10 Garden Seating Area Ideas for a Studio-Like Appearance

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Do you have a lot of space in your garden and would like to create an entire studio-like area that is both functional and looks amazing? These types of garden seating areas that look like an entire room are getting more and more popular nowadays, and with good reason. Who wouldn’t want the possibility of a large space that is simultaneously outside and allows you to enjoy the comfort of an inside establishment? Make it your own personal space to work or relax. We would like to provide you with some inspiration by showing you 10 ideas of how to create a studio-like area in your garden. Let’s begin!

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Cedar Shingles Garden Seating Areas

Use two of the walls surrounding your garden to make up half of your garden sitting area, then add two more walls made of cedar shingles. The exterior will give the entire thing a rustic look. You can put a wood-burning stove inside and big windows to allow a lot of sunlight in.

Glass-Wall Garden Studio

In terms of garden seating areas, the ones with one glass wall are really popular. A lot of sunlight can get it, and it looks really modern too. Furthermore, you can put a couch, some chairs, and a bar there, and make it a recreational garden seating area.

Open-Space Garden Area

If you don’t want to build an actual room in your garden, try to just put up a roof and a lot of arches to sustain it. You can make a small reading corner in there. In addition, you can put a lot of plants in, to balance the transition between the actual garden and this area.

Earth-Bound Tree House

These small garden seating areas are perfect for people who don’t have that much space in their garden. You can build it on some legs and add a small staircase to complete the tree house look. Furthermore, you can turn it into a play area for the kids if you want to.

Vine-Covered Studio

If what you like in garden seating areas is the natural look, try to create a wooden studio and cover it in vine. Bring your office here and work from home surrounded by plants, because there are proven benefits to that!

Firepit Contemporary Garden Seating Area

If you enjoy the contemporary look, but you also want a firepit in your garden, there is no reason why you can’t have both. Try a painted brick firepit surrounded by modern sofas for an elegant look.

Wood and Glass Studio

Another idea would be to build the frames of the studio out of wood, and cover the rest in glass. Lots of sunlight and a spectacular view guaranteed!

Round Garden Seating Area

Granted, it will be more difficult for you to find furniture that goes in this studio. However, the design will be quite creative and unique.

Underground Studio

This is a really cool idea for garden seating areas. You have to dig an underground room and use a glass door for both the entrance and the roof. Just like an attic.

Garden within a Garden

Just put up three walls, no roof, and decorate the inside area with patio furniture covered in vines, little flowers, and even a small water fountain. As a result, you will have a garden-like refuge in your garden.

There are a lot of ideas of gorgeous garden seating areas that give your garden the studio look. Therefore, get inspired by these 10 choices and build your own!

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