5 Fall Maintenance Tips for a Perfect Lawn

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Anyone who owns a lawn knows that maintaining it is not as simple and easy as it looks. If you want to have a really nice and clean lawn, then you have to take care of it constantly. Even if it’s fall. The perfect lawn does not occur naturally, but you can make it perfect by tending to it as much as you can. Because we thought you might like some help regarding how to maintain your lawn this fall, we decided to provide you with this small guide containing 5 tips to remember. Let’s have a look!

Maintenance Tips for the Perfect Lawn This Fall

1. Don’t Stop Mowing It

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Even if your lawn is slowly turning brown and getting covered in leaves, that doesn’t mean you should stop mowing it. On the contrary, it is advisable to both mow and water it in fall too. What we recommend you to do is drop the blade of your mower until it reaches the lowest setting. Then, use it like that the last two times before you put it away for the year. This is useful because the grass will get more sunlight. Plus, you will have less dead leaves to worry about on your lawn.

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2. Eliminate the Last Weeds of the Season

If you have not yet gotten rid of all the weeds on your lawn, not it’s time for you to do so. That is because the falling leaves, and later on the snow, will make it increasingly difficult for you to eliminate them successfully. Not to mention that some of them might become really stubborn and strong during the fall. So it is better to make sure they are completely gone by the end of the season.

3. Remove the Leaves Before the First Snow

You might not be able to 100% predict when the first snow is going to fall, but if you follow the weather report, you will at least get an idea of when this is going to happen. In order to prepare your lawn for the first snow of the winter, you should carefully remove all of the dead leaves. That is because if snow covers them, it can welcome damaging insects. Moreover, it might create dead spots which attract a lot of weeds.

4. Overseed

You should also know that if you want your lawn to be healthy and look great next spring, you have to overseed before the first snow as well. Buy some grass seeds and spread them all over your lawn. That way, new grass can fill in all the possible gaps.

5. Use Fertilizer

One of the best times to properly fertilize your lawn is in the fall. If you want to get the perfect lawn in the spring, provide it with nutrients at the beginning of the fall, which will give it plenty of time to nicely develop until the first month of winter.

Keep in mind these five wonderful lawn maintenance tips and put them into practice as long as it’s still fall.

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