plant it, you should do it in winter in a spot with maximum sunlight.

plants that survive winter heather plant on the field

7. Firethorn

This is a hardy perennial that will decorate your backyard all year round. Only in spring, you can see small clusters of white flowers. The rest of the year, you can enjoy its glossy green leaves. The berries it produces resemble pea and they come either in orange or in yellow. Just like winterberry, you need to plant the seeds during fall in a cold frame and then transplant the firethorn in spring.

8. Paperbark Maple

What makes this species so impressive are the curls that come in a beautiful copper shade. It has a nice crown of green leaves during summer, which turns into a cinnamon shade during fall. The best conditions for it are met in partial sunlight. You can notice its branches staying both on the plant and on the ground, but that only makes it more beautiful.

9. Sedum

If you need a hardy creeper or a plant that would make up a nice border, sedum is the right choice. These are some rough-and-tumble plants that do well both in a hot summer and in a cold winter. What’s more, they are drought-tolerant, which means they’re some of the best plants that survive winter if you live in an area where rainfall is scarce. Dragon’s Blood is a nice variety that works perfectly as a ground cover. It has rich green leaves you’re going to love, as well as some red edges. In late summer, it comes up with red blooms, while in the fall the entire plant becomes red.

plants that survive winter pink blooming sedum

10. Monarda

Though this is a very beautiful plant, one slight drawback about it is the fact that it attracts lots of honeybees and other pollinators to your garden. That’s why it is also called bee balm. However, if you love bees, there’s no reason not to include this on your list of plants that survive winter. It reaches 2 – 3 feet tall, plus it comes in a variety of colors: white, pink, purple, red, orange. If you offer it the right conditions, Monarda can become invasive, so make sure you plant it in a place where it can’t spread.

11. Lily of the Valley

Though you wouldn’t think of the lily of the valley as one of the plants that survive winter, you should know that it’s quite hardy. It’s shade-tolerant, which means it’s perfect for growing in a place with partial sun. Moreover, it has a poisonous nature that keeps deer and other animals at bay.

12. Blue Spruce

No winter gardening ideas list would be complete without the blue spruce, this great example of a winter plant. It’s a hardy plant that looks amazing both during summer and covered in snow during winter. It loves full sun and it’s a great audio, wind, or visual screen. It’s one of the best trees for privacy you can use. One thing you need to pay attention to when landscaping with this tree is using insecticides. These can affect the needle coating that’s responsible for its special aspect.

plants that survive winter blue spruce

13. Wintergreen Boxwood

Yet another perennial that deserves a place on our list of plants that survive winter is the wintergreen boxwood. Landscaping with boxwoods is a good idea anyway, especially if you have enough space for a snow blanket in winter. This plant has shallow roots, which means you’ll have to cover it in mulch to protect it in winter. The best part about it is that it’s very versatile, so you can manipulate it as a hedge. The wintergreen variety is better because it’s more resistant to common pests.

14. Catmint

Catmint is great as a replacement for lavender. It creates a nice contrast between its purple flowers and the white snow. Moreover, it has a fragrant nature, which is even better. Catmint can survive in partial sun, drought, and even poor soil. Moreover, it’s resistant to deer, so you might want to keep that in mind if you live in an area frequented by them.

15. Pansies

These edible flowers are among the best when it comes to planting in winter because they can survive very low temperatures. However, you still need to take some frost-protection measures. For example, you need to cover them with pine straw or mulch. A good alternative is to plant them in late winter so that you can enjoy their beautiful flowers at the beginning of spring.

plants that survive winter winter pansies

16. Hostas

Landscaping with hostas is a good solution if you’re looking for plants that survive winter. They represent a hardy species and love having partial sun. They have short, fleshy roots that shouldn’t encounter frost. As such, it’s recommended you cover them with mulch. They have a large surface area, which means they’re great for covering up spaces in your garden. The best part? Hostas don’t need much winter protection.

17. Primrose

Just like hostas, primroses present some shallow roots that also need protection. Many gardeners prefer to plant them in fairy gardens. You should know that they prefer light shade and they’re quite hardy.

18. Japanese Maple

The last entry on our list is the Japanese Maple. People love it because it has an interesting shape, varying from a vase one to a cascade. Depending on the variety you choose, the leaf shapes can vary as well. It’s a tree that can reach even 25 feet and it spreads to maximum 15 feet. The fall foliage it has it’s simply amazing, with golden and red shades.

plants that survive winter Japanese maple tree


As you can see, the list of plants that survive winter is quite extensive. You don’t need to worry anymore about your garden looking dry and sad during the cold season. These trees and flowers can help you create an attractive space even in the harshest weather conditions. You just need to choose the ones you like and get to planting them.

Images source: depositphotos.com

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