7 Outdoor Activities to Make the Best Summer Birthday Party

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If your children have summer birthdays, there are a lot of outdoor activities that would be a blast for a summer birthday party. There are classics like a swimming pool party, or a piñata. There are also some activities that you probably would’ve never thought of. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, here are 7 outdoor activities to make the best summer birthday party.

Fun Summer Birthday Party Ideas:

Gummy Bear Hunt

This isn’t what it sounds like. You don’t go around the neighborhood looking for gummy bears. Each contestant gets a plate full of whipped cream with three gummy bears inside. Whoever finds all of their gummy bears first wins! The catch is that no hands are allowed. It’s kind of like a pie eating contest. Kids love this activity because they can get messy and because they get a plate full of whipped cream and gummy bears.

Donut on a String

Hang a donut from a clothesline with a string. Each contestant starts eating their donut from the string when you say “go.” Again, no hands allowed. The donuts start swinging and it becomes increasingly more difficult to take a bite. The first one done with their donut wins! This one is fun for everyone, not just kids.

summer birthday party, outdoor activities to make the best summer birthday party

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Treasure Hunt

Create two teams each with a list of clues to lead them to the final “treasure.” The treasure hunt can take place in your yard, or around the neighborhood with an adult on each team. The first person to get the treasure wins! There are all sorts of ways to get creative with this. You can have a picture treasure hunt where the clues are riddles and the team has to take a picture of the answer to the riddle. First they have to work together to solve the riddle, then they have to find whatever the answer is to take a picture of it. After their done, have the creator of the treasure hunt check their work. If some of the answers are wrong, they have to correct it and take another picture before the other team gets back!

Water Balloon Toss

Everyone gets in teams of two. Each team gets one water balloon. Everyone starts from the same distance apart and tosses the water balloon to their partner. Once the partner catches the balloon, they take a step back. Each pair will continue to get farther and farther apart. The last team standing with an unpopped balloon wins. If a team drops their balloon but it doesn’t pop, they can continue playing.

Squirt Gun War

You can simply hand everyone a squirt gun and let them go crazy. Or you can jazz it up a bit and create teams. Everyone can wear a white shirt and each person has colored water in their squirt gun. At the end of the game, look at the colors on their shirts to determine the winner. If there’s the most red on everyone’s shirts, then the person with the red water wins. It’s kind of like outdoor laser tag.

summer birthday party, outdoor activities to make the best summer birthday party

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Musical Chairs

An oldie but a goodie. Have some of the kids’ favorite songs on some loud speakers so everyone can hear it. If you want to make it more interesting you can blindfold everybody. If you want to make it even more interesting, don’t put the chairs in a circle. Have chairs randomly placed throughout the yard and when the music stops everyone has to run around trying to find a chair blindfolded. Chaotic, but fun!

Summing Up

Summer birthdays are so much fun. There are all sorts of fun activities that everyone at the party will love. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or be very creative to host an amazing summer birthday party. Your kids will love these activities and remember them forever!

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