18 Outside Christmas Decoration Ideas for your home

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We’ve already started the countdown for Christmas, which means we need some creative ideas for decorations. If you’re like us and want to be original this year, check out the list below. We’re going to look at some beautiful outside Christmas decoration ideas that will surely get you into the Christmas spirit.

Outside Christmas Decoration Ideas to Make Santa Stop by Your Place

1. Magnolia Wreaths

Wreaths are already a classic option when it comes to Christmas, but that doesn’t make them any less attractive. There are some outdoor Christmas decorations you can easily make or install with your children, for example. Our suggestion for this year is using a Magnolia one. They are stylish and will look good on any door.

2. Solar Lights

A big problem when it comes to using lights outdoors is using extension cords. This year you can forget about all this and use some solar-powered lights instead. They will charge during the day and when the night comes, they will light up automatically. Whether you want to use solar lights or regular ones, you can get some inspiration from the botanical garden Christmas lights decorations.

outside Christmas decoration ideas door wreath and window flower pots

3. Hay Bale Christmas Tree

If you want something new this year, try setting up a hay bale Christmas tree in your backyard. Just stack some hay bales in a triangular shape to make them look like a tree. Next, decorate the pile just like you would do with a regular Christmas tree. Add lights, colorful decorations, tinsel, and don’t forget about the star at the top either.

4. Supersized Gift Boxes

What better way to convince your neighbors that you were nice this year and got the biggest presents than showing them off in your backyard? Buy or craft yourself some cardboard gift boxes and set them up outside. Next, wrap them in colored (or Christmas-themed) paper and decorate them with lights. You can even use supersized bows or tinsel for an extra effect. If you already have a huge tree planted in your backyard, it’s even better.

5. Decorative Pinecones

Pinecones are some of the most popular elements this season, so why not use them as part of your outside Christmas decoration ideas? They can be used almost anywhere, on fences, in the trees, on the porch, etc. Our suggestion is to color them up and set them next to your rocking chairs on the porch. Use silver and red colors and add glitter if you want. Match the chairs with some plaid blankets or by hanging small decorations on their backs.

outside Christmas decoration ideas pine cone decorations

6. Old Tire Ornaments

Surely you knew that you can use old tires for plenty of DIY projects, but did you know you can use them for outside Christmas decoration ideas as well? You just need to get some paint and stencils. If you want to go for the traditional colors, make sure you have red, green, and silver spray paint. However, you can get creative and use different shades as well. Get some stencils shaped like snowflakes, Santa, a snowman, Christmas tree, etc. Combine them with some poinsettia pots and you’re done.

7. Less Is More

Sometimes, you don’t need all the colors and plenty of decorations to get your home ready for Christmas. An alternative to all the extravagant decors is to choose only two colors, for example green and white. Use a white background and simply place some green decorations here and there: a tree branch, green tinsel, green garlands, etc. A good idea is to use moss- and lichen-covered twigs, for instance.

8. Chalkboard Sign

For those of you who are really absorbed by the Christmas spirit, you can have a countdown with the help of a simple chalkboard sign you place outdoors. Decorate it with red ribbons, tinsel, green branches, or anything you want. You can even write down your list of presents!

outside Christmas decoration ideas chalkboard sign

9. Fake Snow Balls

Whether it’s snowing or not, you can consider snow balls for some outside Christmas decoration ideas. Get some Styrofoam balls and use a snow spray on them. Use a wire to make a hook so that you can hang them outside later. Let them dry for 24 hours after you sprayed them all over with ‘snow’. If you want them to look more realistic, make the snow layer thicker in some areas and thinner in others. Finally, you can place them all in a basket or hang them in your backyard trees. Bonus, children can play with them until it starts snowing for real!

10. Rain Boots Decorations

If you’re looking for unusual outside Christmas decoration ideas, try using a pair of old rain boots. How? Paint them white from top to bottom and use them as a vase. Place some red flowers in them, or green tree branches. Of course, you can customize the color and make the boots red, green, silver, etc. Make sure you are not overdoing the entire décor with so many red elements.

11. Hot Cocoa Bar

One of the cutest (and yummiest!) outside Christmas decoration ideas is to set up a hot cocoa bar. For this, you can repurpose an old cabinet or a closet. It doesn’t need to be big, just make sure there’s enough space for a big pot with hot cocoa and a set of cups. It’s even better if you have Christmas-themed cups, but any cup will do. Your guests will love it if you also add some candy jars or decorate the place with green tree branches and candy canes.

outside Christmas decoration ideas fake snow decorations

12. Mini Evergreens

You can’t use too much green in a white setting, right? Okay, maybe you can, but if you want to avoid this risk, mini evergreens are a perfect choice. Create an original corner by placing them in orchard baskets or galvanized tubs. Trim the pint-sized trees and scatter the trimmings around. If you don’t want to use a big-sized Christmas tree this year, you can use one of these as a replacement.

13. Giant Candy Cane

A giant candy cane is suitable for any door or home. You can buy or craft yourself a giant shape of a candy cane. Next, take real peppermints in red and white colors and glue them to the shape. Add a huge ribbon or a tree branch for a touch of green. It’s easy to hang it on the door or use double-adhesive tape.

14. Giant Pine Cones

If you plan to go for a giant theme this Christmas, it’s a good idea to use similar pine cones as well. Sugar pine cones usually measure a foot long, so they’re perfect for this type of décor. Use white spray paint on them and hang them on your door. It’s a great way of embellishing your home, plus you don’t need to spend a lot either.

15. Snow-Splashed Garland

Almost all the stores sell snow-splashed garlands this time of the year. It’s not too expensive and you can set it up in mere seconds. For those of you who have columns in front of their homes, you can just wrap the garland around them to create a warmer look.

outside Christmas decoration ideas paper snowflakes

16. Paper Snowflakes

Among the outside Christmas decoration ideas for crafty people, you can surely find the paper snowflakes. They’re easy to do and you can even involve your children in their making (just be careful with the scissors). Once they’re ready, hang them around or set them on the windows. Make sure you use a type of glue that comes off easily. You can find plenty of patterns and instructions online if you don’t want to make just one model of snowflakes.

17. Ornament Box

Even if you don’t have too much time for decorating the house and the backyard, you can still bring the Christmas spirit to your home. Get boxes in various sizes and fill them up with your ornaments. Big or small Christmas balls, mounds of tinsel, colorful bows and ribbons, everything you have. Stack them all together and place the boxes strategically. If you have a large backyard, you can spread them around. Alternatively, you can just place a big box in front of your door.

18. Mason Jar Lights

Spending your evenings or nights outdoors may not seem like such a good idea during the winter. However, with the hot cocoa bar we mentioned above and some warm blankets, you should be just fine. For such occasions, it’s a good idea to decorate your space with some mason jar lights. Get a long Christmas light string and fill up several jars. Next, place them here and there to create a magical ambient light. Extra tip: if you want to be original, tie them to a sled placed in your yard. Children will surely love them!

outside Christmas decoration ideas mason jar lights


Most of these outside Christmas decoration ideas require little time and effort, which goes to show you can have an impressive décor with just a little bit of creativity. From repurposed tires to giant decorations, you can end up with a great setting while you’re waiting for Santa. Who knows, maybe this will get you more presents this year!

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