How to Plant a Tree from the Ground Up: 7 Tips

How to plant a tree red maple

In our day and age, planting trees has become a necessity. Global warming and the cutting down of trees in major areas of the planet has left us all with the responsibility of planting new ones wherever we can. Therefore, if you want to do your part for Mother Earth, here is the process on how to plant a tree from scratch in your backyard.

planting a tree from scratch

How to Plant a Tree in Your Backyard: Steps and Tips

#1. What Is Your Goal for Planting This Tree?

The first thing you need to decide upon is the reason why you are planting the tree. This will help you a lot in selecting the proper type. Do you want a fruit tree, one in which wildlife could find a home, one for shade, or one for decoration?

#2. Consider Your Local Climate

Think about it this way. Even if you adore palm trees, and you desperately want one in your backyard, you might not be able to get your wish if you live in New York. You should choose a type of tree which you know will thrive in your geographical area.

#3. What About Your Land?

Apart from your weather conditions, you must also take your land into consideration if you want to know how to plant a tree from scratch. Some of the factors which you must think of include the following.

  • Your terrain itself
  • The slope, if there is one
  • Drainage solutions
  • Erosion problems
  • What your neighbors will think of you planting a tree in your yard.

#4. Check the Law

This particular step is pretty self-explanatory. Are you allowed to plant trees in your area or does it go against the urban landscaping rules the authorities have?

#5. Prepare the Seed

After you have purchased the seed you wanted, such as, for example, this beautiful red maple tree seed, you must prepare it for germination. Consequently, break the seed’s coating via a process called scarification and allow some moisture to penetrate it so that it germinates. Once that happened, move the seed into an individual container and allow it to grow at will.

The container or seed tray needs to be in a well-lighted and ventilated place. Every tree out three has different requirements during its growing process. Therefore, you must read the instructions on the package carefully or do some research on it.

#6. Digging the Hole

Before you actually start digging, make sure you have found the right place. As a consequence, you must take into consideration things such as electrical wires, buried water pipes, or if the tree’s branches will lean over your neighbor’s yard or into the street.

Once you have done this, you can start to dig the hole. Measure it first and only remove as many layers of soil as the instructions on the seed packaging recommended.

#7. Plant the Tree

Once your hole is ready, you can lower the sapling into it as gently as possible. Leave a dirt mound in the middle where the baby tree can rest and find support. If the hole in itself does not fit the size of the sapling, take the latter out and adjust the hole.

The last thing you must do in the process of how to plant a tree from scratch is to make sure you have positioned it as upright as possible. In this way, it will grow straight and vigorous.

How to plant a tree from scratch is not such a difficult thing to do, as you can well see. All you need is a lot of love and patience.

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