Top 6 Patio Umbrellas for Your Garden and Backyard

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If you want your garden or backyard to be more than just a place where you grow plants, you should consider some pieces of outdoor furniture to spruce up the landscape. Since spending a lot of time outside in the sun isn’t the best option, a patio umbrella is definitely something you should consider. Patio umbrellas don’t have to be just practical. They can also look nice and be an attraction in themselves. With this thought in mind, we’ve decided to create a list of 6 patio umbrellas that you can buy for your garden or backyard.

6 Gorgeous Patio Umbrellas to Keep in Mind

1. Balichun Outdoor Table Patio Umbrella

This outdoor umbrella is extremely easy to use, which is one of the things that first drew us to it. In fact, in order to open and close it, all you need to do is use the crank attached to it. There’s also a button that when pressed, causes the umbrella to lean. The materials used for making it are also important since they determine its quality. In terms of structure, the steel ribs make it extremely sturdy and reliable. The material that covers the ribs, which is polyester, is ventilated. This means wind can pass through it more easily, but light rain won’t be able to reach you when you’re under this umbrella, which is a great plus. Not to mention the fact that the material is fade resistant as well, so you don’t have to worry about keeping the umbrella in full sun at all times.

patio umbrella in tan

This umbrella is 8 feet high and 9 feet in diameter, with a center pole that has a powder coating which doesn’t allow it to rust. The fact that you also get to choose between multiple colors is all the more reason to consider this umbrella for your garden or backyard. The available colors are beige, brown, orange, turquoise, dark blue, dark green, and wine red. Your choice depends on the color scheme of the other pieces of outdoor furniture you own. You can find this umbrella here.

2. Sundale Outdoor Patio Umbrella

If we were to suggest several patio umbrellas that make everything easy for you, this one would definitely be somewhere at the top of that list. It’s one of the most practical patio umbrellas you can find. The crank open system makes opening and closing it a piece of cake. Moreover, the auto tilt helps you position the umbrella as you wish, according to where the sun is. Maintaining it is extremely easy as well. The polyester that it’s made of is UV-resistant and waterproof, which ensures the umbrella will last for a long time.

patio umbrella in burgundy

The fact that the canopy is quite large, more precisely 9 feet, helps this umbrella cover a relatively large area of your garden or backyard. You can easily provide shade to your entire patio furniture set. Resistance is another plus that we’d like to mention. The umbrella’s ribs are aluminum, and both they and the pole resist strong winds. If you’re interested in purchasing this umbrella, you can do that here. You get to choose between colors such as lime green, red, black, coffee, yellow, and so on.

3. TropiShade Bronze Aluminum Market Umbrella

Unlike the two patio umbrellas we’ve presented above, this one has ribs made of fiberglass. This guarantees their sturdiness. Plus, the umbrella also comes with a single wind vent, which provides it with even more stability. The frame is made of aluminum, but it’s powder coated with bronze. The reason why is because this ensures the frame won’t rust. The crank lift facilitates the easy opening and closing of this umbrella, and you can easily change its position thanks to the dura-tilt that helps you control the umbrella without too much of an effort.

patio umbrella in orange

One thing we must mention is that this umbrella doesn’t have its own base. This means you’re going to have to buy the base separately. In order to make sure you find one that matches the umbrella, you should look for one sold by TropiShade as well. Other than that, here’s where you can find this awesome patio umbrella, in colors from green to canvas white.

4. Abba Patio Market Outdoor Patio Umbrella

Are you looking for patio umbrellas that will fit any outdoor table you have? Then this Abba patio umbrella might be the right choice for you. Whether you have a square, round, or rectangular table, this umbrella won’t disappoint. It will cover up to 6 chairs, which makes it perfect for both residential locations and commercial ones. The aluminum pole that supports it, coupled with the steel ribs that reinforce its stability, make this umbrella one of the most reliable ones on the market. The tilt-and-crank system that you can use at the push of a button makes the umbrella open and close really easily, as well as tilt when its position no longer suits you.

patio umbrella in white

There are two more things we’d like to mention about this umbrella. The first one is the fact that the vented canopy facilitates air flow. Not only that, but it also ensures the umbrella won’t turn inside out due to strong winds. The second thing is the fact that the fabric (which is 100 percent polyester) is water repellent, fade resistant, and UV resistant, as well as being solution dyed. The solution ensures the color of the umbrella will last longer. Speaking of color, you have three color options to choose from: beige, red, and dark green. You can order this umbrella right here.

5. Best Choice Products Hanging Outdoor Patio Umbrella

This Best Choice Products patio umbrella has a different support system than the patio umbrellas we’ve mentioned up until now. This one is hanging from a pole rather than being attached to one. This makes for a more comfortable sitting experience. Why? Because the pole won’t be situated between the chairs of your outdoor furniture set anymore. Instead, it will be situated on the side. Not only is the pole made of powder coated aluminum, but it also comes with a bottom frame made of steel. This frame keeps the umbrella in place since its weight is concentrated on one side.

patio umbrella in burgundy, patio umbrellas

Opening and closing the umbrella is easy with the help of the crank system, and the waterproof polyester material protects you from the sun and rain. In terms of the color options you have, you can choose between beige, green, and a gorgeous burgundy. The shape of this umbrella makes it a gorgeous addition to any garden or backyard. So, you should definitely consider buying it to complete your outdoor furniture set.

6. Yescom Outdoor Patio Umbrella Solar Powered Led Light

Definitely one of the most interesting and eye-catching patio umbrellas on today’s list, this one offered by Yescom stands out from the rest by being solar powered. The ribs of the umbrella contain Led lights that take their power from the sun. The lights shine during the evening, which is perfect for when you want to relax outside and need a light source. This saves you money on installing separate bulbs outdoors, and it also saves space. The shape of the umbrella is interesting as well. The fact that it’s rectangular gives it an extremely modern look, which coupled with the shine of the Led lights, will make your patio umbrella one of the most gorgeous pieces of furniture you’ll ever own.

patio umbrella with led lights attached, patio umbrellas

The opening and closing system of this solar-powered umbrella is the same as in the case of all the patio umbrellas we’ve presented today. The material of the canopy is polyester. Moreover, the quality of its color is up to European Standard Level 4 or even 5, while most other patio umbrellas only reach Level 3. If you order this umbrella now, you’ll also get 1 x 1500mAh Ni-MH battery included in the price.

Summing It All Up

If you have a large garden or backyard that also contains a sitting area, an umbrella is a must-have, especially since summer is almost here. Not only will it protect you from the heat. It will also keep you safe when it rains, while still allowing you to enjoy those summer showers from outside. There are many patio umbrella options out there. As a result, it can be quite difficult to choose the best one, especially due to the fact that most of them offer the same things.

In today’s guide, we tried to include patio umbrella options for all tastes. We hope you’ve managed to find your favorite among those presented above. Before making a choice, you should consider a couple of factors, such as where you want to position the umbrella, what is the color scheme and the decoration theme of your garden or backyard, and whether you already have outdoor lighting installed or not. As long as you keep these factors in mind, you’re one step closer to purchasing your dream patio umbrella.

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