Baling Wire 101: All the Uses for Baling Wire You’ve Never Thought Of

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Baling wire is typically found in abundance around farms. Baling wire is used to hold big bales of hay together. Nowadays more farmers use baling twine, but there is still so much baling wire around. Go to a farm and just look on the ground, chances are you’ll find some. So what should be done with all the extra wire lying around? Well, there are a million things that baling wire can be used for! It’s basically the tool for life hacks. If you live in the country or in a rural area, you have probably seen it on the ground too. Next time you see some, pick it up! Here are all the uses for baling wire you’ve never thought of.

Wall Hangings

Use baling wire to hang up pictures or decorations on your walls. Put a thumb tack or nail on the back of the hanging decoration. Then make a loop with the wire and put it on the thumb tack. Now just put a nail in the wall and hang your decoration up!

Fence Repair

Sometimes chain link fences get broken, or have holes in them. If you’ve got some extra baling wire lying around, you can fix it easily. Just wire the holes shut. That’s really all there is to it. Use some needle nose pliers to twist the wire tight.

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Snake Your Drain

A lot of hair and gunk goes down drains, that can cause your drain to get clogged. Baling wire works great to stick down drains and dislodge whatever got stuck down there. Since baling wire is thin it can reach down any drain. Baling wire is also really strong so you don’t need to worry about it breaking off into your drain while you’re trying to fix it.

Roasting Marshmallows

Baling wire works perfectly for roasting marshmallows over a fire. Make sure that your piece of wire is long enough so you don’t need to be too close to the fire. Baling wire won’t melt and it’s easy to put a marshmallow on it. There’s no need to go buy a marshmallow roaster from Cabela’s when you have free wire all around you.

Holding Up a Car Muffler

If your muffler is starting to sag, you can hold it up with baling wire. Just wire that bad boy right up so that it doesn’t sag on the road. Baling wire is easy to bend so you can bend it to the shape it needs to be.

Summing Up

There are so many uses for baling wire. There are tons of problems that a little baling wire can fix. You’d be surprised at how many things seem to be completely broken before you get your hands on some good ol’ baling wire. Next time you need to snake your drain or fix a fence, think about that old wire you have sitting in your shed. It might just save you some time and money you didn’t know you could save. Baling wire is the cure all for fixing things.

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